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14 Best Haircuts for Your 1-year-old

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24 February, 2023


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After the first crawl, first giggle, and relatively solid food, what will be the next “first” activity that your baby must have? We could give you a clue: lots of snipping and patience! There you have it, the first (or maybe not the first for some) haircut your little one needs! This may require a lot of patience and time, but always remember that every effort you make with your baby is satisfying and priceless. 

Haircut for 1-year-olds

One year old is the perfect age to dress your baby according to your preferred style choice since they are already big enough to wear different clothes. And what is the ideal way to partner with your baby’s outfit of the day? A clean, fresh look after having the best haircut. Aren’t you the proudest parent in the world when you can still dress and choose the best haircut for your precious one?

So, without further ado, let yourself be amazed by these great haircuts that are perfectly listed just for you and your 1-year-old baby.

Exclusive, Trendy Haircuts Just for Your 1-Year-Old Boy

Courtesy of Hairdo Hairstyle

You could search for various haircuts because it is your baby boy we are talking about! Many trends are evolving each year that passes, and you wouldn’t dare to miss them. Make your baby boy the cutest, most charming little man you could ever ask to see with these trendy haircuts!

  • The Sweet Side brush

Do you want to see a hint of his handsome future face with your haircut plan? Then, this sweet little side brush is the ideal hairstyle for your baby boy. If your kid wants to mesmerize all the guests on a special occasion or a family gathering, then put a significant volume on his quiff by brushing his top upward with some wax and creating a clean side part! What a gentleman look!

  • The Classic, Boys Crew Cut

If you want to be more realistic but maintain the cool balance you want for your baby’s look, a boy’s crew cut for him. This classic look features short sides and slightly longer hair on top. This is not just about being timelessly simple and neat but will also make your baby boy more comfortable with his new look. 

  • Undercut with a Frizzle Twist

As the new year comes, you may be overwhelmed with the various trending hairstyles for curly hair. But with this undercut and curly twists, you can be more practical for your baby boy. You can assure that both of you will enjoy this new look of him by flashing his sweet smile with those adorable tiny curls.

  • Simple Yet Stylish Scissor Haircut

Worrying about your baby boy’s fear of hair trimmers? Then this scissor haircut is perfect for him. Right after the scissoring, you will need to comb a little, and viola! Your baby boy will love his new hairstyle because the haircut is defined and textured. No need for further styling because it is already stylish!

  • Retro but in a Modern Textured Look

An Ivy League is coming in its clean-cut way! Partnered with a proper crew cut will make your baby boy more dashing with this retro yet modern look. For a more enhanced separation look, the front part of the hair is spiked up and a little tousled. There are three side recommendations: a fade, an undercut, or a taper. Anything you choose from these three will be significant for your baby boy!

  • The Slick-Back Little Boy Hairstyle

Notice how your little one loves looking all suave and smooth? A good haircut is waiting just for him! This slick back hairstyle is achieved by growing the top hair long and maintaining the medium-length sides. Let that slick back hair be more smooth with a strong hold wax or gel!

  • Wispy Bangs Look

Maintain the excellent texture of your baby boy’s hair by giving him these wispy bangs. These wispy bangs will draw attention to your baby boy wherever he goes! He will enjoy this on his head. Just make sure to have a proper length for the bangs!

  • Playful Kids Bob Look

If you want to make it all chill and play for your baby boy, here’s a well-known bob look for every toddler boy. It is a fun and relaxing look for your baby while letting him show off his hair texture. He wouldn’t mind this while playing his favorite game!

Gorgeous Haircuts for Your Precious 1-Year-Old Girl

Courtesy of theAsianparent

Here comes your baby girl with a more different and adorable look! Various baby girl haircuts are waiting for you to read about them, and imagine how exciting and fun it will be while making a list of your top choices! It might be challenging, but do not worry because you can do your other favorite haircuts for the next one!

  • The Bangs Supremacy

No one will ever get tired of looking at your baby girl’s angelic face with the help of this simple yet adorable haircut. The bangs will make other people focus on your baby’s face and enhance it even more! No matter how long or short your baby’s hair is, the bangs will always do their job. You can still style her hair as you wanted before because these bangs are only the considerable plus you could ask for!

