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116 Words with N For Kids

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10 March, 2023


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Since learning starts at home, it is important to let your child stay ahead by improving their linguistic skills at an early age. Expanding your child’s basic knowledge and vocabulary will surely help with their communication skills and it will also help them excel in a learning environment with peers. 

To ensure that your child is continuously enhancing their knowledge in the English language, it is recommended that they practice at home since learning does not end once your child leaves the school premises. 

To help your child expand their communication and linguistic skills, it is also vital to be familiar with words that begin with N. If you’re trying to look for N words that your kids can use in their everyday lives while practicing words at the same time, you are in the right place! This information on N words will surely help you and your child in the future.

List of Words with N for Kids

There are various words that children can learn about that start with the letter N. It can be action words, objects that you see everyday, and even numbers that we use in counting! From easy words for everyday use to cool words that can be used in interesting conversations, we’ve got it! So check out these N words that we prepared for your kids.

N Letter Words for Kids


Words with N for Kindergarten Kids


Preschool Words That Start with N


Names of Things That Start with N


Names of Foods That Start with N


Names of Vegetables That Start with N

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Names of Fruits That Start with N


Cool Words That Start with N

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Kids usually have a short attention span while learning so we have prepared cool words that can make learning for your child very interesting. These cool N words can lead to your child asking questions while learning them at the same time! While we help them learn the words, their reasoning and questioning skills are also developed along with their vocabulary skills. Isn’t that great? To boost your child’s attentiveness, here are some cool N words.


Fun Words That Start with N

To make learning more desirable and fun for children, it’s a good way to teach them fun words that start with N. As they learn the words, they can also feel that they are having fun just like during their play time, but with additional knowledge! This is a good way to let kids have fun while they are learning.


Positive Words That Start with N

At times, children are having a hard time understanding new information that is being taught to them. During those times where they feel down and if they feel unmotivated, it is very important that parents provide them with positive words of affirmation to help them process their emotions and help them learn more. To help your kids build more confidence in learning and in communicating with other people, we have prepared positive words that start with the letter N.


Vocabulary Words That Begin with The Letter N

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As children age and as they develop their skills, their knowledge in the English language would be vital in their education and even until they reach the age where they transition to a workplace environment. Because of this, it is very important to help your kids learn about words to expand their knowledge on the language. 

3 letter N words for kids

  • Nun
  • Nod
  • Nor
  • Now

4 letter N words for kids

  • Near
  • Name
  • Nine
  • Next

5 letter N words for kids

  • Nerve
  • Naive
  • Newly
  • Night

More N words for kids

  • Nobody
  • Negative
  • Nervous
  • Network

Activities for Kids to Learn N Letter Words

To make learning about words that start with the letter N more fun and interactive, here are different activities that your kids can do. Since learning is more effective when it is practiced through various activities, these exercises can surely help your child retain the information that they have learned. To help you with your child’s learning, we have provided interesting activities that can be appropriate for your child’s learning style.


Courtesy of Paper Mate

Repetition of words and its meaning will surely help your kids become familiar with N words. To practice this kind of learning, you can easily make your own flashcards! You can either print or write the word on one side of the paper while putting the simple meaning of the word on the other side of the paper. 

As you accomplish making several flashcards, you can start showing the kids one side of the paper with the word and turn the paper to show its meaning. Once you’ve shown all the words, you can start showing the flashcards again but just show the side with the meaning of the word. 

While you’re showing the meaning of the N letter word, your child can guess and familiarize themselves with the words by knowing the meaning. By doing this activity, your child has learned several N letter words along with its meaning. This would surely expand your child’s vocabulary!

You can print online materials that are made for tracing letters and words that are composed of eight letters. Apart from that, you must prepare colorful pens for this activity. This activity will engage your kid’s vocabulary skills and writing skills alike. Now that’s two birds in one stone kind of activity!

Coloring the Words 

Courtesy of Primary Games

Since kids love coloring and different kinds of drawings, you can help them learn N words by doing this activity! Just prepare some coloring materials and a printed worksheet with several words in creative lettering where they can color inside those words. By doing so, they can remember the words while they are enjoying coloring the N words that your child is trying to learn!

Matching Type Activity 

Courtesy of Pinterest

To simulate a school environment, you can do this activity at home once you’ve taught your child different words to ensure that they have learned the N words. This is easy, simple, and is not time consuming. To do this activity you would only need to prepare a printed worksheet with two columns. 

The first column would contain words that start with N while the second column would contain the picture of the words associated with the N words that you have provided. To try and challenge the kids, you can rearrange the pictures on the second column so that it would not be on the same row of the correct answer. 

Once the worksheet is done and is given to the kids, instruct them to match the correct N word to the picture on the second column by simply drawing a line to connect them to each other. By finding the matching word and picture, the child is learning and is being challenged! This would help them learn once they reach a different learning environment other than their homes.

Want to make learning more casual yet engaging? Here’s a fun video for you and your child to check out: Vocabulary Words for Kids

Frequently Asked Questions on N Letter Words for Kids 

What are some of the N letter words for kids?

  • Note
  • Net
  • Nap
  • Nose
  • Nightmare
  • Ninety
  • Neck
  • Navy
  • Nasty
  • Need

What are some of the N letter kindergarten words for kids?

  • Necklace
  • Notebook
  • None
  • Neighbor
  • New
  • November
  • Nation
  • Nurse
  • Nature
  • Noisy

What are some of the N letter preschool words for Kids?

  • Nice
  • Neat
  • Number
  • Never
  • Near
  • No
  • Not
  • Naughty
  • Normal
  • North

What are some easy words with N Letters?

  • Nerd
  • News
  • Nosy
  • Noun
  • Near
  • Nope
  • Name
  • Nice
  • Neptune
  • Nine

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