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9 Best Outdoor Games for Kids

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24 February, 2023


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Outdoor games can be a great source of fun and learning for kids. They offer plenty of unique experiences that kids can never get indoors. Plus, they present a good opportunity for the kids to learn about how the world around them works. 

Here are some of the best outdoor games you can let your children play based on outdoor locations.

Best Backyard or Sidewalk Games

If it’s too inconvenient to go somewhere far, then you can settle for your own backyard space or perhaps even the sidewalk. The following outdoor games are entirely playable in these spaces.


Needing only a little patch of pavement and some chalk, hopscotch is one of the most accessible outdoor games to set up. Just draw the hopscotch design on the floor, invite a few of your kid’s friends, and let them spend a whole afternoon hopping and polishing their balancing skills. 

Photo by Legend Vibe

Ring Toss

A carnival staple, ring toss is a fun game that tests your kid’s aiming and throwing skills. In this game, all you need are a bunch of rings and a target to toss the rings onto. Your kid’s goal is to land as many rings. 

Kick the Can

It’s like Tag (but with a can), where a designated “it” wins by tagging everyone else in the game. However, to make it more fun and challenging, he gets the additional responsibility of protecting the can from other players who will try their best to kick it. He must put it back up before tagging other players when the can is knocked down. Best played with a large group, this game only requires a can and a small paved area. 

Best Park Games

The park is a great place to play games that involve plenty of running and chasing. The large open space and the grassy ground make it appropriate to run fast, change directions, or even safely fall. Here are some of the best games to play at the park.

Catch Games: Frisbee, Football, Baseball

Because you don’t have to worry too much about falling in the park, this is the best place to play catching games. Bring a frisbee, a football, or even some baseball and gloves so they can play catch in the open grassy areas in the park. Let your kids practice those pitches, those throws, and those catching skills until they’re satisfied. 

Photo by PublicDomainPictures


If you have enough players to form 2 teams, a tug-of-war battle might be the perfect game for your kids to play in the park. Especially if your kids are very competitive, this game can be entertaining and valuable. It’s going to test their strength, strategy, and teamwork. It will require you to prepare a long and sturdy rope.

Scavenger Hunt

This is probably one of the best games you can play in the park with the kids. It can be played with many participants. It challenges the kids physically, mentally, and socially. It is very engaging, and it makes use of the park’s many features. The only drawback to the scavenger hunt is it requires plenty of preparations, and the setup should be done before you bring the kids to the park.

Best Beach Games

The beach is also a great outdoor location to play outdoor games. Here are some of the games you can enjoy at the beach.

Beach Volleyball

If your kids don’t know how to play volleyball, the beach is the best place to teach them how. With the sand cushioning their falls, you don’t have to worry much about them jumping and chasing the volleyball everywhere. 

Sandcastle-building Competition

Building sandcastles is one of the most popular activities people enjoy on the beach. So, it’s not surprising that people have also turned this activity into a game. After all, it’s an excellent sensory activity for kids and allows them to express their creativity through their designs. 

Photo by mawsu

Bucket Relay

The bucket relay is one of the most entertaining games you can let your kids play on the beach. First, it’s a guaranteed hit because kids naturally like relay games. Second, it promotes resourcefulness because kids must rely on the materials they can find around them (shells, coconut husks, leaves, or anything available) to carry water to fill the bucket. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Outdoor Games for Kids

Is it safe for kids to play outdoors?

Yes—it is a great way for kids to do physical activities. Being physically active through play can help improve a child’s health and well-being. Just ensure you’ve checked the space for hazards and unsafe areas.

What age should you let your child play outside?

Even babies and toddlers can enjoy outside play when their parents and/or caregiver supervise. For kids ages three to five, some supervision is still needed. If your child is around five to seven years old and your yard is fenced, they can be gradually allowed to play outside alone for a few minutes at a time. Kids who are eight and above are often capable of playing outside alone.

How warm should it be for kids to play outside?

It should be at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit for kids to play outside safely. Keep your child indoors when it is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How often should kids go outside and play?

It is suitable for kids to spend at least 90 minutes a day outdoors. This may seem hard to achieve, but it includes outdoor times in school. Also, it doesn’t have to be 90 minutes straight; it could be 10- or 15-minute outdoor playtime throughout the day.

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