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25 Baby Halloween Costume Ideas for a Spooky Night

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17 February, 2023


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Celebrating Halloween is an exciting activity, but looking for and preparing a costume for your baby is way more thrilling. There are a lot of themes and ideas that you can list—so much that it can get overwhelming! 

Don’t worry; this extensive guide provides your baby with the best Halloween costume ideas.

Baby Costume 0-3 months

Newborn babies who wear cute costumes are loved and admired by many. Their starting months are already productive with these costumes that perfectly fit them. They can wear funny costumes like:

  • Baby Disco
  • Baby Corn
  • Baby Shark
  • Baby Minion

Jumpsuits and one-piece costumes are advisable for their starting months to avoid being irritated with overly designed costumes. These simple yet funny costumes will be comfortable for them and even cuter than ever!

Baby Costume 3-6 months

As they get bigger, it is perfect for them to wear animal-baby costumes. These sweet, loving animals will mirror the cuteness your baby has. Here is the list of animal baby costumes that your baby can wear:

  • Baby Elephant
  • Baby Lion
  • Baby Monkey
  • Baby Owl
  • Baby Cow
  • Baby Pig

And many more animals! But these found in the list will preferably make your baby stand out and proud.

Baby Costume 6-9 months

It is now time for them to wear baby costumes with holiday themes! Holiday-themed costumes are fun to create and wear. Plus, everyone will be thrilled to look at those inspired look costumes with your baby! Depending on your current season, there are many holidays to choose from, so make the most out of this time!

  • Christmas themed costume
  • Halloween themed costume

It is pleasing to see babies wearing holiday-themed costumes, and even if they are still little to wear everything – they won’t back down! It’s their time to shine, even in cute little ways!

Baby Costume 9-12 months

And now we have reached the time when they can wear a little more massive costume than in the past months. They now deserve to wear a little bit more heroic or classic costume from the iconic characters found in movies! Have you now imagined your baby wearing a:

  • Spiderman and Superman costume
  • Coraline
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Chucky
  • Grinch
  • Pennywise

Creative Baby Costume Ideas 

Be ready to be drawn with the various Halloween costumes listed below, and make sure that you will choose your most preferred costume idea for your baby!

Baby Dragon Costume

Courtesy of Oriental Trading

A dragon costume that can spit fire and thrill everyone when they hear a little roar? Then this costume is made for your baby! Regardless of the color of your dragon costume, we all know that this costume will look good and effortlessly cute for your little one!

Baby Corn Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

Celebrating Halloween with this soft and comfortable baby cocoon and hat costume set will be memorable. This bodysuit will make him comfortable and oh-so-cute. He will be wrapped with sweetness!

Baby Sock Monkey Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for a cozy and cute Halloween costume for your little boy? Here’s a baby sock monkey costume for him. Everyone will surely love this brown baby sock monkey jumpsuit! Can you imagine your baby boy wearing this and matching boots? This adorable outfit highlights a cute monkey face headpiece and a tail that your baby will enjoy wearing.

Baby Carrot Costume

Courtesy of Exchange

A sweet, healthy carrot costume will never go wrong. This baby carrot costume will make your baby welcome everyone and can give them a big hug! This orange-colored costume will make everyone crave a cute, yummy carrot!

Baby T-Bird and Pink Lady Costumes

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

With these T-Bird and Pink Lady Costumes, your baby can be cunning and adorable. These couple outfits complement each other – and to help your baby complete this costume, find your baby a perfect partner! This latest chic trend will help your baby get compliments by being more cute and sophisticated than ever.

Baby Minion Costume

Courtesy of Shopee Philippines

Oh yes, the Minions are back! We won’t forget these little yellow Minions; they should always be the choices for these cute Halloween costumes! This overall blue romper with a long-sleeved yellow shirt will make your little one stay adorable. Don’t forget the goggles, too; your baby is ready to babble all day!

Baby Prisoner Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

A cute little prisoner costume is perfect for your precious little one. This little troublemaker will make this outfit stand out in a crowd, and more people will take photos of your sweet baby! This unique prisoner costume is worth a try!

Baby Boxer Costume

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

A baby fighter! How amazing is that, right? Imagine how your baby can have this faux muscle top, printed tattoos, and boxing mitts. It might be strange to look at your baby in an older state, but imagine the giggles and smiles everyone can give your little one. This boxer costume definitely will immediately take the attention of everyone in the room!

Baby Firefighter Costume

Courtesy of Walmart

Nothing can beat your baby, who is ready to rescue everyone! This firefighter costume contains jumpsuits with attached suspenders, a shoulder patch, and reflective tape. No one can ever resist the darling and admiring look of your baby in this dashing costume! You can be the proudest parent ever!

Funny Baby Costumes

Nothing can compare to this little twist for your baby’s Halloween costume – a funny and interesting one! Look how adorable your baby can get with these two funny baby Halloween costumes:

Baby Shark Costume

Courtesy of Elliotts Fancy Dress

A shark is found, and look how adorable he is! Your baby boy will enjoy this baby shark costume and will love to scare off other kids! This funny costume will make your baby boy sing the Baby Shark song while he’s ready to hunt for his cute prey underwater.

