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6 Exciting Baby Gender Reveal Ideas to Try

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22 February, 2023


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Sharing your baby’s gender with the world is a special occasion worthy of celebration. Nowadays, people have been coming up with more and more creative ways of doing and celebrating the gender reveal with their loved ones. If you are one of those looking for an idea on how to do a gender reveal, here’s a list of options you can try.

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Reveal it with help from your dog

You can involve your dog in your baby’s gender reveal. An easy way to do this is to have someone tie balloons or a signboard on your dog and then call the dog when it’s time to tell everyone your baby’s gender. Another way to involve your furry pet is to do the usual cake reveal method but let the dog be the one to eat through the colored cake layers to reveal your baby’s gender. 

Erupt a volcano

Put those science skills to work. Recreate one of those volcano science projects back when you were a kid, and then have someone put colors (blue or pink) in it. When it’s time for the reveal, colored lava comes out and tells everyone if you’re having a boy or a girl. 

Get messy with blue or pink paint

Courtesy of what moms love

Use paint. Load a water gun or a squeeze bottle with pink or blue-colored color and then cover each other with paint when the time comes to reveal your baby’s gender. 

Play a game of egg roulette

Make your gender reveal a little adventurous by doing an egg roulette. For this game, the expecting parents are asked to crack the eggs (one at a time). The key here is that all of a dozen eggs should be hard-boiled but one. The uncooked one should have the appropriate color of the baby’s gender. Just ensure that half of the dozen eggs are colored blue while the other half should be pink. 

Light up the night sky

You can also reveal your baby’s gender through fireworks. Invite everyone for a nighttime celebration and light up the (colored) fireworks to announce the baby’s gender to everyone. As a safer alternative, you can just spell out the gender by using the fireworks to spell out B-O-Y or G-I-R-L to everyone watching. However, a good substitute for fireworks would be colored confetti or party poppers if you are limited to just daytime celebrations. 

Use a fizzing rubber duck

You can also use a rubber duck to reveal your baby’s gender. A new product online—a rubber duck—fizzes and changes the color of the water it is placed on. The final color of the water will reveal your baby’s gender. 

Gender Reveal Party Themes

When you invite people and loved ones to your baby’s gender reveal party, you can assign a theme to make the whole celebration more enjoyable. Try the following examples:

Ties or Tutus Party Theme

Ask people to guess your baby’s gender and then have them come to the party dressed up in ties or tutus. 

Milk and Cookies Party Theme

A popular farm-themed reveal party, this one involves letting guests choose the milk they want to dip their cookies in – chocolate milk (boys) or strawberry milk (girls). 

Moccasin Party Theme

If you’re now excited and obsessed with baby clothes for your little one, why not use them to decorate your party? Welcome your guests with blue and pink moccasins to set the theme for your gender reveal.  

Taco Party Theme

Put a bit of Mexican flavor in your celebration by throwing a taco party – a “Taco bout a Baby” party. Serve tacos to your guests and then showcase a candy-filled piñata for the actual gender reveal event. 

Simple Gender Reveal Games

Make your gender reveal parties even more entertaining by getting your attendees to play any of the following games. 

Guess the baby’s name

In this game, a blank card is handed out to guests to place name suggestions for the baby. The one with the most names in a few minutes wins and is given a prize. With this idea, you get an engaging game, guest participation, and a ton of name suggestions to choose from. 

Balloon-popping dart game

You only need a wooden board, some balloons, blue or pink paint, and a few darts in this game. Before you start, just fill one balloon with paint (blue for a boy or pink for a girl) while you put water inside all the others. 

Stick all the balloons on the board and ask the guest to pop them using the dart. When the correct balloon gets hit, a splatter of color will announce your baby’s gender. 

Scavenger hunt

Prepare a bunch of clues for the guests to find and follow, then hide your baby’s ultrasound photo in a treasure box that they can only get to by completing all the tasks you’ve left behind. The first to find the treasure box gets to know the baby’s gender. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Gender Reveal Ideas

How can I reveal my baby’s gender?

There are a million ways to do a gender reveal. You can choose from any strategies mentioned or devise your unique method. The important thing is you’re sharing the happy news with all the people you love. 

What are some good gender reveal ideas?

There are lots of great and creative gender reveal ideas. You can use props like cakes, fortune cookies, an erupting volcano (model), balloons, confetti, or some other ingenious strategy. You can also come up with your unique gimmicks. 

What month should you do a gender reveal?

The perfect time for a gender reveal would be mid-pregnancy or the 20th week. At this point, your doctor will ask you to do an ultrasound for the routine prenatal checkup. By this stage, the baby’s gender can be accurately determined.  

Can you tell the gender of a baby at 12 weeks?

Yes, it is possible to tell the baby’s gender at 12 weeks using ultrasound. However, scans at this stage are still not a hundred percent accurate. You might want a repeat scan later (20th week) for a more accurate result before planning or doing a gender reveal.

Do you give gifts at a gender reveal?

You can bring gifts to a gender reveal, but generally, they are not required.  

How long should a gender reveal be?

There is no time limit to a gender reveal. As long as everybody is having fun and enjoying the whole celebration, it shouldn’t be a problem whether it takes a long time or not.

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal?

You can, but it isn’t required. Understandably, it is easier to get a gift for the baby when you already know what the baby’s gender will be.  

What do you do at a gender reveal?

If you’re invited to a gender reveal, all you need to do is to celebrate the news of the baby’s gender with the expecting couple. If you’re the one in charge of the reveal, then you should be hiding the baby’s gender from everyone else (until the time of the reveal), planning the reveal strategy, and organizing the whole event.

What do you take to a baby reveal party?

If you want to bring a gift, go ahead (but it isn’t usually required). More than a gift, bring fun, joy, and hope. It is, after all, a joyous celebration. 

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