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15 Thrilling 3 Year Old Birthday Ideas for Your Baby

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21 February, 2023


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It’s time for another celebration for your little one—and now it’s celebrating three years of being adorable in this world! No one can get this excited more than you because of the preparation you will make for your baby. 

It’s also a celebration for you for being challenging all these years. There are many things to look forward to, and are you ready for this? We got you covered! Here are unique and thrilling birthday ideas for you and your baby!

3rd Birthday Ideas for Toddlers

Can you still not believe that your toddler is becoming a big kid? Well, time moves fast so do we. Let’s get your baby thrilled and make this day more memorable for your whole family!

These ideas are well-planned, so you better sit and read on carefully. The birthday ideas below are perfect for both boys and girls—so do not worry. Get ready to pick out the best ideas that fit your precious one!

Bee sweet and THREElling 

There cannot be another thrilling moment once you see your baby in a sweet, yellow outfit. There will be a lot of blacks and yellow banners and decorations here. The honeycomb patterns and bee motifs are also perfect for this theme! Of course, do not forget your baby hugging a honey jar prop for a touch of cuteness and sweetness. Your baby will love this one!

Swingin’ from the THREEs

Does your baby enjoy watching little monkeys swinging from the trees? Does your baby love to watch monkeys happily eating bananas from the trees? Well, this is perfect for you! Let’s have a crazy, fun banana fest where everyone can wear a banana costume or eat banana-themed cupcakes! You can also add a vast Curious George prop where the kids can play and be silly simultaneously.

Young, wild, and THREE

You can make your 3-year-old much wilder and free with this birthday party! This is ideal for babies who love animals in the wild—and love to always go outside! There are a lot of decorations here, like tropical decor and arrows. Who would dare tame your little one, right?

Here comes the THREE-Rex!

Little boys and girls who love dinosaurs will love this THREE-Rex-inspired birthday party! Can you now imagine your baby who is roaring non-stop? Well then, this is perfect for your child. There will be a lot of dinosaur balloons all over the place, with dinosaur-inspired cupcakes and cake! Roar!

3rd Birthday Party Ideas for Baby Boys

Let’s get your baby boy thrilled with these 3rd birthday party ideas for your baby boy! This is now your chance to see them getting wild in a fun way.

Dinosaur Theme Party

Courtesy of American Greetings

Going back to prehistoric times? Say no more. Here is a dinosaur-themed party just for your kid. You can decorate the ceilings and walls with Jurassic-inspired banners. A colorful treats table with many cute dino-themed cupcakes and cookies is also a great idea.

Space Theme Party

Courtesy of Unique Industries

Does your kid love Star Wars? Then this space-themed party is perfect for your kid. You can create a relaxed ambiance of glow-in-the-dark decorations and rocket-ship balloon garlands that every kid will love!

Scavenger Hunt Theme Party

Courtesy of Fun365

Let’s do some mystery games with this scavenger hunt party! If your kid loves suspense and is full of surprises, then this is perfect for him. List as many riddles as possible and let the boys do the work! You can now imagine your kid and his friends grinning from ear to ear, so much so that they can’t contain their excitement anymore!

Camping Theme Party

Courtesy of Play Party Plan

If some kids are not allowed in the woods, let’s make it to your living room or backyard! No one can stop these boys from their thirst for exploration. You can invite his friends over with their favorite sleeping bags and tents and prepare a scary movie you know they’ll love! Don’t forget the s’mores!

Sports Theme Party

Courtesy of Pinterest

Let’s do some physical challenges for the boys! You can create different obstacles, and the boys might need to: crawl, climb, jump, run, etc. You can also play sports one after another—baseball to volleyball, football to soccer. This would be great if you asked the boys to wear jerseys and represent their favorite team!

3rd Birthday Party Ideas for Baby Girls

Thrilled to see your baby girl doing the things she surely loves? Then here’s a list of birthday party ideas for your 3-year-old baby girl. Let’s get moving with these tiaras, flowers, and many pinks!

Tea Party Theme

Courtesy of Perfete

It’s time for a cup of tea with your girl. Take an excellent, chill par-tea time with all the little girls. You can make this part-tea much fancier with finger sandwiches and a lady-like vibe. Talk about having fun and being classy!

Under the Sea Party Theme

Courtesy of YouTube

Does your baby girl love to watch Barbie movies with mermaids and dolphins on them? Well, this is the perfect theme for you. Get ready to be awed with this magical theme where you can wear your baby a mermaid costume! You can also shape your sandwiches into starfish, baked oyster-inspired cookies, and shell-inspired cupcakes.

A Candy Land Party Theme

Courtesy of Party Slate

This is perfect for your sweet tooth toddler. All she can see are jars full of her favorite candies and chocolates. Let her also love the brightly colored balloons around the room, and do not forget to highlight a cupcake station where they can decorate their food.

Fairytale Party Theme

Courtesy of Pinterest

If your kid loves to hear her favorite fairy tales, then let’s make this fairytale a good choice. You can create magic wands for her and her friends so that they can feel that they are in a magical world. You can also sprinkle some fairy dust and bake a fairy-inspired-themed cake for your precious girl!

Other Fun Baby Birthday Ideas

Courtesy of Tinybeans

Decorate cupcakes

Kids love sweets, particularly colorful cupcakes. This is a great party where everyone can decorate their cupcake and even make a contest for the most yummy-looking cupcake! Expect a lot of sprinkles and icing on everyone’s faces, but it is worth the try!

