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23 Best Baby Boy Costume Ideas

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21 February, 2023


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Time flies fast. Just like how your baby boy would quickly grow up just like that! So, go beyond the usual costumes you find in the market and make your baby boy’s costume one for the books! 

Let’s face it; babies are lovely even without a costume, so picture how adorable they’ll be if dressed up a bit more! But while you think about it, there are more considerations than just making them cute and fashionable, like budget, event, and of course, how your baby will remain comfortable.

They will surely make every event memorable as they jiggle around comfortably with their costumes. So, keep scrolling as you discover the best costume ideas for your baby boy!

Best Costume Ideas for Baby Boys

Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids


Babies can save your day with a cute smile and a little laugh. So, dress him like a superhero! Choose his best baby onesie with an adorable cape to make things easier and cozy. 


Nothing feels better than knowing that your baby boy will grow up a gentleman. Now, as young as he is, make him a standout in a gentleman tuxedo outfit! This outfit is perfect for Easter, weddings, birthdays, parties, photo shoots, or any special occasion!


You do have great dreams for your kids. You sure do your best to help them make those things happen. What more beautiful sight than to see your baby boy reach the stars? A baby astronaut jumper onesie can start to make that happen!


Feels like your baby boy is growing up so fast? How about you take a look at his future self by dressing like grandpa? Check out an old man’s baby costume!


The evil images of these winged demons perfectly fit into the dark lore of Halloween! Go beyond the usual pumpkin costume and make the night spooky for your baby boy with a baby bat costume!

I hope you won’t have a sudden jump with these cute Halloween costumes around because they might want a comfy hug!


Have him an awesome costume with a terrific Dinosaur vest with back spikes to make your baby dinosaur “ROAR” with delight! This costume will add some spice to your baby boy’s sweet smile.


Wrap your infant in this adorable suit to delight everyone around you. Don’t confuse your newborn boy for food; add some butter when he’s dressed up in a corn costume!


Prepare your baby boy for photo opportunities with a loveable sock monkey costume. A warm and cozy outfit that is both practical and fashionable and is sure to impress! Ideal for any occasion!


Look at who stumbled onto a baby carrot right in time for the adorable celebration! He will make an excellent add-up to any occasion with an orange costume!


Awake or not, your infants will be comfortable with these costumes! While he sleeps most of the time, he will still make a unique costume! These costumes are best for any occasion as long as you want a little crawl!


Dress your baby boy up a little uniquely with a T-Bird costume. Everyone will undoubtedly take a second look at the remarkable little man cuddling around his mom!


Put your baby boy on a new mission of making everyone in the room smile brightly! This costume is easy to use on every occasion you want your child to join.


Who wouldn’t want to keep their charming little ones forever? Tell everyone that this baby boy is a prisoner of his parent’s love and care until the very end!


Raise him a fighter! You certainly believe in your baby boy’s unique strength and charisma, so dress him like one too! This outfit will surely hook the people around him with a punch of sweetness.


Send your little firefighter to put out the fire of boredom and familiarity with baby boy costumes! And a minor consideration of what he might want to be in the future too!

Funny Baby Boy Costumes

Courtesy of Pinterest

Your baby boy’s smile can surely brighten up any day! How much more with a little twist of funny baby boy costumes? Try these:


Save up your energy because a baby shark is swimming your way! With fun combinations of colors, prints, and details, every event will be worth remembering!


Sew the shiny fabric over the costume, and you’ll have a baby disco ball!  This will keep your baby boy comfortable while gleaming brightly if you get the fit and add a little glitter.

Animal Baby Boy Costumes

Courtesy of Costume Works

If you want your kid to enter the animal kingdom and enjoy their different noises, you can try to dress them up like these:


Bring the wilderness and cuteness together! This charming elephant costume will assist you in capturing priceless moments with your child and preserve them forever! As some would say, all great things begin small.


This outfit is an adorable and wild design statement and is reasonably practical and comfy. We guarantee a comfortable and elastic cotton knit fabric for the optimum fit, and they are so simple to put on!


Create a lovable and cuddly monkey out of your baby son. Just make sure you remember to bring some bananas with you!


Remember how you pull an all-nighter because of a cute little one who likes to stay up late like an owl? Why not try to dress him up like a real one? Make him hoot with cuteness through this baby owl costume!


Make him a good prop of milk from cows as well! Your little one’s sense of style will surely nail the bull’s eye when you dress them in this effortlessly charming cow-baby outfit, whether it be a visit to a farm yard, a party celebrating Halloween, or a play date with the moo crew!


Make your baby boy one with the farm animals and produce good quality products in your kitchen! A sure camera-ready baby boy is coming your way!

Several options are available, but you must ensure that your baby’s Halloween costume is exceptional! Some top picks are skeleton and animal costumes, ranging from eerie, cuddly buntings to super-soft one-pieces!

What sizes are baby costumes?

Baby costume clothing sizes for your growing baby might be different from one another. But here is the most common size classifications:

  • Newborn
  • 0-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • 9-12 months

Dressing your baby boy can be under pressure, isn’t it? For sure, you just want him to look fantastic. While there is a wide variety of costumes they can try on, you can give them a gentleman’s suit or costume!

Considering Baby Skin

Courtesy of FamilyMinded

Your baby can be a little sensitive to its clothing. So, cover them with comfortable soft, cozy clothes they can comfortably sleep with daily!

Dressing up your baby boy would indeed depend on how you want them to look. But make sure to consider what will best fit who they are or some creative and stylish stuff you want them to try!

Your infant is susceptible, as is his skin. Cotton is thus the ideal fabric for your newborn’s skin. Cotton is an all-natural, organic fabric and does not irritate a baby’s sensitive skin!

Final Words

If you’re thinking of something unique, you can consider a dragon costume or as cool as a disco ball costume! Whatever new idea you have, make sure to make them feel comfortable in whatever costume you choose.

Even though your baby would look adorable in almost any outfit, it is lovely to invest some thinking into a distinctive baby costume. Aside from the patterns, you should consider fitting, comfort, and trendiness before making a final pick! Animal or renowned character costumes are examples!

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