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8 Letter Words For Kids

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2 March, 2023


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Teaching kids the alphabet and words are needed to have a solid and rich vocabulary. Eight-letter words might not be a go-to teaching session, but there are kid-friendly words that you could teach your kids! 

Start them with short and simple words first, then work your way up to longer kid-friendly words like eight-letter words and more. Parents should never forget that kids digest more information when they learn while enjoying it. 

Kids might have a hard time learning long words, like words with eight letters, but when parents introduce those words with fun-filled activities, it will surely be easy for them to understand and remember!

List of 8-Letter Words for Kids

Eight-letter words is easier than you think. There are more kid-friendly eight letter words than you think. You could find it in bedtime stories, tv shows, and many more. Introduce these easy eight-letter words for your kids, and they will easily add them to their vocabulary!


8 Letter Words for Kindergarten Kids


8 Letter Preschool Words


Names of Things with 8 Letters 


Names of Foods 8 Letters


Vegetables with 8 Letters


Courtesy of: Lina Kavaka

Names of Fruits with 8 Letters


Cool words with 8 Letters

Kids love to hear cool words and they most definitely want to learn cool words that they can use. Being cool means having a cool and rich vocabulary also. Help them gain confidence and make them cool by teaching them these cool eight-letter words that we have compiled for you!


Fun Words with 8 Letters

Fun parents teach their kids fun stuff. This also means that kids should also learn fun words in the mix apart from learning basic and cool words! Eight-letter words could be a source of fun learning activities as well. Here are some fun words you could teach your kids:


Positive Words with 8 Letters

Building a rich and robust vocabulary for your kid means they will be equipped with knowledge that they can use in the future. While doing this, they should also be equipped with great character.

Teach kids positive words to have a positive outlook in life. Here are some eight-letter words that would teach positivity to your kids.


Vocabulary Words with 8 Letters

Expand your kid’s vocabulary by introducing them to simple words first then eventually longer words such as eight-letter words. Make sure that you teach them easy vocabulary words so that it would be easier to understand and retain in their memory. Here are some eight letter vocabulary words for your kids:

  • Educated
  • Dressing
  • Dramatic
  • Festival
  • Exercise
  • Interact
  • Minority
  • Lifetime
  • Maximize
  • Original

Courtesy of: Mikhail NIlov

Activities Kids Learn 8 Letter Words for Kids

Games and fun activities are an easy and exciting way for kids to learn new words and add them to their vocabulary. 

This could also help them nourish their different set of skills such as reading, writing, and even memorizing! Here are some of the best activities to help kids learn 8-letter words:

Trace the Pattern

You can print online materials that are made for tracing letters and words that are composed of eight letters. Apart from that, you must prepare colorful pens for this activity. This activity will engage your kid’s vocabulary skills and writing skills alike. Now that’s two birds in one stone kind of activity!

Coloring Game

Kids surely love drawings and colors! So use these to catch their attention and interest. Prepare a printed worksheet that consists of different objects and anything alike, that is associated with the eight letter words. 

Instruct the kids to only color the objects associated with the eight-letter words. In this way, you welcome an eagerness to remember the things you taught them so they can color the worksheets!

Matching Memory Game

Kids, for sure, love guessing games, right? All you have to do is cut out small papers and write pairs of matching eight-letter words. Mix them up while facing down, and let your kid pick and remember one paper that consists of part of an eight-letter word. 

After that, instruct them to put the paper down and find its match. Repeat the steps until all the words have been matched.

Spelling Quiz Bee

Spelling Quiz Bee is one of the fun and simple activities to play with your kids. In your flashcards, write different words that are spelled with eight letters. Then ask the kids to write the correct spelling on their papers. 

This activity is uncomplicated to do, especially for children who are still learning new words. It is also a way to test your kids’ memory right after you teach them basic words.

Courtesy of: Yan Krukau

Want to make learning more casual yet engaging? Here’s a fun video for you and your child to check out: Eight Letter Words in English by Kids Entry

Frequently Asked Questions on 8 Letter Words for Kids

What are some of the 8 letter words for kids?

  • Children
  • Mountain
  • Language
  • Princess
  • Fourteen
  • Football
  • Kindness
  • Thirteen
  • Thursday
  • Saturday

What are some of the 8 letter kindergarten words for kids?

  • Elephant
  • Dinosaur
  • Reindeer
  • Goldfish
  • Snowball
  • Birthday
  • Sandwich
  • Champion
  • Daughter
  • Ordinary

What are some of the 8 letter preschool words for Kids?

  • Together
  • Tomorrow
  • Ordinary
  • Strength
  • Treasure
  • Syllable
  • Kindness
  • Favorite
  • American
  • Sentence

What are some easy words with 8 Letters?

  • Dinosaur
  • Birthday
  • Princess
  • Football
  • Elephant
  • Goldfish
  • Mountain
  • Squirrel
  • Creative
  • Cherries

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