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Best Holiday Movies for Kids This Christmas

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2 March, 2023


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Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year for nothing. It’s one special day that gets celebrated for months! It’s a season of carols, family gatherings, gift givings, and of course, a marathon of your favorite holiday movies! 

We assure you of an easy time when looking for Christmas movies, as television screens everywhere show everything merry and magical. But if you’re looking for the best holiday movies for kids that will make them think if they’ve been naughty or nice, we got you! 

Looking for a dramatic holiday-suited ending? Or just looking forward to hearty laughs? This list has all the holiday movies you and your kids might need! 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Courtesy of Movies Anywhere

Have your kids look at the holidays from an entirely new point of view with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Amidst all the merry-making and gift-giving, this film, adapted from the famous children’s tale by Dr. Seuss, will creatively teach your little ones about the true meaning of Christmas. 

The Grinch (Jim Carrey) hates everything about Christmas and dreads the carols. So, he went to Whoville to ruin this occasion. He dressed as Santa, removed toys, destroyed decorations, and stole food. 

But when the people still celebrated Christmas without all the things he took from them, his heart grew, and he realized one thing—that Christmas has a deeper meaning that can’t simply be taken away by material things. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Unlike most Holiday movies that focus on families and friends, The Nightmare Before Christmas is about Jack Skellington, a Halloween-centered creature wanting to make a memorable Christmas for himself and others. Imagine how hard this would be with all skeletons as reindeers and horrifying presents. 

The movie was able to put in this irony, though, as the people of Halloween Town still experienced a more personal Christmas. The movie can teach your kids about life’s gifts to people and how they should make the most of what they have.


Courtesy of Collider

The origin of Santa Claus stays a mystery to everybody, but Klaus’ portrayal of what could have happened will make your kids love him even more. They might just put extra effort into being on his “nice” list this Christmas!

Klaus is a mysterious carpenter in Smeerensburg—a frozen island above the Arctic Circle—who lives alone in a cabin full of toys. He became friends with Jesper, the postal academy’s self-proclaimed worst student stationed in the same place. Klaus secretly delivers gifts to kids at night, and Jesper always helps him. 

Even after their friendship went through multiple ups and downs, Jesper still believes that, to this day, Klaus continues to deliver toys to children worldwide on Christmas.

Home Alone

Courtesy of Movies Anywhere

Home Alone is a classic Christmas movie with an entertaining turn of events that warms your kids’ hearts and makes them appreciate your family even more. After all the laughs, this movie will make you want to have your family always by your side, especially come Christmas time. 

Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was left home alone when he was supposed to be with his family on vacation in Paris. At first, he was happy to be alone —he ate ice cream, watched action movies, and played dangerously. But later, he had to fight two burglars and the longing for his family during Christmas. 

Home Alone 2

This holiday movie that triggers a soft spot for the family never gets old. And you guessed it right – Kevin is home alone once again after losing track of his father at the airport and getting on a plane to New York City by himself. 

It’s different this time, though, as he has other people to save from his not-so-favorite burglars. Just like in the first movie, Kevin was happy at first. He books a room in Plaza Hotel and then goes Christmas shopping using his father’s wallet and credit card. 

However, this happiness didn’t last long, as he was kicked out of the hotel. He also discovered that his archnemesis, The Sticky Bandits was on the loose! He then figured out a way to save not only himself but Christmas as well. 

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This 1970 movie might not have the best effects or the most stunning visuals, but Santa Claus is Coming to Town can easily crawl its way as the best holiday movie for your kid. The holiday movie soundtrack can be your next holiday playlist on Spotify! 

Another Santa Claus origin story, this animated movie follows Kris, an adopted orphan raised by elf toymakers. He wanted to deliver toys to children, but he was hindered by the Mayor and the Winter Warlock. Despite the challenges and in a true Santa fashion, he still managed to give toys to kids not only in Sombertown but even worldwide!

Frosty the Snowman

Courtesy of IMDb

Long before Frozen’s Olaf, there had already been a snowman who captured the hearts of kids and kids-at-heart. This movie will help your kids value friendship and caring for one another—both people and snowmen alike! 

Frosty the Snowman follows the adventure of Frosty with young Karen and Hocus the Rabbit. They attempted to bring him to the North Pole to save Frosty from melting. It wasn’t the easiest of trips, though, as Professor Hinkle continuously followed them to get back the hat that gave Frosty life. 

In the end, Frosty left a promise that he keeps to this day: he will return on Christmas day!

A Christmas Story

Your kids might have some bizarre things on their wishlist for Christmas. As a parent, it can be hard for you not to give them what they want. So, if you wish your kids will just be careful about what they wish for, A Christmas Story is the holiday movie for you. 

As Ralphie reminisced about Christmas when he was nine years old, he remembers wishing for an air rifle. He remembers repeatedly being told that he might shoot his eyes with it. Spoiler alert: he gets the rifle anyway. 

But when one pellet bounced off, it hit him on the cheek and knocked off his glasses! His eyes were safe, but he learned to be more careful with the present he thought was the best.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Holiday Movies for Kids

What do kids watch for Christmas?

When kids are not out serenading the community with Christmas carols, they usually watch Christmas episodes of their favorite cartoons on TV. Kids also watch holiday movies that can be streamed online. Check out this list of the best holiday movies you can watch with your kids!

What is the best family-friendly Christmas movie?

If you’re looking for a holiday movie that will make you appreciate your family the most, the Home Alone series is your best choice. With its plot revolving around a little boy who always gets separated from his family due to unusual circumstances, this movie will make you long for your family, even if they’re just sitting beside you. The Home Alone movies are kid-friendly too!

What is the most Christmassy movie?

There are multiple themes to Christmas movies, but nothing will make you feel more Christmassy than the stories on the possible origin of Santa Claus! You can try Klaus or Santa Claus is Coming to Town from this list. Both movies will make you feel Christmassy and teach your kids the real essence of Christmas!

What kids Christmas movies are coming out in 2022?

For the latest Christmas releases for 2022, you can try Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Spirited, or The Hip-Hop Nutcracker! 

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