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8 Suitable Toy Cars for Your 1-year-old

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24 February, 2023


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Buckle up with your little one by keeping up with the latest trends in toy cars in the year 2022! Watch your baby giggle while playing with some of the best toy cars for 1-year-olds you chose effortfully.

There’s no greater toy you can surprise your baby with than this toy car. Toy cars have different features: they can be remote-controlled, have a wailing siren, and so on. 1-year-olds will not get bored with it and won’t stop playing even if they are tired already. 

Best Toy Cars for a 1-year-old

Courtesy of  Mikes-Photography

Four Wheels Vehicle

The honk of the school bus, the beep of the car, and the truck’s siren are all enjoyable sounds to hear when you are still a baby. Little did you know that your little one is looking forward to all these things in the future! Let your precious one enjoy this vehicle-inspired theme toy, and let the race begin.

Courtesy of  Marcus Spiske

Colorful Race Track Toy

Brace yourself to see your baby endlessly pushing a racing car toy! These race track toys are made to be colorful for babies to enhance their color perception. This comes in a set, so there will be lots of racing cars included, and each of them has a number that can help your baby to start on how to count. 

Courtesy of  DayronV

Press and Go Cars

Here comes another exciting toy to watch out for because it comes with a press button. Your baby will just have to press it, and the car will go! These also come in various colors, enough to choose from for your little one. You can watch how your baby’s physical movement develops through repetitive button pushing. 

Courtesy of  Gustavo_belemmi

Pull-Back Cars

Another good option if your baby is not fond of buttons is this pull-back car. This toy car needs to be pulled back as your baby releases it! Watch your baby clap and crawl while getting back his cute toy car.

Courtesy of  Cocoparisienne

Easy Push-And-Pull Toy Car

This push-and-pull is an excellent design for a toy car. This comes with an easy-grabbing toy roof, where your baby can easily hold this toy with those tiny hands. Plus, this simple design gives your baby solid push-and-pull control. Your tiny tot will also love those smooth gliding wheels!

Courtesy of  Sandid

Push and Go Toy Car

A little push from your baby’s hand will let this cool toy car go! This toy car is easily operated and can go a long distance with just one slight push from your baby. Your little one can chase this toy all day long without worrying about battery changing!

Courtesy of  Ralphs_Fotos

Smart Wheels Toy Car

This one will need a set of batteries, but it is all worth it because your baby will be thrilled to see those rolling wheels. A tremendous imaginative play can be made using this electronic vehicle, where they can fly or dodge different obstacles. No one can stop your baby from racing toward the dream of growing up!

Courtesy of  Danielkirsch

Ride-On Toy Car

This list will not be complete with the exciting ride-on toy cars! Babies do not only enjoy crawling and learning to walk; they find rides as a great experience too. These toy cars are kept low on the ground, keeping them safe. Excellent motor skills can also be exercised with these cool yet cute car toys made just for the little ones.

Choosing a Suitable Toy Car for Your 1-Year-Old

Before choosing the best, suitable toy car for your 1-year-old, here are some key points to consider first:

  • Check the label and make sure it suits your child’s age range. Look thoroughly for its features and see that no hazards can harm the baby.
  • Make room for creativity. Some toy cars are designed with attractive colors and numbers that can help your baby learn more.
  • Your child’s motor skills are also enhanced with these toy cars, so choosing the different push-and-pull toys found above is better.

Frequently Asked Questions on Toy Cars for 1-Year-Olds

Can a 1-year-old have a toy car?

Yes, they can have! Toy cars are good to play with, and a 1-year-old will love those fantastic wheels. There are various toy cars to choose from happily, from family cars to those big trucks. They can start practicing their physical movements along with these toys.

What age plays with toy cars?

1-year-olds are now ready to play with toy cars. They are now exposed to different motor skills development, such as holding toy cars and making a push toward the toy. They are ready to interact with these toys with varying features like color perception and making noises. 

What do 1-year-olds like to play with?

They want to play with toys feeding their curiosity; a toy car is an excellent example. Toy cars have different types, and one of these is press-and-go cars. It has a button on it, and babies will be curious when they look at it. They tend to touch it and, later on, push it. It is an incredible sight to look at those amazing eyes!

What can you play with toy cars?

You can play car racing with your baby! A racing car is one of the best and most well-known types of toy cars for children. You can have a complete set of race tracks and collect different race cars with different colors. You can also make one at home and let the fun begin.

What are the benefits of playing with toy cars?

Babies playing with toy cars can have complete control of their toys. They can move, touch, and push a vehicle because they are still curious about what it can do. This toy also has many kid-friendly features—it can produce music and teach teaching methods like introducing letters to your baby. These factors exert physical and cognitive skills development for your little one.

How many toys should a 1-year-old have?

There should be seven toys and below for a 1-year-old. It is essential to make it in a small amount first because they will be overwhelmed with more toys. Ensure that their toys do not contain small parts or other hazardous objects. It is better to remove all the dangerous toys to make a better space for your baby.

What skills do toy cars develop?

Their fine motor skills are developed once they play with toy cars. They can reach, pull, and bend while holding their toys. Their observation skills can also be developed since they can observe how fast or slow the toy car is. They can control and do what they want with the toy car.

Which toy is the best choice for a 12-month-old?

It would be a toy car. A 12-month-old can touch a toy car, and the car will go. As your baby watches the toy car go, it increases your tiny tot’s interest in exploring more of the object. 

It also sparks curiosity on why it is moving when being touched. They can also crawl while following the toy car, making them have the best fun experience with this moving toy.

Which kind of toy is not appropriate for a one-year-old?

Some toys are made with dangerous, sharp edges, so make sure to check all the advantages first. Toys with parts that need to break or split into smaller parts are not advisable for them. If the toy contains toxic materials, it is unsuitable for your baby. Lastly, too heavy toys will not be comfortable for your little one.

When should I get my baby a toy car?

You can start having a toy car for a baby that is 12 months old and above. Infants 0-11 months of age are still young to hold and grab a toy car. A 12-month-old is already more curious about the world and its objects, so it is time to have a great toy car.

What can a 1-year-old ride?

They can ride a ride-on toy car! It will be a fun and great experience since they are no longer holding a toy car; they are now riding a kid-friendly one. A ride-on toy car is small and can fit them. They can also feel safe since it is kept low on the ground.

Are ride-on cars worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. Ride-on cars can enhance their motor skills while having fun. They can also play inside or even outside for a wider space. Ride-on cars are also safe and easy to use since there are kinds of ride-on cars that have an adult-push option. Parents will also enjoy this toy care with their babies!

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