Be creative with face-painting

Face painting will never go out of style—kids love it every occasion they attend! You can buy face paint and do it yourself for the kids or hire a face painter. Let the children enjoy disguising themselves with butterflies, tigers, pandas, and others while running around and chasing each other!

Be more productive with crafts

Craft making is also an ideal way of celebrating one’s birthday. This makes your baby’s day more special and productive. Your kid can enjoy and learn a lot more with these crafts. There will be a lot of glitters, popsicle sticks, and papers; after finishing one, they can show it to the guests. Guess who’s more proud of your baby? Your baby himself!

Jump all you can

Let’s get physical and let the children jump in this jump-all-you-can birthday party as long as possible. You can rent a fun bounce house outside your house! Can you imagine your kid and their friends having the best day while bouncing together? Now is your perfect chance to make it into a reality. Let your kid make this more memorable with these fun experiences.

Have a pool party

This will be perfect if your child’s birthday is in the summer! Enjoy the cool water from the pool while having a barbecue. You can also host different pool games that the kids will surely love!

Courtesy of Peerspace

Be groovy… and dance!

Does your kid love to dance in front of a mirror? Then this is your chance to let your kid shine even more! Let your child dance and move around freely with their dance moves. You can also let your child create their playlist and partner this with balloons, disco balls, and streamers. Enjoy dancing!

How to plan a 3-year-old’s birthday party

Your child is now more sociable than ever, and this is when you’ll get confused with the names of the newfound friends they are introducing to you. He might have already fully developed their sense of likes and dislikes. It will be better if you are aware of this and take note of this as you plan your 3-year-old’s birthday party.

Understand your toddler

The tantrums your kid got when he was in his two-year-old stage are now calming down. He is currently possessive of his toys and has gotten into many fights with his siblings. Always remember to keep away his beloved possessions from other children and be very careful in planning for his party.

List down the guests for the birthday party

Your child is now big enough to help you create and design the invitations. A bond can also be made here—with lots of glitter and stickers. You can also be excited if your child suggests inviting friends from the nursery or the neighborhood.

Get the time right

You can plan to schedule the party for a weekend, and the afternoon will be fine. Just don’t forget that the party should not be too late.

Incorporate party games and activities

Three-year-olds still love to be entertained. You can still hire magicians, face painters, and clowns that will make the party more fun. You can also be creative by decorating cupcakes, craft making, swimming in the pool, dancing in the room, and jumping in a bounce house. You can pass the parcel, follow my leader, and so on for games. This would be great if there were simple prizes to be won!

Choose a perfect venue

Having the party inside your house will be the best idea, but if you want it outside. The venue should also be suitable for the birthday theme so everyone can freely and comfortably move.

Plan your menu

Children still have a small food intake, so serving small, bite-size food will be better. It can be shaped sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, carrot sticks, and so on. 

Choose a fun, thrilling birthday theme

Choosing a birthday theme is difficult because there are so many to choose from. But it will be easier if you know what your kid’s preferences are. You can also go with your kid’s favorite superhero or fictional character. It can also be an animal theme that your kid will love.

Pick out the perfect gift

Your kid is now looking for things to help him practice his preschool skills. Your kid can now watch school art and craft activities, play board games and puzzles, play tent, and complete a tool kit. Isn’t this exciting and curious at the same time?

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Birthday Ideas

What can I do for my three-year-old birthday?

There are a lot of things you can prepare for your three-year-old’s birthday. You can be creative and unique in thinking of indoor activities such as face painting, craft making, cupcake decorating, and so on. You can throw your baby a character-themed party or an animal-themed party. You can now be more advanced with the activities and theme for your baby since they are already growing – and they appreciate now even more!

How do you make an indoor birthday fun?

You can make an indoor birthday fun by letting your creative side kick in. There are many fun-filled activities for your 3-year-old baby’s birthday, such as indoor camping, dress up, a makeover for girls, and crafts making that every kid will love. These activities are fun since they are ready to explore more of the world and always let their playfulness and curiosity win!

How do you organize a 3-year-old’s birthday party?

You can organize a 3-year-old birthday party by taking time to plan everything – from planning who gets the invitation, what suitable and fun activities and games to have, where the venue must be, what foods are ideal for children, up to the choice of theme and finding a perfect gift. These are all tricky, but it is worth it!

What are some birthday themes for 3-year-old babies at home?

There is a cupcake decoration theme, face painting theme, craft-making theme, jump-all-you-can theme, pool party theme, and dance party theme. There is also a scavenger hunt theme, camping inside the living room theme, dress up theme, tea party theme, and a fairy tale theme. These themes are suitable and made to enjoy even in your comfortable home!

What food should you cook on your baby’s 3rd birthday?

You can cook bite-sized food, especially since there will be a lot of children that will attend your baby’s birthday. Finger food like fun, shaped sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, and carrot sticks are a few. For desserts, there must be cupcakes and cookies. Children tend to eat only a tiny amount of food and focus heavily on activities and games!

How do I make my 3-year-old’s birthday special?

You can make your 3-year-old’s birthday special by letting them be wild and have more fun. They can explore activities like craft making, designing pastries, camping, scavenger hunting, dressing up as a teenager, and so on. They are now more curious than ever and would want to explore more of their surroundings, and doing these birthday themes and activities will help them to learn more.

Should I have a birthday party for my 3-year-old?

Yes, you should plan a birthday party for your 3-year-old. Every kid deserves a birthday party with a theme that they genuinely love. They deserve to be supported in everything that they are curious about. They also deserve to feel that they are loved most extensively and having all of these efforts will make her birthday dream come true, so let’s give it to them.

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