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7 Letter Words For Kids

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28 February, 2023


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Studying new English words must be hard, right? Especially when they are just starting with a little list of vocabulary words. This is where parents and guardians come in. We have to help them learn new words as quickly as possible. We don’t want them to have a hard time!

Young children are visual learners. They love lines, shapes, colors, and drawings. So why not use these things to introduce new words to them? Or even try to teach them words that are spelled with seven letters. There are lots of 7-letter words you can pick at! 

List of 7 Letter Words for Kids

7 letter words may be a little bit challenging for the teacher and students, especially if the students are a bunch of kids who easily get distracted! But do not worry! Seven-letter words are fun to learn. Did you know that different things are spelled out with seven letters? 

7 Letter Words for Kids


7 Letter Words for Kindergarten Kids


7 Letter Preschool Words


Names of Things with 7 Letters 


List of Foods with 7 Letters


Vegetables with 7 Letters


Fruits with 7 Letters


Photo by: Sabrina Eickhoff

Cool Words with 7 Letters

How cool can studying 7 letter words get? Kids are amused by cool things! Cool toys, cool cartoons, cool and amazing stories. They love to play and listen to it! So why not use those cool things to teach your kids about kid-friendly words effectively? Here are some of the coolest words you can use to teach them!


Fun Words with 7 Letters

Fun words are easy to teach our kids because they can and want to relate to them. Whenever they hear familiar fun words, they tend to be curious and want to learn more about them. So do not forget to know more about what things kids amuse the most, and use it to teach them some fun 7-letter words!


Positive Words with 7 Letters

Whenever we communicate with kids with kind and positive words, they engage more. It is because they get more inspired whenever we tell them encouraging words or things that are somehow similar to it. If they hear more positive words, they will surely remember it and do these things as well!


Vocabulary Words with 7 Letters

It is not always easy to teach kids about different words. But whenever it gets difficult, it means they will learn more new things! Words with seven letters that are already familiar with them, or even words that they hear for the first time, are fine to use when you are teaching them. 

Just make sure it is child-friendly and fun in a kid’s eye! For a start, here are some 7-letter words you can introduce to them: 

  • Custard
  • Mussels
  • Beaches
  • Cameras
  • Mustard
  • Stomach
  • Vitamin
  • Careful
  • Vanilla
  • Caramel

Photo by: Ulrike Mai

Activities That Help Kids Learn 7 Letter Words 

Reading aloud words is among the many ways to teach young kids about words. But doing fun activities with them will make it easier for you and the kids! 

Because kids love to play games and do interactive activities, they will surely learn more if we start to teach them this way sometimes. So why not try these activities that we have prepared for you? Here are some of the best activities to help kids learn 7-letter words:

Building Blocks

All you need to do is have building blocks with different letters of the English alphabet. Instruct the kids to create a building block made of 7-letter words such as VITAMIN, VANILLA, etc. Then give a short description of the word. 

It is a bit difficult for kids, but it is fun! Just don’t forget to pick words that are already familiar to them so they will not have a hard time.

Color the 7 Letter Word

Colors and images excite the kids! So use them to teach the children while having fun! Prepare two sets of papers with two sets of different images. One image is spelled with seven letters, while the other is not. 

After this, ask the kids to pick the paper which they think is spelled with seven letters and let them color it. In this way, the kids will be encouraged to think harder so that they can start coloring.

Find the 7 Letter Word

In a room full of different things, put things around that are spelled with seven letters. Then let the kids go around the room to locate and find the things that consist of 7 letters! To make it easier for them, you can give hints and clues!

Want to make learning more casual yet engaging? Here’s a fun video for you and your child to check out: Seven Letter Words in English by Kids Entry

Photo by: Pexels

Frequently Asked Questions on 7 Letter Words For Kids

What are some of the seven letter words for kids?

  • Drawing
  • Airport
  • Brother
  • Burning
  • Channel
  • Adviser
  • Without
  • Ceiling
  • Address
  • Elderly

What are some of the seven letter kindergarten words for kids?

  • Fifteen
  • Fishing
  • Excited
  • Illness
  • Obvious
  • Example
  • Gadgets
  • Evening
  • Natural
  • Earring

What are some of the seven letter preschool words for kids?

  • Herself
  • Opinion
  • Patient
  • Billion
  • Mistake
  • Himself
  • Measure
  • Million
  • Partner
  • Silence

What are some easy words with seven letters?

  • Letters
  • Leaders
  • Garbage
  • Ability
  • Friends
  • Honesty
  • Hopeful
  • Morning
  • Musical
  • Objects

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