Baby Disco Ball Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

Want to embody fun and excitement? How about a baby disco ball costume? No one can beat the groovy side of your baby boy. This is a simple but adorable costume that will be perfect for him. Imagine everyone looking at him, and in a snap, they would want to dance off the dancefloor with him!

Animal Baby Costumes

Ready to see your baby in adorable and loveable animal baby costumes? Well, then. Worry no more! Here is the list of the cutest animal baby costume you can get for your baby:

Baby Elephant and Lion Costumes

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

No one can resist a baby elephant and your baby lion costume! They can look as wild as they can be, but not with your baby boy. The thick and fluffy faux fur of the baby lion costume is comfortable and easy to wear by your baby. On the other hand, the soft floppy ears and cute trunk of the baby lion costume will keep your baby boy warm and comfy all day long!

Baby Monkey Costume

Courtesy of eBay

Here’s another baby boy costume for your little one in monkey form! A brown, soft jumpsuit with cute ears and a cheeky face will make your baby boy look admirable! You can also include a banana rattle (or other props in the form of a banana) to make your baby boy smile until the day ends.

Baby Owl Costume

Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

A baby owl costume for your baby boy will be awesome! This colorful wide-eyed owl costume consists of a brown jumpsuit with feathers. Along with this are cute beaks and ear tufts that will make your baby stand out and proud! Remember orange booties to emphasize an owl’s talons!

Cow and Pig Costumes

Courtesy of Pinterest

Don’t hesitate to choose these cow and pig costumes! These farm-inspired costumes will bring the cuteness overload for the Halloween season. The warm and comfy plush materials for these two costumes will make your baby full of charm and happiness because he is way more comfortable wearing this. There are also a lot of moo and oink sounds that could happen here!

More Baby Costume Ideas

Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas

Courtesy of Fruugo PH

Who would resist Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King? Your little one will look adorable with a black striped jumpsuit, partnered with a bat bow tie and, of course, a cute beanie hat.

This Halloween costume will make him the King of Halloween Town, and nothing will come his way. This costume includes a jumpsuit that looks like Jack’s iconic black striped suit. It also comes with snaps for easy access and change for diapers. 

The hat is also printed with Jack’s face and is perfect for his charming look. Lastly, do not forget his signature bat bow tie – which finishes the overall Halloween costume for your baby.


Courtesy of Amazon

Your little one is not afraid of anything, especially ghosts! So worry no more. This ghostbuster costume will scare any ghouls found in your neighborhood.

This Halloween costume includes a cute beige one-piece romper with a little printed belt and ghostbuster logo attached to it. A small backpack should also be included for the ghostbuster supplies, and a hat (with a ghostbuster logo) will finish this awesome costume. Remember that no one can beat the brave ghostbusters!

Santa Claus Infant Grinch

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

Finally, Grinch got into himself the spirit of Christmas! This Halloween costume contains a one-piece jumpsuit – and the mitts, legs, and booties are all made up of green faux fur to copy the Grinch’s iconic pelt. 

This also includes Santa Claus’ coat, where the arms and torso are made up of red and white soft fabric, and along with this is Santa Claus’ belt wrapped around the waist. The green hood is designed with the features of the Grinch to make it more natural, and don’t forget Santa’s hat to complete this Halloween costume!


Courtesy of Pennywise

This is now your sign to transform your angel into a dangerous clown by imitating Pennywise and his outfit. This customized costume will terrify children because of its:

  • Pennywise mascot mask
  • Satin jumpsuit
  • Puff sleeves
  • Ruffled collar
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Child white Gloves
  • Polyester for decorations
  • Attached boot covers
  • Red and yellow clown shoes
  • Red balloon

This will look amazing on your little one and awe other children with your baby’s Halloween costume. A Pennywise costume might be a little challenging to work on, but nothing can beat this horrifying clown look that gives a nightmare to all the children in the neighborhood!

Cruella and Dalmatian

Courtesy of Pinterest

Cruella is back! Who wouldn’t miss seeing a dashing look of your baby wearing a Cruella costume? The classic red, white and black romper with embellished ruffles on the back will highlight the overall look of your baby. This comes with a sequin bow on an elastic band, black knee-high socks, and cute black shoes.

Your baby will have her full glamour and high-fashion villain look once you get done with this outfit. 


Courtesy of eBay

If you want to take a break from the different characters found in a movie, then let’s go with a cute baby pumpkin. Halloween won’t be complete without pumpkins, so this will be a perfect costume for your baby. The signature look of a pumpkin with its spooky yet smiling face will never go out of style.

This costume consists of a smiling pumpkin bodysuit with a hood. Put on a long-sleeve shirt in case your baby might get cold, and do not forget to let your baby wear black or orange colored socks. This soft and smooth Halloween costume will make your baby the most adorable pumpkin in the patch.

