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21 Baby Girl Clothes Ideas to Keep Your Angel Safe and Warm

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23 February, 2023


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“I know a girl, she puts the color inside my world.”

John Mayor

When parents figure out they are having a baby girl, mothers feel like they have a new best friend for life, and the fathers feel they will protect a princess in their lifetime.

Baby girls are full of wonder and excitement to have. They may cost much when it comes to their basic needs, but the smile on their face is priceless that no amount of expensive item can ever buy.

The Baby Girl Situation: What to Know

Courtesy of Carter’s

Baby girls change their diapers twice as frequently as newborn baby boys—not to mention that they need to change their basic outfits. A boy can go topless or pantless, but a girl always needs both. Have you started counting pennies yet?

But regardless of the amount, you can be creative and resourceful with your baby girls’ outfits! Money is not an issue for those who are innovative. You can recycle dresses from parents who have their baby outfits outgrown or sew from your unused clothes. Whatever the process, whether you purchased or made a DIY, dressing up your precious baby girl is a perfect picturesque you can’t miss!

During the day, a baby girl needs a fresh and comfortable shirt to use for playtime and other activities. Some parents change their clothes after a messy lunch or breakfast regardless if they just drank milk or ate solids. 

You will also need a sleep sack that helps the baby cue that it’s time for sleep. Then we conclude with their comfortable onesie for a good night’s sleep. We make that four to five clothes in a day! 

Lawn Cotton and muslin used for swaddles get on top of your babies’ skin needs. This fabric helps in taking care of your baby girl’s skin.

Baby Girl Clothes Ideas

Are you a parent who loves dressing up their babies? Or maybe you just want a checklist for your baby girl’s clothing needs? 

The newborn stage starts when you give birth up until your baby’s third month. It’s a beautiful stage where they experience a big transition from the womb to the outside world—an eventful move from their mother’s water bag to breathing earth’s air.

0 to 3 Months

Courtesy of BabyCenter

It’s also essential to know what your baby needs. For the 0 to 3 months clothes, your baby girl can use a lot of


These are used to help soothe the baby and make them feel the warmth that is close to the feeling of being in the mother’s womb.

White Baby Clothes

White clothes are essential for newborns since they are fragile and still can’t protect themselves from tiny insects. That’s why white clothes help parents/caretakers see dirt or insects that come close to their babies.

Daily Onesies

Babies keep growing and progressing in their daily activities. That’s why comfortable onesies help them explore the world they are in.

Muslin Swaddle/Cloth

Muslin cloth can be used in many ways. They are not just for burping or swaddling. They can also be used as mats when changing diapers or covers for many things your baby needs. This is a must for all parents!

Burping Cloth

Babies’ esophagi are not yet developed, which is why they usually vomit little milk when they are full. Burping cloth saves your shirt from a mess.

Hand Mittens

Mittens help protect your baby’s hands from scratching their faces since they still can’t control their reflex. It also soothes them from the cold temperature.


Newborns can’t wear shoes yet because it might prevent them from growing. Good socks protect your babies from the cold weather and soothe them to sleep!

Head cap 

Head caps protect babies from cold temperatures as well.

3 to 6 months

Courtesy of Katie Corinne Photography

Your baby enters the world of transition. This is where they show signs of hearing, seeing you more clearly, and rolling. As parents, you have to transition their clothes as well. For the 3 to 6 months stage, you just have to adjust their sizes and let go of some of it.

From swaddles to sleep sacks

They said sleep regression happens at four months. Though you may transition from swaddles to sleep sacks at three months, the fourth month can be challenging for your little ones. That’s why sleep sacks help them soothe themselves to sleep soundly.

From white clothes to colorful clothes

Your baby’s vision also gets clearer and clearer. From only seeing black, red, and white colors, your baby needs colorful ones to entertain themselves. Get your baby’s colorful clothes! This will help them enjoy their tummy time and everything around them.

Daily onesies size upgrade

Most clothes you use during the newborn stage can still be used if they still fit your little one. But a size upgrade will help a lot.

Baby Girl Dresses

Your baby girl is now capable of wearing dresses! Grab them in your favorite colors.

6 to 9 months

The 6-9 months stage is one of the most fun and messiest! Your baby starts to eat solids. That means gaining weight and more clothes needed!

Baby Bib

This will help catch your little ones’ food!

Feeding Clothes

Yes, you got it right. They might need some feeding clothes to protect their clothes from messy stains!

9 to 12 months

Courtesy of Pinterest

As you can see, as your baby gets old, their choice of clothes gets more basic and less complicated. Your wallet might thank you for the 9 to 12 months stage.

If you have more baby clothes that can still fit, use them as much as possible before your baby outgrows them! They are now transitioning to the toddler stage!

Instead of making some points, let us give you some witty and helpful clothing suggestions for your baby girl’s daily, seasonal, and them-based needs!

Day time:
T-shirtLight dress
Long sleeve
Simple Pink Dress
Pastel Colored Clothes
Afternoon playtime:
Comfortable shorts or onesies
PajamasSleep SackFrog suit
Baby bathing suit
Head dresses
Disney Princess:
Snow White
Disco Ball
Movie Antagonist
Favorite Cartoon
Marvel Superheroes
Santa Claus
Christmas Trees
Pajama with Christmas Colors

“You know, one of my biggest dreams in life is to play a Disney Princess.”

Ginnifer Goodwin

Every baby girl is precious. Dressing them even at night helps them feel comfortable and loved even though it takes 4 to 5 or more clothes to be worn in a day! Lawn Cotton and muslins are essentials for picking the best clothes for them. 

Remember that you can be as creative and resourceful as possible and reuse old clothes through sewing and re-using!  

We hope the information above can help you clothe your beautiful baby girls.

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