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20 Exciting Toddler Gift Ideas

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24 February, 2023


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It might get a little teary-eyed moment when you first realize that your tiny tot is not that baby anymore. But we don’t have to bid a sad farewell to all the baby stuff because another significant milestone will come. Say hello and embrace the exciting toddler journey of your child today!

All the learning development of your child will be much more evident today. Also, their behaviors will be more observable, especially with these exciting gifts made for toddlers. 

We compiled the latest developmental gift ideas to provide you and your toddler with a much better experience. Remember that happiness also comes from developing oneself, especially when you start from a younger age!

Toddler Gift Ideas

It’s time for you to discover these gift ideas that will make toddlers enjoy every moment of their lives. Their development of motor, cognitive, and communication skills will be fulfilled in a more precise picture with these exciting gifts to share:


A fun playhouse will make a child surprised and thrilled at the same time! Their playtime can now be enjoyed in a cute little house inside the living room or even perfect for the backyard. Their fine motor skills will have a good start with this bounce house since they can grasp and control objects inside the playhouse.

Children’s creativity and imagination skills will also be practiced here. They can organize and explore their little fun house once they imagine things. This playhouse will make them grow more healthy and free to be themselves!

Photo by Yan Berthemy

Musical Toy

A musical toy will be great for their motor and learning skills. They can push buttons to start a sound and play music. There are also some features in musical toys where kids can play with their favorite nursery rhyme and learn words and phrases.

This also comes in different colors and shapes that toddlers will love and enjoy! Their awareness and observation skills will also have a head start with this musical toy.

Karaoke Machine

It’s fun to see your child do a lot of sounds with this mini karaoke machine! If kids already know a particular song, then it is much better to give this to them and let them sing along. They can also sing their favorite song and watch them enjoy performing in front of the family. 

This gift will also boost their confidence. Imagine starting them in this early stage; they might be the next professional singer!

Toy Train Set

Let the children explore and observe how this toy train set works! This is an excellent way of exercising your child’s hand and movement skills. They can enjoy pushing buttons or letting the train roll free with their hands. 

They can now also be aware of this fun kind of transportation. Watch them as they sparkle their eyes once you ride with them on a real-life choo-choo train!

Photo by Darren Bockman

Fine Motor Coin Slot Toy

It’s not too early to let them count colorful numbered coins! They can be aware of coins and number them as they push them down one by one. Their recognition of this toy will be great for their learning and observation skills.

Kids can also explore a slot toy machine with its different buttons and features. This fine motor coin slot will be an excellent help for hand strength and educational learning for numbers. They will not only enjoy it, but they will also learn more!

Water Table Set

A bucket, cups, and a rubber duck is perfect for this water table set. Kids will love this gift because they can splash some water in the small pond provided! A great exploration of their senses will be experienced once they can’t stop playing with this table set.

The water movement allows them to observe with their eyes, ears, and hands. The water motion for the following inclusions, such as slides and funnels, will be fun for kids to observe such cause-and-effect situations. Fine motor skills for squeezing these water table accessories will also be developed for the children.

Animal Magnets

These animal magnets will help children become familiarized with fun-loving animals! The animal magnets can easily hold and build excellent eye coordination with their different, engaging colors. They will also enjoy observing how magnets work and what kind of things they attract!

Many fun and engaging moments will be filled once they start playing with these magnets. Learning about animals and magnets will make them curious about other things in this world as they grow up.

Photo by Asif Ali

A Handmade Book

A more memorable gift has a child’s name on it. A personalized book with a child’s full name on the cover is always an endearing sight. Whenever they get and open the book, they will be more aware and familiar with their name!

This book can also be anything you want it to be. You can personalize the pages and put everything you want them to learn. There can be ABCs and pictures of animals, colors, and shapes.

You can also include different life events and your family’s pictures. A personalized book, with your personal touch, will make them fond of reading as they grow up!