  • The Pixie Cut Look

Another fun and easy way of having a new haircut for your adorable one is this pixie-cut look. This is a good-to-go haircut because you can just run a small brush through her hair and add a cute clip before heading out. If she always gets in trouble by getting everything stuck in her hair, then she can also have this look. She can now play in an accessible manner!

  • The Adorable Bob

Being adorable and fashionable in one haircut can be achieved by having this bob haircut! Another great thing about bobs is that it comes to different lengths that your baby girl will genuinely enjoy. One of these options will surely fit your kid’s chic style and personality, so choose the best size that will go perfectly for her!

  • The Layered Hair

Having an adventurous girl who loves to roam around and be curious about almost everything? Then this layered hairstyle is for her! These layers would add more volume to her hair and will make her hair more bouncy than ever. She could enjoy playing and jumping while being confident with her hair – just like her free-spirited personality!

  • Hairstyles with Bangs

We’re still not done with bangs yet because any hairstyle with bangs can go a long, fun way for your baby girl. If you have already tried the pixie cut, spice it up with bangs. Already finished the bob look? Then add some bangs! Enjoying those wavy, layered hairstyles? Go next with the bangs! No one will ever go wrong with these cute, sweet bangs for your baby girl.

  • The Curly One

This is the time for you to flaunt even more those small curls of your precious baby girl. Just let the curls loose to bend and make them twist in all different directions. A hairpin will always be perfect in keeping the strands away from the face and will enhance the side part even more.

The Perfect Time for Your 1-Year-Old’s Haircut

Courtesy of Mom Loves Best

To fully know that your baby is now prepared for the haircut, here is the list that you should double-check first before giving them your chosen haircut.

  • Your baby should be at least six months old or the best time is a year old.
  • The need for a haircut still depends on you or your baby. But if the hair is getting in their eyes, has uneven growth, and is hard to maintain, this is a perfect time as long as your baby is a year old.
  • Again, the haircut depends on you or your baby. But if there are no problems like the ones above, keeping your baby’s hair is okay. Having a haircut does not make the hair thicker or grow faster, so it is okay to wait until your baby is ready.
  • If this is not your baby’s first haircut, then it is okay to trim it two to three times per year is okay. But if your baby has short hairstyles such as Bob, then this has to be cut every few weeks up to a month for maintenance. But for longer hairstyles, you can keep the hair until six months.

Strategies for Having a Haircut for Your 1-Year-Old

Courtesy of Bounty

Having the first haircut experience for your baby is such a memorable one. There might be some flashbacks for you to see once your baby sits in a high chair with different haircut materials in front. The flashbacks might contain your baby’s first yawn or cry when they come home. And now, you cannot believe your baby’s old enough to have the first haircut they need!

Here are the different strategies you can do for you to have the perfect haircut for your little one:

  • If your baby has rich locks from the moment it enters the world. Then your baby is ready to have the first haircut as early as eight months. But if your baby has fewer locks, you must wait for a year or 2. 
  • Observe your baby the day you plan to give them the haircut. Let your baby visit a barber or have a haircut for yourself to let him observe everything. You can also play and pretend to trim their bangs with your fingers and look for the reaction.
  • Having the right barber shop will entertain your baby throughout the process. Some shops provide kid-friendly videos and books while doing the haircut; your baby won’t even notice the after-look!
  • If you would like to have a haircut at home, then do so. It is more convenient to do it at home since your baby will be comfortable and familiar with the surroundings. It can also be less expensive and will save a lot of energy.
  • Be prepared. Give your baby their favorite toy to keep him full company. This will make them stay calm and sit still. Your baby’s hand will also be occupied until the haircut is done. 
  • Plan thoroughly by having the haircut between mealtime and naptime to ensure your baby won’t get hungry or sleepy. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Haircuts for 1-Year-Olds

Can my one-year-old get a haircut?

Yes, absolutely. You can have your 1-year-old their haircut. But it is still your choice to keep it or not. But if problems arise, like getting in front of their eyes, having uneven growth, or being hard to maintain, you have to have them the haircut once they are six months old and above. Always ensure that your baby is now prepared, and you should also prepare different strategies to keep him sitting still.

