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6 Letter Words For Kids

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27 February, 2023


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There are millions of English words out there, but you must carefully pick words you will use to teach your kids. Such words play an essential role in your kids’ lives. They use words to express themselves and communicate with you and everyone else they meet. 

Try to teach them with easy words at first, and then eventually use new words. You can also use the teaching method wherein you use six-letter words so that studying can be a little challenging for them. Here are some of the six-letter words for your kids.

List of 6 Letter words for kids

There are different categories where you can pick words to teach your kids. From things, colors, foods, vegetables, and fruits to fun and cool words, we have it here for you! Feel free to use these easy and exciting kid-friendly words to learn together with children:

6 Letter Words for Kids


6 Letter Words for Kindergarten Kids


6 Letter Preschool Words


List of Things with 6 Letters


List of Foods with 6 Letters


List of Vegetables with 6 Letters


List of Fruits with 6 Letters


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Cool Words with 6 Letters

Kids usually find things that are new to them as cool. They also brand things as cool when it gets their attention, like the things that they watch on television and gadgets or even the amazing stories that they hear from their families and friends. Here are some of those cool words:


Fun Words with 6 Letters

Kids easily enjoy things. They learn while having fun. They learn new words whenever we let them go to fun places such as parks or play with their friends. Things that they see in these fun places and interesting activities are usually the words that they remember the most. So have fun learning:


Positive Words with 6 Letters

Positive words encourage people, especially kids, to do better. This is mainly observed when parents use positive words while teaching their kids. For instance, when parents praise their kids and use positive words whenever they do something good, they will do more good things in life. So use positive words more and encourage them to be good people.


List of Vocabulary Words with 6 Letters

Using different six-letter words in teaching your kids is a great way to expand your kids’ vocabulary. As they grow older, they will eventually need to learn new and more complex words to have a broad vocabulary that they will use in conversing with other people. 

Keep learning with them! Here are some six letter words to expand your kids’ vocabulary:

  • Accept
  • Affect
  • Annual
  • Around
  • Camera
  • Budget
  • Female
  • Formal
  • Manual
  • Matter

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Activities That Help in Learning 6 Letter Words for Kids

As we all know, kids love to play games. So why not use different activities such as games to help them learn 6-letter words easier, right? If you let them enjoy things while learning, they will strive harder to learn more words. 

If you are looking for fun things to do with the kids, here are some of the best activities to help them learn 6-letter words:

Complete the Words

Spelling words may be a little hard for kids if you ask them to spell them from scratch. So help them by conducting this fun activity. All you have to do is think of 6-letter words and remove 2 to 3 letters. Instruct them to answer the missing letters in the word. By doing this, they will be challenged to think harder and recall the words effectively.

Spelling Puzzle

This activity is a little bit challenging for kids, but we can assure you that with the proper facilitation, the kids will have a great time. Pick different easy 6-letter words, then make separate cards with the letters that consist of the different words. 

Each set of cards must spell out a specific word. Just don’t forget to give a description for each word, alright? A hint or a clue will also be effective.

Word Search

In a large board, prepare sets of different 6-letter words and mix them all up! Then ask the kids to encircle or highlight the words that they are able to find. This game is proven to be fun and relaxing at the same time. This activity exercises children’s brains and memory.

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Frequently Asked Questions on 6 Letter Words For Kids

What are some 6 letter words for kids?

  • Number
  • Beauty
  • Church
  • Damage
  • Before
  • Afraid
  • Eating
  • Little
  • Amount
  • Action

What are some 6 letter Kindergarten words for kids?

  • Artist
  • Dinner
  • Breath
  • Farmer
  • Belong
  • Center
  • Spring
  • Danger
  • Doctor
  • Desert

What are some 6 letter preschool words for kids?

  • Friend
  • Honest
  • Famous
  • Finger
  • Number
  • Family
  • Narrow
  • Option
  • Inside
  • Forest

What are some easy words with 6 letters?

  • Rabbit
  • Golden
  • Things
  • Health
  • Easter
  • Yellow
  • Mellow
  • Before
  • Icycle
  • Cooking

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