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7 Best Virtual Activities for Kids

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27 February, 2023


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One of the biggest changes the pandemic brought to the world is the upscaling and improvement of virtual engagements. Because of the lockdowns, almost everything had to be done online—communication, work, studying, and more. 

Even entertaining kids with virtual activities became a norm during the pandemic. Here are the most popular virtual activities for kids which are still useful now. 

Virtual Visits to Zoos, Aquariums, and Museums

Zoos, aquariums, and museums have always been go-to places for plenty of off-campus learning before the pandemic. However, because of lockdowns, field trips were indefinitely put to a halt. 

Fortunately, many zoos, aquariums, and museums could continue operating by putting their exhibits online. A lot of them still do. Consider paying them a virtual visit with your kids for some convenient, sweat-free field trip without leaving home.

Photo by Julia M Cameron

Virtual Play Dates

Let your little ones have some extended time with friends or classmates by letting them go on virtual play dates. Some online get-together time after school should be fine as long as they don’t disrupt other essential things. This is also safer and more convenient than driving or dropping them off at a friend’s place.

Photo by Julia M Cameron

Virtual Educational Games

In an attempt to help the educational system cope with the demands of remote learning, many international companies have provided online educational games and resources to keep children engaged. 

NASA, National Geographic, and PBS are some of the most well-known. Their educational games range from puzzle types to trivia to more interactive research-based simulations. Their games helped schools then, and they’re still doing so now. 

Virtual Chess

A lot of chess lovers played virtual chess during the lockdowns. If your kids are into chess, encourage them to explore virtual chess. Let them discover and experience other strategies by competing online against other chess players. Playing virtual matches with real players can be so much more exciting and fun than playing against any AI. 

Photo by gomiche

Virtual Dance and Art Lessons

You can also let your kids take up a new hobby by signing them up for virtual dance or art lessons. Yes, there are many videos on how to dance, paint, or draw, but there’s something about having a teacher point out your mistakes and strengths that makes you want to do better. 

Let your children learn art and dance by letting them interact  (although virtually) in real-time with people who can directly inspire them, cheer them on, and help make them better at their crafts. It’s not only going to give them some physical exercise, but these lessons will also help them express their creativity and imagination. 

Virtual Coding Lessons

It’s never too early to let your kids learn computer programming. Because of the pandemic, there are even more kid-friendly, online resources now that teach children basic coding and computer programming skills than ever before.

These sites make the lessons simple and engaging by presenting them in a “gamified” format. Go ahead and give your kids an advantage in IT by letting them try virtual coding lessons. 

Virtual Music Lessons

Have your kids learned to play any musical instrument yet? If not, then consider letting them try some virtual music lessons. Let them learn how to play the guitar, the ukulele, or even the drums without leaving the house. 

Plenty of musicians online are now teaching and sharing their skills through virtual music lessons. Make sure to provide your kids with the instrument they want to play. 

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

These virtual activities were made to keep our children entertained and promote learning while they remained indoors. These excellent resources and virtual activities can still be used even if everything is almost normal because they are still very effective. 

Consider revisiting these virtual activities with your kids to enjoy safe, convenient, and fun learning at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are virtual activities for kids expensive?

Some virtual activities do not come cheap. Online subscriptions and virtual lessons usually vary depending on the type of resources you’re trying to access. Other sites provide you free but limited access first, offering unrestricted access for a price. 

However, there are also virtual activities that will not cost you anything at all. It’s just a matter of having the patience and diligence to look for them. 

What are the advantages of doing virtual activities for kids?

Doing virtual activities has plenty of advantages: 

  • It provides so much flexibility (allows access anywhere at any time)
  • It is safer (less chance of accidents, less exposure to diseases)
  • It teaches your kids to be more tech-savvy by polishing their digital skills.
  • It helps build discipline and time-management skills. 
  • It provides far more options and chances of interaction (international reach).

What are the disadvantages of virtual activities for kids?

There are drawbacks to letting your kids do virtual activities:

  • The virtual experience is greatly limited by internet connection and hardware issues.
  • Doing things virtually sometimes leads to kids feeling isolated because of the lack of social and physical interactions.
  • When doing things virtually, it’s easier for the kids to get distracted. 

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