Excite Your Little Boy with These Amazing Gifts

Get ready with these fun-filled learning gift ideas you can give to your beloved boy:

Learning Robot

An all-in-one toy you could ever wish for your toddler is finally here! As robots develop through the years, they are made more useful for children who need both a playing and learning tool. The robot has many colorful buttons to push to introduce the alphabet, numbers, and shapes. 

This robot also encourages kids to move around while they are also moving around! This interactive toy is also made with fun colors and designs that will make every child love learning all the time!

Photo by Robo Wunderkind

Ride-on Car

A ride-on car will also be perfect for your toddler! Their dreams of having a small ride-on car will finally be achieved. They can use this inside the living room or, even better, in the expansive backyard! 

Their fine and gross motor, as well as their cognitive skills, will be enhanced with this gift. They are also designed with colorful features and stickers for a more enjoyable experience for every child. Let them explore your house and the outdoors with these cool, ride-on cars!

Airplane Toy

Let them build their airplane toy and enjoy letting it fly with their hands! They will not just learn how to take things apart but also how to put it all back together. These excellent parts of the airplane will make them aware of it at an early age.

Their hand and eye coordination, as well as their observation skills, will be practiced once they play this every day. They will not get bored and tired of this because of their enjoyment!

Finger Paint Set

Let a child enjoy a do-it-yourself craft with this finger paint set! It will be fun to get messy for a little while, but make sure that this is an easy-cleaning paint. This will increase every child’s creativity, plus they will get a lot more experience with themselves!

This will build up their sensory skills and a lot of productivity. Imagine getting a painted handcraft from a child! It will also be great to display this inside the house.

Photo by Coyot

Push and Pull Toy

Capture the precious moments while seeing your kid with this push-and-pull toy! Their gross motor coordination will be extensively practiced because this can be pushed while crawling or pulled while taking baby steps! Never miss seeing them smile with this toy and its fun wheels!

Build Around Starter Kit

Building different toys in this set is also a lot of fun! You can choose from different themes, including cars, houses, trees, towers, etc. This will make them aware of the different things in their surroundings and extensively practice their motor and cognitive skills.

A Whole New Fun Gift Ideas For Little Girls

Never miss the chance to get your toddler these awesome developmental gifts. These ideas include cooking, dressing up, and more fun physical movements!

Cooking Kitchen Set

Develop a child’s imagination and pretend to play with this fantastic cooking set! Let them enjoy this realistic kitchen set with kid-friendly appliances and kitchenware. This will also help them socialize more since they can play with other kids. 

Role-play and creativity will help kids enhance their self and social skills. Their physical and motor skills will also be developed while cooking with these kitchen accessories. Also, they will be introduced to problem-solving skills as they have to move around every appliance while cooking.

Photo by Shlomaster

Learning Table

A learning table in the house will be a fun start for every toddler. There are different types of learning tables that can be purchased; some of them have a complete writing pad or a chalkboard to scribble on happily. With this easy, organized table, you can also let them learn more about alphabets, numbers, shapes, and so on!

Wooden Pikler Triangle

Encourage a child to climb this pikler triangle to boost gross motor skill development. They will enjoy exploring this wooden triangle freely, but always look at them when they are using it. This is also adjustable and made of wood for better safety for the children.

A Palace Playset

Every girl dreams of living in a magical palace as they grow up. Let them be a pretty Princess by having this Palace playset! They can enhance their imagination as they move along different figures inside it.

They will have a lot of exciting adventures as they play with this set. They can also pretend to play with their friends with some princess songs in the background while playing. Proper hand and eye coordination will always be developed with this interactive playset!

Ride-on Mini Scooter

Scooters will never get away from the latest trends for toddler gift ideas! Mini scooters are made for toddlers, and they will love these as they learn how to balance their movement and coordination. A three-wheeled scooter will be recommended for a starter toddler because it has a low deck and narrow foot deck.

Do not forget to let the children wear helmets and knee pads for the best protection. Make sure to purchase this with an adjustable handle height for proper control.

Photo from Icsilviu

Toddler Doll

Another excellent development for imagination and pretend play is this toddler doll. They can brush their hair, dress it up with simple clothes, let it wear a hat, and so on. This will also enhance their fine motor skills as well as their creativity. 