Fancy Baby

Courtesy of Walmart

Let’s get more fashionable for your baby girl! A fancy baby wears a crochet baby curler hat, cute pink sunglasses, a flowery robe, and a combination of small props of comb, perfume, and powder!

I can assure you that you and your baby girl will receive tremendous compliments because of her fabulous look. This might be the easiest costume, but it is worth it for your little angel.


Courtesy of Oriental Trading

It looks like it’s already time to bring out the scariest scarecrow in town! This costume includes:

  • A jumpsuit that has a hook and loop fastener at the center back
  • Brushed knit flannel
  • Decorative patches are sewn on the belt
  • Fabric hay on wrist cuffs and neckline
  • Cone-shaped felt hat that contains a hood that should cover the neck

Your little one will be thrilled to witness people smiling from ear to ear whenever they look at them. 


Courtesy of Costume Works

How many of you miss Chucky? Worry no more, and let the other babies play with your little one. Chucky’s outfit features:

  • Blue jumpsuit (preferably has a “Good guys” printed graphic)
  • Multicolored long-sleeved shirt and partnered pant cuffs
  • Decorative buttons (for the shoulder straps)

To highlight more of Chucky’s features, here are the recommended accessories for your baby:

  • Stitched temporary tattoo kit
  • Child’s play Chucky mask
  • Child’s play voodoo knife toy

This one-piece outfit will be easy to wear. It also has a simple yet powerful look since this is Chucky we are talking about – and we know how many kids are thrilled with him. Get ready to receive compliments for your little one with this Chucky Halloween costume!

Mr. Monopoly

Courtesy of POPSUGAR

You read it right, Mr. Monopoly is here, and his character will be a perfect feature for this Halloween getaway. Your baby will shine bright with this friendly and famous mascot from the Monopoly game, and this costume includes:

  • Black blazer
  • White dress shirt
  • Gray dress pants
  • Black oxfords
  • Black top hat
  • Red bow tie
  • White mustache
  • Wooden cane

You can also bring out the Monopoly board to complete his adorable look. His white, curly mustache and wooden cane will bring out the best of him!

Tips for Choosing a Baby Halloween Costume

  1. Always choose an age-appropriate Halloween costume. There should be no small accessories found in the costume that might harm and choke your little one.
  2. Check the costume to see if it has more accessible access to changing diapers. No one would want to be stressed with ruining the cuteness of the outfit just by having difficulties in changing diapers.
  3. Always consider comfort. Soft and light costumes must always be the priority since we don’t want our baby to have unexpected rashes and get irritated with the costume.
  4. Observe your baby’s actions. If your baby always takes off a hat or any accessories, find a costume that does not depend on that. You could also find alternatives that might be more comfortable for your baby.
  5. Have a weather check. Make a double effort when checking the temperature from time to time, and make sure to align the costume to the weather. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Costume Ideas

Which costume is best for babies?

There are a lot of costumes for babies out there, but nothing can beat the adorable looks of the babies when wearing funny and animal costumes! These costumes are easy to find and make because you already have a guide in looking for one. 

You can also let your little one wear your favorite villain or hero in your favorite movie, and nothing can beat your happiness when you start to create or buy this costume for your baby.

How should I dress my baby when born?

Always ensure that your baby’s clothes are soft, elastic, comfortable to wear, and easy to wash. Onesies and jumpsuits are always recommendable for newborn babies because it is easier for you to put them on your baby. 

All clothes must also be made of cotton because it is soft and gentle for your baby’s skin. Since newborn babies must always be kept warm, they must wear clothes in layers. But also make sure to always check on them in case they are already sweating if you are in a warm place.

What costume should my baby wear for Halloween?

You will never go wrong with onesies and jumpsuits for costumes. There are a lot of Halloween costumes that go perfectly with this one-piece outfit, and most of them are character-based costumes. Pumpkins and scarecrows are Halloween’s highlights, and nothing can beat these two. These are easy to find and wear for your baby.

Why is cotton suitable for babies?

Cotton is a 100% natural product, making it healthier and safer for babies. Cotton contains a hypoallergenic quality that will not likely cause an allergic reaction in your baby. This will also help the babies to be more comfortable with their clothes since they have soft, delicate skin. It also lasts longer, even with frequent washing.

What unique costume should my baby wear?

One unique costume in the list above is the fancy baby. This fancy baby theme is simple yet creative—you can dress your baby in the most stylish way possible, and you will just need a curler, sunglasses, robe, and other props that mommies are familiar with. It is a fun thing to do, and you can bond with your baby with this costume. 

You can also be more creative by doing some photoshoots and bringing out different stage backgrounds (such as beside the pool or in a dresser room) that will let the spotlight on your baby.

What kind of costume should my baby wear to look good?

Babies will look good if they wear funny, animal, and character-based costumes. The characters are well known for their personalities and abilities, thus making your outfit more memorable and exciting. 

Make sure to also keep in mind the accessories found with your chosen character since this will add to a satisfying look for your baby. Lastly, your baby will look fantastic if you boost more confidence in your creative self – your little one will depend on your effort and abilities!

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