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3 Letter Words For Kids

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1 March, 2023


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Three-letter words may be the easiest thing to teach your kids when they are still starting to familiarize themselves with basic words, especially easily pronounceable words with few syllables. 

Didn’t you know? Kids are excellent listeners. For a start, try to read different three-letter words to them as much as possible so that those easy words will eventually be added to their vocabulary list.

Are you looking for several three-letter words for kids that you can use? Here’s a list for you and your kids!

List of 3 Letter Words for Kids

Easy words are often the things that can be found in your kids’ environment. These kinds of words are usually the things they do, the foods they eat, the things they play with, and even the words you usually use to communicate with them. 

Keep it up—here are some of the three letter words that you can maximize:

3 Letter words for kids


List of 3 Letter Kindergarten Words for Kids


List of 3 Letter Preschool Words for Kids


Photo by: Biljana Jovanovic

Names of Things with 3 Letters 


List of Foods with 3 Letters


List of Vegetables with 3 Letters


Names of Fruits with 3 Letters


Cool words with 3 Letters

There are lots of cool words in the eyes of kids that are spelled with just only 3 letters! These words are not just easy to spell out but are also interesting for our kids’ little minds. Amazing persons, places, or toys can greatly help your kids learn more.

Do you have some cool words in mind that are spelled out with 3 letters? If none, here are more letters to use:


Photo by: Rudy and Peter Skiterrians

Fun Words with 3 Letters

Children love learning while having fun! Kids often learn more when they do various activities that tickle their brains. Introduce new words composed of 3 letters by introducing fun activities and games! 

For sure, your kids will be more enthusiastic about learning more words than ever! These are some fun words with three letters we have prepared for you:


Positive Words with 3 Letters

Inspire your kids to learn more by telling them many positive words. Words of encouragement or even simple positive things can complete your kids’ day. 

And they will surely have more energy to participate in their lesson if they experience positive things while studying. So please be patient and use optimistic words when teaching them!


List of Vocabulary Words with 3 Letters

Expound your kid’s vocabulary with simple and easy words composed of just three letters. This will help your kids who are still trying to learn with letters of the alphabet to recall essential words that are easy to spell out because, again, you only need three letters to spell them!

  • Bit
  • Ban
  • Fog
  • Fat
  • For
  • Oak
  • Mud
  • Mad
  • Log
  • Lap

Activities That Help in Learning 3 Letter Words for Kids

Having fun and learning should not be different things for kids. They need to learn new words that are easy to remember, so you have to think of various ways to help them recall them. 

If you are having a difficult time looking for fun activities, here are some of the best activities to help kids learn 3 letter words:

Photo by: StockSnap

Spelling Quiz Bee

Spelling Quiz Bees is one of the most fun and simple activities to play with your kids. In your flashcards, write different words spelled with three letters. Then ask the kids to write the correct spelling on their papers. 

This activity is uncomplicated to do, especially for children who are still learning new words. It is also a way to test your kids’ memory after you teach them basic words.

Color Words

Colors are fun to use when familiarizing your kids with various words! Use the primary colors that are red, blue, and yellow to effectively teach the kids how to spell out words that consist of 3 letters. 

Firstly, prepare sets of red, blue, and yellow flags and distribute three sets of these among the kids. Then present them with three different words written on red, blue, and yellow papers. 

Ask them to raise the flag with the same color of the paper of the correct 3-letter word. This activity is a very interactive game to conduct with your kids!

Wheel of Words

Makes your activities a little bit more interesting! Use a wheel spinner full of different pictures of 3 letter words. Instruct your kids to spin the wheel and whatever the wheel chooses, ask the kid to spell out the specific word. Repeat until all photos are picked. 

Frequently Asked Questions on 3 Letter Words For Kids

What are some of the 3 Letter words for kids?

  • Ate
  • Arm
  • Gas
  • Bag
  • Big
  • Art
  • Bad
  • Bee
  • Beg
  • Bug

What are some of the 3 letter kindergarten words for kids?

  • Bin
  • Bus
  • Box
  • Buy
  • Bat
  • Bun
  • Bow
  • Boy
  • But
  • Cat

What are some of the 3 letter preschool words for kids?

  • Cut
  • Can
  • Cup
  • Dad
  • Day
  • Cob
  • Cap
  • Car
  • Dog
  • Dot

What are some easy words with 3 Letters?

  • Sit
  • Kit
  • Lit
  • Lot
  • Toy
  • Rot
  • New
  • Dew
  • Low
  • Sew

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