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15 Birthday Party Ideas For Your 2-Year-Old Baby 

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17 February, 2023


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Here comes another year for your little one! All the kids deserve all the love and effort you can give to them, and one way for this is to throw them a consistent birthday party – until your little one is not that little anymore.

Planning, arranging, and budgeting a birthday party takes time and effort, but we got you. Here, we can guide you on properly planning a wonderful and memorable birthday party for your 2-year-old.

How to plan a 2-year-old’s birthday party?

Courtesy of Just A Tina Bit

Say no more. Planning a birthday party must first come with a birthday theme. Here are four birthday themes that can help you choose what’s best and suitable for your little one:

Two Sweet Birthday Themes

We all know that not everyone has a sweet tooth, but once your guests see various types of sweets ranging from cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream to the cake—we believe everyone can fall for this sweet birthday theme. 

To top this too-sweet theme, one great idea is to prepare more than two flavors of each sweet to ensure everyone will get their favorite flavor! Since your baby loves treats, this will be perfect for your baby as you celebrate their birthday, and your baby might get very hyper until the event is over!

Two Fast Birthday Themes

A Race Car theme will sparkle the eyes of your 2-year-old once he finds his perfect theme! This theme will look even more relaxed if you have a black, green, and white color palette. 

This will also be better if you have a black and white chequered design for the table, banner, and other decorations. And the cake needs to have a race car on it (or even a trophy) to make it more awesome.

Two Cool Birthday Themes

Nothing can beat your 2-year-old for being cool, so make sure you forget to give him his cool, black sunglasses. This theme is also perfect for your 2-year-old girl who loves ice cream and popsicles and does not even bulge when she gets brain freeze—how cool is that, right? 

Your 2-year-old boy could get all silly with his cool outfit, and your 2-year-old girl can show off her summer look while having her shades on!

Two Groovy Birthday Themes

If you want your 2nd-year-old birthday party to be full of fabulous colors and groovy dance movements, then here it is—your two groovy themes. 

Nothing but good vibes is all everyone wanted to have at this party, so everyone is required to wear their sunnies and be chill in their seats. A groovy floral table and pillow seats are great for the outside, and your little one can run freely while enjoying their birthday.

Two Wild Animals

Having a problem when your child does not want to go home after a whole day of visiting a zoo? Then this is a perfect birthday theme for you. A jungle or zoo theme will make your 2-year-old wish come true. 

This theme includes roaring sounds of different wild animals and jungle decor, and it will be great if there are props of trees that could swing by your little wild one! You can also add jungle foliage and centerpieces to experience a fun and wild jungle birthday experience fully!

Tea for Two or Let’s Party!

Teas, biscuits, cookies—what are you waiting for? This tea for two birthday parties will make your baby girl experience a vast, classy birthday experience. Can you imagine the colors pink, purple, and peach? 

The classy teacups and teapots, flower vases, and honeysuckle vines on the table? What about the fruit bar, yogurt, and pink frosted donut cake stand? Then after imagining, I can assure you that this tea for two themes will be your choice!

Two The Moon

The moon always leaves us in awe just by staring at it from afar… so why not take the moon to your 2-year-old birthday party? Your little one will enjoy this adventure to the moon and beyond! Let your baby catch stars while admiring the shimmering cake and galactic sweets you prepared. There will also be cloud-formed cookies, constellation centerpieces, a moon photo booth, wooden moon wands, and stardust favor jars with glitters – what a magical theme party, right?

Disney 2-Year-Old Birthday Themes

Courtesy of Balloons Online

If you would like to have your 2-year-old a Disney birthday theme, then let’s get moving.

Encanto Birthday Theme

Ready to prepare a fantastic and magical birthday theme? Let this Encanto-inspired birthday theme lead the way. This theme will become perfect with its tissue paper flowers and fiesta banners, Encanto-inspired cupcake and cake toppers, centerpieces, and of course, the Encanto-inspired costumes! You can pick your favorite character and make a little role-play. Exciting, isn’t it?

Frozen Birthday Theme

Who misses Anna and Elsa? How about Olaf? Then this is your sign to throw your 2-year-old a Frozen birthday theme. The colors blue and white will be everywhere and do not forget the snowflakes and snowmen paper lanterns that should be decorated. This Frozen vibe will make your little one happy and awed simultaneously.

Minnie or Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme

The iconic Minnie or Mickey Mouse is on the house! This theme consists of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the inside is full of plush toys and figurines that kids will love. The party decorations are inspired by Minnie or Mickey (or it could be both), and there’s more—the kids could decorate their own Sorcerer Mickey hat! Nothing can go wrong with choosing this birthday theme for your 2-year-old.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas for Baby Boys

Courtesy of LAURA’s little PARTY

If you want to focus more on the 2nd birthday party ideas for your baby boys, then let’s continue the list:

Ball Theme Party

If your baby boy loves basketball or baseball, then here it is! You would want a Most Valuable Player or the Rookie of the Year theme for him. Decorate many balloons and tables with balls on them, and ball-themed cupcakes must also be done! You can also request a mini basketball ring or hot dogs on the grill to experience these types of sports for your kid fully.

