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A Masterlist of C Words For Kids

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28 February, 2023


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Is C for Cat, Car,  or Cake? Help your kids to expand their vocabulary! If you are looking for short and simple materials to teach your kids about words that start with the letter C, you are definitely in the right place! 

We have prepared several easy and kid-friendly C words for you and your children. This will help you teach them various things, as we have also prepared different fun activities to make learning easier for kids. 

Simply put, these activities will help you build better communication with your kids. So let us continue with our lesson regarding C words for kids, shall we?

List of C Words for Kids

Are you looking for C words that are appropriate for children? We have arranged it for you and are happy to share this list of C words for your kids! 

From things like crayons, cards and clothes that children usually see and use in their everyday lives to the foods that they eat like cereal, cake, and candy, we can guarantee you a lot more C words. 

C words for kids


List of kindergarten C words for kids


List of preschool C words for kids


Photo by: Tra Chor

Names of things that start with C


Names of foods that start with C


Names of Vegetables that start with C


Names of fruits that start with C


Cool Words That Start with C

Is it hard to find cool words that are age appropriate as well? Not really! You can easily look for cool and wholesome words that start with the letter C.

Look no more, as we have already made it for you and your kids! All you have to do is make your kids’ learning fun and enjoyable!


Photo by: Victoria Model

Fun Words That Start with C

Is studying the alphabet that hard and time-consuming for kids? Or do we just make them study without having fun? Many kids are more enthusiastic about learning basic English if their teachers use effective ways such as conducting fun, collective and interactive activities.


Positive Words That Start with C

“I CARE for you.” Saying positive words to your kids can build great relationships while familiarizing them with the words. Introducing them with positive words that start with the letter C will just be a piece of cake if you continue to continue to use positive C words. 


List of Vocabulary Words That Begin with the Letter C

Are your kids still having a hard time remembering C words? Still looking for effective ways to teach them without exhausting them? Do you still need more words to make your kids’ vocabulary wider? We are here to help! Here are additional words that begin with the letter C. Use them wisely and make their learning lively!

3 letter C words for kids

  • Can
  • Cop
  • Cob
  • Cup

4 letter C words for kids

  • Card
  • Clap
  • Crib
  • Clam

5 letter C words for kids

  • Climb
  • Crop
  • Cream
  • Clean

More C words for kids

  • Conversation
  • Courage
  • Correct
  • Crew

Activities That Help in Learning C Words for Kids

As much as we like our kids to excel in learning the alphabet so that they can communicate even better to their families and friends, we can not force them to recall hundreds or even thousands of words in just a snap. It is a painstaking task for parents and teachers to make their learning interesting and fun.

So here are some of the best activities we have prepared to help your kids learn C words:

Photo by: Sasin Tipchai

Spelling Quiz Bee

After your lesson about words that start with the letter C, conduct a memory test that will make the kids think and recall the words. Prepare several easy C words you have taught and make them spell. By doing this brain exercise, kids will eventually memorize the words.

Bring Me

Effective learning requires physical activities too! Conduct the Bring Me game! Ask the kids to look for words that start with the letter C and make them bring it to you. For example, crayons, coins, and combs.

Coloring Game

Kids surely love drawings and colors! So use these to catch their attention and interest. Prepare a printed worksheet that consists of different objects. Instruct the kids to only color the objects that start with the letter C! 

In this way, you welcome an eagerness to remember the things you taught them so they can color the worksheets!

Frequently Asked Questions on C Words For Kids

What are some of the C words for kids?

  • Candy
  • Crab
  • Card
  • Cave
  • Cool
  • Camel
  • Cold
  • Cat
  • Clap
  • Clean

What are some of the Kindergarten C words for kids?

  • Clip
  • Crayon
  • Chalk
  • Crocodile
  • Candle
  • Cart
  • Children
  • Circle
  • Cash
  • Call

What are some Preschool C Words for Kids?

  • Cellphone
  • Chimney
  • Calculator
  • Compass
  • Cook
  • Closet
  • Computer
  • Chess
  • City
  • Clean

What are some easy words that start with C?

  • Cute
  • Cupid
  • Connect
  • Close
  • Click
  • Cover
  • Cut
  • Clear
  • Class
  • Coat

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