When should I cut my 1-year-old’s hair?

If the hair falls off your baby’s eyes or has uneven growth, it is already time for a haircut. If your baby’s hair is also hard to maintain, you must prepare him for a haircut. If your baby has a short hairstyle like Bob, you must cut it for a few weeks or months to maintain the look. You can leave the hair for up to 6 months for a longer hairstyle. 

Should I cut my 1-year-old daughter’s hair?

This depends on you and your baby girl. If you want to have it longer or have a preferred hairstyle for her, then it is okay to keep it properly. But if your baby’s hair is not growing quickly, you must at least wait a couple of months. Always remember that if problems arise with your baby girl’s hair and it makes it challenging to play and move, you have to give her the haircut.

How do you cut a 1-year-old boy’s hair?

Trimming hair on the back is preferable, then moving the clippers to the top of the head in a slow, upward motion. Run the clippers around the area until the temple area only. Spray the top of the head, take a vertical section of hair and hold it between your fingers. Cut the hair that exceeds the finger level. Comb the front hair and cut the fringe between your fingers on the small horizontal section. Comb the front again and cut the excess hair that sticks out behind the fingers. Repeat for the whole top.

How can I cut my toddler’s hair without crying?

You can cut your toddler’s hair without crying by giving him his favorite toy. You can also let him or them watch a cartoon or let them play games on a tablet to refocus his attention. Another great way is to tell your baby that you will hand over a prize if he sits still or does not cry while doing the haircut. You can also hum or sing your baby different baby songs to keep the mood light! A great snack will also do!

How do I get my 1-year-old to sit still for a haircut?

There are plenty of ways to make your 1-year-old sit still for a haircut. You can let him play with his favorite toy to keep him company. You can let him watch a different cartoon or baby videos to have his focus mainly on the video. You can also play an instrument for him or sing his favorite music to keep him still. Lastly, a great deal of giving him a grand prize if he behaves well until the haircut is done!

How can I cut my baby’s hair at home?

Gather all the supplies, especially the scissors, comb, and high chair. Cover the baby’s clothes with a towel and keep him company with his toy. Spray the hair and use the comb to grip your baby’s hair forward. Cut the hair with small angled snips below your fingers and move to the next section. Protect the ears by covering these with your other hand. Finalize the hairstyle, remove the towel, and clean your baby’s shoulder.

What’s the earliest a baby can get a haircut?

The earliest age for a baby to have his haircut is six months. Five months old babies still have a soft, sensitive baby head, so it’s not advisable to have it earlier. It will be better if your baby is six months old already, but the ideal age will be one year old. This still depends on you and your baby, and if there are problems that persist with your baby’s hair, then you can have a haircut when he gets six months old.

Why is a baby’s first haircut important?

Your baby’s first haircut is essential because this will make your baby more comfortable than ever. It will also make his head feel light. He can move and see freely if he will get his first haircut if he is already six months or older. A first haircut is essential and memorable, especially for parents. So it will be better if your baby is prepared for his first haircut.

Does cutting baby hair make it grow faster?

No, it does not. Cutting a baby’s hair to make it grow faster is not valid. It is a myth since the hair follicle is not affected by the shaving or trimming of the hair. Genetics is the main factor that keeps up with the growth of your baby’s hair. You can provide more additional nutrition if you want to let the baby’s hair grow a healthy amount.

How do I get my baby ready for a haircut?

You can get your baby ready for a haircut by letting him visit a nearby barber shop. It will also be great if it is your time also to have a haircut, for him to observe the things that should be done in a haircut. You can also play with him and act out different haircut processes – like using your fingers as scissors and snipping it with your hair. You can ask him if he wants it or is now prepared.

How often should a little boy get a haircut?

If your little boy has a short hairstyle, you can have a haircut for about 4-6 weeks. This will help your baby boy’s hairstyle have proper maintenance. If your little boy has a long hairstyle, this could be a much longer visit to your barber and can be extended for a month or a couple of days.

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