What to Consider in Looking for a Toddler Gift

We have to ensure that these gifts are for the whole well-being of our children. It is not just about the enjoyment and learning development everyone is after, but also their safety and suitability. 

Check for the recommended age

Take a good look at the age recommendation on the product’s label. Ensure that the gift is suitable for the children; they will enjoy it more once it is perfectly made for them. 

Check educational value

Toddlers are now exploring more of their skills, so it is better always to put the educational value of the gift. This is the right time for them to develop their skills and behavior. Make sure that the gift will make them learn and, at the same time, enjoy the process.

Check durability

They are still starting with the basics, so ensure the gift is safe and 100% durable. Observe the gift first and double-check if it has some damage. It is also better to try it first with yourself for better security.

FAQs on Toddler Gift Ideas

What do toddlers like as gifts?

They would love gifts that can help them explore the surrounding things. Great examples are a playhouse, water table, build starter kit and a mini ride-on scooter. They can now explore these bigger and more productive things. Their curiosity for the world is much stronger, so they are up for a more challenging one.

What can you give a 2-year-old as a gift?

You can give them a kitchen playset or a take-apart toy! These have more learning features because they are now exploring kid-friendly appliances and toy parts that are for older kids. Their hand and eye coordination skills will improve with these interactive toys. Ensure that the appliances and toy parts are always safe when using them.

What’s the best thing to give a 2-year-old?

A learning table and a robot will be a toddler’s best gift. Learning robots are fun, and the learning table will help them have a properly organized desk. They can start learning to write, listen to songs, do number counting, and draw shapes. All of these are possible in these learning toys.

What do you do with a 2-year-old?

You can give them educational and developmental gifts for a better growing experience. These gifts and toys are not just made for fun purposes but will also serve as a guide for a better understanding of the objects around them. They can also practice and start their developmental skills and have confidence in their independent self.

What do toddlers need the most?

They need more wide open spaces because they are now starting to explore more. They want to climb, ride a ride-on car or a mini scooter, explore inside the playhouse, and so on. They also need a little independence since they are starting to have the do-it-myself stage. It will always be better to encourage them with great developmental gifts.

What are three items toddlers like to play with?

They always love to play with dolls, push toys, playhouses, and musical toys! Toddlers love interactive gift toys because they are starting to know their complete control of the objects around them. They also want to explore and hold different parts, making them highly curious.

What do you get a kid for their 2nd birthday?

You could get them a handmade book! This is a memorable gift because this is personalized by you. It has a personal touch and will be a great keepsake as they grow old. You can compile their milestones and other family pictures here to make their hearts melt as they age.

What keeps a 2-year-old entertained?

Let them play with a playhouse! It will keep them entertained for hours. You can also let them play by taking apart toys and other building sets that can make them focused and develop their skills more. A mini scooter and a ride-on car will also make them happy, and they won’t mind the hours they spend riding because it’s lots of fun!

How many toys should a toddler have?

A toddler can have 11 toys and below. But make sure that this will depend on the sizes of the toys and the number of parts each toy has. Also, double-check if there are toys they are unwilling to play with anymore. You can replace it with a much better developmental one.

How do you entertain a bored toddler?

You can play with them and their toys! They have a lot of interactive and pretend toys that you will also love to play with. This will also make their social and communication skills be practiced. This will also form a good bond with the both of you, or you can also make a greater circle by having the whole family playing!

How many gifts should a toddler get?

Perhaps, it should depend on the person giving the gifts. There are specific rules to follow for a Christmas gift, but if it is a birthday or another special day, it will depend on the person. It is essential to shower a toddler with lots of love and care; giving them what they deserve is better. But do not give them too much, because this can create problems now and in the future.

What is the four gift rule?

This is a trend where parents give four Christmas gifts to their children. Their four gifts should be something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. These four creative gifts will make every child happy and free! This rule is not too much and covers fun and learning items to have.

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