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Elephant Puns for Kids

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28 February, 2023


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Laughter is not called the best medicine for nothing. It has been proven effective in stress management, especially stimulating organs, improving your mood, and increasing personal satisfaction!   

Laughing with your loved ones is even better, and exchanging puns with your kids is always a good way to feel even closer to each other! 

Looking for a unique topic for your puns? Look no further! One of the most fascinating creatures to ever exist are elephants. So, if your kids are showing interest in them, here are some elephant puns you can use to lighten your day!

Word Plays

Photo by Frans van Heerden

Uniquely playing with words is always a good way to get a laugh from someone. Plus, it gives them the challenge to have a wordplay of their own. Here are some elephant word plays you can use to have a good time with your kids!

  1. You can opt for a mix with a little fairytale.

    What is large, gray, and wears glass slippers? Cinderelephant.
  2. This one is not just for the little ones!

    What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on him? Nothing, he just let out a little wine.
  1. You might have heard this before with a different animal, still funny anyway!

    What do you call an elephant with a machine gun? Sir!
  2. If you’re looking for something uniquely romantic, this pun is for you.

    What did the elephant say to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? “I love you a ton.”
  3. No scientific basis, you can still imagine this happening!

    How do elephants talk to each other? On the ele-phone!
  4. You can even get some summer tips!

How do elephants keep cool in the summer? Ear conditioning!

  1. Up for some font suggestions?

    What’s an elephant’s favorite font to use? Ella font!
  2. Of course, there are some elephant-related precautionary measures.

What happens when an elephant gets lightheaded? It ele-faints

  1. Here’s one just in time for Christmas!

    What has big ears and makes toys for Santa? Elfants
  2. Who’s up for a little science pun?

    The biggest ant in the world is called what? An eleph-ant!
  3. No offense intended for this one!

    What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter? Irrelephant!

Fun in Context

Photo by Pixabay 

Other than word plays, another common yet effective type of pun is conversations. With these jokes, the context of the scenario adds to the fun—but only if they’re not the source of humor themselves!

  1. Teacher: There were two elephants under one umbrella, is there a possibility that they will not get wet?
    Student: Yes, if it wasn’t raining!
  2. Teacher: What has the size and shape of an elephant, but weighs nothing?

Student: An elephant’s shadow!

  1. Watchmaker: What time is it when you find an elephant in your car? 

Client: Time to get a new car!

  1. Mother: How do you know an elephant is under your blanket? 

Kid: Because when you get in your bed your nose touches the ceiling.

  1. Mailman: What do you call an elephant in a phone booth? 

Zookeeper: Stuck!

  1. Teacher: What goes down but never goes up?

Student: An elephant in an elevator.

  1. Friend 1: Why do elephants drink so much? 

Friend 2: To try to forget!

  1. Policeman: One of your elephants has been seen chasing a man on a bicycle.

Zoo keeper: Nonsense, none of my elephants know how to ride a bicycle.

  1. Kid: Mother, why is a snail stronger than an elephant?

Mother: I don’t know.

Kid: Because a snail can carry its own home, but an elephant can only carry its own trunk.

  1. Teacher: Why do elephants never use computers?

Student: Because they’re afraid of the mouse!

Body Parts

Photo by Richard de Reus

There’s something about elephants that sets them apart from other topics of puns—their huge body parts! While all these are scientifically unique and fascinating, they can also be a good source of laughs!

  1. Here’s something that will hopefully not happen to anyone!

    Why did the elephants get kicked out of the pool? Their trunks kept falling down.
  2. Because they never go out of style, we have a little bit more about elephant trunks.

How can you tell that elephants are always ready for an adventure? They’ve always got their trunks ready to go.

What’s an elephant’s secret talent? They’re great at multi-tusking!

  1. If you want to merge elephant puns with motors, we also have some for you!

    What did the elephant do when he hurt his toe? He called a tow truck.

Why can’t an elephant ride a bicycle? Because he doesn’t have thumbs to ring the bell.

Frequently Asked Questions on Elephant Puns for Kids

What do elephants say?

You might be lucky if you’ve already heard elephants make a sound, as they barely do, especially with lots of people around. But if you heard something close to a snort, bark, or grunt, that’s them talking! Elephants use different levels of vocals to communicate, most of which sound like powerful roars and rumbles.

Why do elephants scream?

There can be multiple reasons why elephants scream. This might be out of frustration or anger. But most of the time, elephants also scream when they meet with other elephants. If you get lucky enough to witness this, you might want to cover your ears. Lots of trumpeting and rumbling usually greet this reunion!

What is a group of elephants called?

Elephants that come in groups are commonly called herds. However, a group of elephants is also referred to as a “memory” of elephants. This is in relation to their long memories, intelligence, and strong familial ties. 

What does “mind like an elephant” mean?

Since elephants are known for remembering things easily, being referred to as someone with a mind like an elephant means a person has a sharp memory. It means they have no difficulty remembering things, even if they happened long ago. 

What is an elephant idiom?

The most common idiom that mentions an elephant is “the elephant in the room.” Given their size, elephants are impossible to ignore in a room. So, when someone says there is an elephant in the room, there is a concern or situation that is not explicitly being talked about but cannot be ignored. 

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