Pirate Theme

Ahoy! Let’s get ready to go wild with this pirate-themed birthday party, starting with pirate flag bunting, skeleton decorations, a captain’s wheel as the centerpiece, barrels as food containers, a treasure hunt for the games, and, course, a pirate and a ship themed cake! All these can make your baby boy the happiest birthday boy in the world.

Barnyard Farm Party

Let’s get more fun with this unique idea of a barnyard farm party. This theme will have many farm animals, sunflowers, and red barns. This is unique because of synthetic grass and natural straws. Also, we should not forget the egg-themed cupcakes and milk churns from the farm. These are cute and fun to eat and drink.

Dinosaur Themed Party

Fond of dinosaurs? Then let’s get your baby boy a dinosaur-themed party, where we should see large footprints everywhere. Balloons, banners, and also dinosaur party masks will be fantastic! The cake and cookies are cute with their fossil design theme. 

Dinosaur eggs are also great; anyone can get one and transform it into an Easter egg. We all know that kids will love these dinosaur-themed parties – and your baby boy will be thrilled to know this.

Superhero Theme

Pow! Wham! A little superhero saves the day, thanks to your baby boy who got inspired by his favorite superhero of all time. Get ready to have some full action by dressing him with his favorite superhero and let him be awed with a city landscape backdrop that he wishes to save all the time. 

An excellent cake for this is a city skyscraper theme; the cupcakes are all over the city. You can also make different superhero masks and capes and let his friends wear them, and there it is—a whole squad celebrating the birthday superhero!

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Birthday Ideas

How can I make my child’s first birthday special?

You can make your child’s first birthday special by knowing what your child truly wants for his birthday. You can make it extra special by choosing a theme and creating your DIY decorations. 

If you are fond of cooking, this is a great chance to cook a particular dish or bake a cake aligned with his theme. You can also prepare a sweet message for your baby – nothing can beat the love you can give your baby by expressing it through words and actions.

How do you give a 2-year-old a birthday?

You can throw your 2-year-old a birthday-themed party and arrange it ahead of time. You must thoroughly plan everything, from the choice of the theme until the end of the occasion. You should also check your budget and make sure that everything will fall in its perfect place—before, during, and after the party.

What are some 2nd birthday themes?

There are two sweet, two fast, two cool, two groovy, two wild, tea for two, and two the moon themes —cute and witty. There are also Disney-themed parties and other birthday party ideas for boys to have a broader range of choices.

What color is your second birthday?

There are many preferable color themes for a second birthday party, and it also depends on the theme you want to have. The theme you choose for the birthday party will help you determine the color you should have (and sometimes, you should wish to). There are various color palettes to choose from, and a guide from the theme will help you.

How do you plan a second birthday party?

Planning a second birthday party is tricky because of the various themes you could choose from. So first, you should determine what your little one loves, and then from that, you can choose the birthday theme. After this, the planning of the food, activities, and decorations must be done as well as the budgeting. Then it is time for the listing guests and chooses a venue and time. Lastly, double-check everything to ensure that the party will succeed.

What food should you cook on your child’s 2nd birthday?

Food such as shaped sandwiches, mini quiche, mini pizza, and sausage rolls are the best foods to cook for a 2nd birthday party. There must be jello, fruit wands, chocolate crackles, cookies, and cupcakes for the sweets. All the food must be aligned with the specific theme of the party so that you can creatively name the food after the theme, and everyone will love this.

What can I do for my baby’s 2nd birthday?

You can throw a birthday party with your baby’s favorite theme. You can prepare, plan and arrange everything needed for the birthday party. It is also your choice if you want to make a DIY theme party or would book an event organizer. You can be creative and also show your talents if you grab the opportunity to earn your birthday theme party for your little one.

How do I make my 2-year-old birthday special?

You can have a themed birthday party for your 2-year-old. You can also make a countdown and let your little one be more excited as the party comes nearer. You can also prepare for the activities and games based on the theme you choose for your baby. To make your 2-year-old’s birthday extra special, you can present a compiled video that you made from when your baby was born until now – and this is the best gift you can give to your baby.

What is the 2nd birthday called?

This 2nd birthday is “introducing your baby to your family for the first time.” This is because as your baby celebrates their 2nd birthday, they are now knowledgeable enough to fully understand the meaning of a family. This is when they are aware of the theme you chose for their birthday—including the decorations and toys—making them enjoy the party more.

Should I have a birthday party for my 2-year-old?

Yes, you should have a birthday party for your 2-year-old kid. This is when they get to know their birthday theme (with the decorations and toys), which brings them happiness. There are also many birthday theme ideas to explore, and with this 2nd birthday party, you are now more challenged to be better than the 1st birthday party you had for your kid. Birthday parties are memorable; every kid deserves to experience this as they grow up. 

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