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7 Newborn Baby Basket Ideas: Baby Cribs 

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26 February, 2023


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Are you a new mom or dad? Or maybe an excited family member looking for some helpful baby stuff for your family. Is your online algorithm tempting you with a lot of baby stuff to buy before your little one arrives? Are you confused about putting your baby in a baby basket, a crib, or co-sleeping?

Some seasoned parents said you should use a baby basket to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Putting your baby in a crib or basket is a way to “safe sleep” your baby. It will prevent them from suffocating with blankets, pillows, and other stuff people usually put on their beds, as babies still can’t defend themselves. But if you will, what kind of basket does your baby needs?

Cribs are some of the essentials parents need for their babies. Sometimes, it is used for sleeping, sometimes for playing, and sometimes it just holds them from running around the house! 

It can help hold your baby for a few minutes and give you some rest time. But no matter your reason, a good baby basket will help as your baby arrives.

Here are some baby basket or crib ideas that might be helpful for you:

Regular Crib

If you want a simple and traditional crib, go for a regular crib. Parents use this if they are at home and don’t need to travel often. A regular crib consists of a four-corner wooden bar with soft bed foam where your baby lies. It protects your babies from falling and gives them a comfortable place to sleep. 

Some parents prefer to use cribs to avoid SIDS and give babies uninterrupted sleep. But if you consider co-sleep and keeping your baby up close, here are some other suggestions:

Convertible Crib

If you want one size fits for your baby, buy a convertible crib! You will use it not only during their newborn stage but also when they grow old or need to transition to a different position. 

If you’re a parent who wants to invest in a crib that you can use until they reach the toddler stage, buy a convertible crib! This one is usually one of the most expensive ones you can buy in the market, but if you want to use it long-term, it’s a good investment!

Combo Crib

While the convertible crib gives you a one-size-fits-all-ages kind of crib, the combo crib, on the other hand, is a back-bend saver for diaper-changing parents! 

This kind of crib allows you to convert it into a diaper-changing table that saves you time from transferring from one place to another to change nappies! If you are a parent who wants a good place to change your baby’s nappies, a combo crib might be the one for you!

Crib with Under-Crib Drawer

This might fit your baby’s nursery room if you are a space-saver parent. A crib with under crib-drawer is a baby crib with a large drawer underneath the mattress. This crib type is also convertible or convertible with an attached changer (combo crib with under-crib drawer). 

You can put your baby essentials underneath in just one grab. If you are a space-saver parent, this is for you!

Portable Crib

This portable crib allows you to move from the nursing room to the living area or anywhere you want. A portable crib is a crib that stands on wheels. 

Depending on the model, it may also fold down for easy storage. If you want a more flexible place for your baby around your house, the portable crib might be best for you!

Pack ‘N Play

A Pack’ N Play is a crib with a plastic or aluminum frame surrounded by mesh. This is best used when your little one can now crawl and roll. It will prevent crib bumps! The pack’ n-play has nets that can catch your little one. Most babies will be active as they grow that’s why a pack ‘n-play can be your baby’s safe place to play and move around. That small space will give you so much security that your baby will not bump their head.

Travel Crib

Do you travel for work or leisure? We have a crib that you can bring anywhere! The travel crib is typically smaller than the pack ‘n play crib. 

The travel crib is a lightweight crib that you can bring when you travel. If you feel like your baby is ready to travel or take a vacation with you, this travel crib suits you!

How do you know what crib your baby needs?

  • Look for the safest and most convenient crib
  • Choose the color you want or the one that fits your style
  • Consider what you can use long-term

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Cribs

What baby crib should you buy?

Baby cribs go in different shapes and sizes. Some are circular; some are mostly rectangular. To know the right baby crib to buy, understand your baby’s needs this season, and choose a crib that you can use for the long run! 

Though some parents buy different sets of cribs for their babies, considering they can use them for their other kids in the future.

Which baby crib is the safest?

The safest crib is the crib with a no-drop-side rail: The side rails should not be able to move. It should also have a safe slat distance: The distance between slats must be 2  to 3/8 inches (6 centimeters) to protect infants from falling out and toddlers from trapping their heads between the slats.

Which baby mattress is best?

Choose the firmest mattress you can find. This will help your little one feel secure and comfortable. 

Whatever crib you choose, we know that what you choose will be the best for your baby. Parents always know best. May this help you find the right crib for your baby and family!

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