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Fun Indoor Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

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4 March, 2023


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It’s always fun to go outside, breathe fresh air and play with the kids. But if the sun suddenly decides not to show and invites the rain, you need a backup plan! Worry not—there are still a lot of fun indoor activities for your kids.

From enjoyable games to artistic crafts, from solo and by-pair tasks to group activities, you have various choices for fun indoor games! We got you! Here are the best activities your kids can do on rainy days!


If you still have a lot of things on your plate and you can’t quickly join your child in doing fun activities on a rainy day, there are still many things they can do alone! These activities can also help them learn independence at an early age. 

  1. Try DIY craft

With just some art materials, scissors, and glue or tape, your little one can already have fun doing their DIY craft. You can look for some instructions on the internet and let your kid follow them step-by-step. Just stay close to your kid for any guides and questions they might have! 

  1. Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy of Ksenia Chernaya

If you already have some puzzles around the house, your kid has an exciting task for a rainy day! Solving a jigsaw puzzle will not only entertain them but will also improve their analysis and enhance their focus! 

  1. Write on a journal

It is essential to have an outlet for your thoughts and emotions – no matter how young you are. Talking to others is the usual way, but writing your thoughts down can be as effective. The sound of raindrops falling on your rooftop might make it the perfect time for your kid to write in their journal!  

  1. Read a storybook

If your child doesn’t feel like writing, they can always choose to read their favorite storybook! This activity never gets old, and prefers no weather! They can do it in the garden under the shining sun or in the comforts of their room on a rainy day!

  1. Explore a coloring book

Your kid would want to relax while listening to the rain. Working on their coloring books will surely help them do this! No need for hundreds of crayons – you can even help them mix colors to come up with the one they are looking for! 

By Pair

Some rainy-day activities simply get better when done in pairs. No better partner to do this with than your kid. With their contagious energy, every bonding activity gets even more special!

  1. Learn a dance move

Kids’ talents can manifest as early as their first year. If you notice that your child is into music or dancing, why not use this as a bonding activity with them? You can have chill music play in the background, but dancing to the beat of the rain will also be cool and amazing! 

  1. Do makeovers

If you have a little girl, you should play dress up and try some makeovers with them! Aside from bonding over your shared interests, this will also help your daughter develop her artistic and creative side. If your son would want to do the same, it’s a welcome twist, too!

  1. Try origamis

Photo by cottonbro studio

Creativity has no limits, and this can be easily manifested through paper art and origami! After preparing paper cranes, boats, or flowers, you can display them in different parts of your home. Let it remind you how creative you are to come up with such a budget-friendly design! 

  1. Solve brain teasers

You are always by your children’s side no matter how difficult things might get – even if it involves solving kid-friendly brain teasers! There are lots of brain teasers on the internet that you can try to solve. This can be done alone, but a set of extra brain cells wouldn’t hurt! 

  1. Learn instruments

With all the time and effort needed to sustain the lessons, learning an instrument might be a hit-and-miss with your kid. But they will thank you in the long run for getting them to learn how to play the guitar, drums, or the keyboard, perhaps. Better start them young!

By Group

If your little one is staying with their friends or siblings, this is the perfect chance to try some fun indoor activities for rainy days. Have fun, learn, and bond with each other!

  1. Play board games

What can beat the good old snakes and ladders? A friendly game of Monopoly or Scrabble, maybe. Whatever board game is on the top of your list, these activities are always fun to try. It gets even better when you’re playing with your loved ones! 

  1. Bake cookies

Courtesy of Los Muertos Crew

Rainy days make cookies more appealing. Give in to the temptation and bake cookies for the whole family. Try different flavors and techniques for variation. After cooking, eat them together to taste the fruit of your hard work! 

  1. Have a movie marathon

Feeling lazy when the rain is pouring hard outside is perfectly understandable. If that’s the case, you can just sit on your couch, grab some popcorn, then start binge-watching that kid-friendly series or movie you’ve heard about!

  1. Play balloon volleyball

Still looking forward to some physical activity despite the rains outside? Balloon volleyball is for you! Have fun while tossing and catching the ball without the pain of true volleyball. Be surprised by your kids’ moves – and even by yours!

  1. Paint t-shirts

Planning to dispose of some old shirts? Painting these clothes with colorful dyes will make you think twice! Unleash your creative juices and turn this into a contest. The one with the most artistically redesigned shirt among the group wins!

Frequently Asked Questions on Fun Indoor Activities for Kids 

How do I entertain my kids indoors?

Your kids can do a lot of activities indoors, whether by themselves, with you, or with a group. You can try playing games, arts and crafts, or cooking and baking! This will not only entertain them but will also help you build a stronger bond!

What indoor games can we play with kids?

The most common games to play indoors are board games. These can be snakes and ladders, monopoly, scrabble, or chess. Besides board games, you can also try puzzles or DIY relays!

What is the best indoor game?

The best indoor game depends on which kind of activity your kid prefers. If they like to be artsy, they can try coloring books or forming origami. If they like to play with groups, they can have board games or balloon volleyball. To unwind and relax, they can read their favorite book, have a movie marathon, or bake cookies!

What can kids do in the rain for free?

You don’t have to spend much to enjoy activities on a rainy day! If you’re open to trying something new, you can learn a dance or an instrument with your kid. But if you want some brain exercises, you can try solving jigsaw puzzles or brain teasers from the internet! 

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