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12 Baby Girl Shower Ideas  to Shower Them With Love

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17 February, 2023


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One of the most exciting parts of being a parent is welcoming your little one. And this feeling radiates to your friends and family members, too! There is just an unexplainable joy in knowing that you will have an adorable little bundle of sunshine soon.

And what better way to celebrate this collective excitement than with a unique baby shower? Have some refreshments, chit chat, play fun games, and share gifts—mostly to chill and be thrilled together! 

Are you planning a baby shower but need help with how to do it? We got you! We’ve prepared a list of the most popular baby shower themes and outfits to get you started. 

Popular Girl Baby Shower Themes

Courtesy of Catch My Party

Everything you do for a baby shower will follow a theme, from invitations and decorations to giveaways. This makes it crucial to choose a relatable theme that can still set your party above the rest! We’ve listed the most popular girl baby shower themes to help you decide.

Tropical-themed Baby Shower

Craving for some Aloha? Have some Luau vibes with a tropical-themed girl baby shower. Serve tropical drinks and greet your guests with a tray of your favorite fruits. Fill your program with fun outdoor activities, and have a hot air balloon gift or centerpiece, all while enjoying ukulele tunes like a summer party! 

Pink Baby Shower

If you’re having a baby girl, a baby shower with everything pink is just too hard to resist! From cushions, candy tables, and even pink and white roses, nothing screams of a new baby girl in town more than a pink baby shower. Top the party with a pink flower wall and pink baby shower cookies, and your guests will have an afternoon to remember! 

Princess-themed Baby Shower

A queen like you deserves nothing short of a princess-themed baby shower! With materials readily available in bookstores and online shops, this is one of the easiest themes to pull off. That doesn’t mean that it’s less remarkable, though! With a sparkly backdrop and castles for baby shower cupcakes, this party can look straight from a fairytale! 

Floral-themed Baby Shower

A picnic in the middle of pretty flowers—isn’t this something out of a movie? Say no more; flower power can be your theme for a girl’s baby shower! If you already have a favorite flower in mind, congratulations on being one step ahead! Now, you must include some birds and bees to have your floral-themed girl baby shower.

Superheroine-themed Baby Shower

There’s a reason the superheroine theme is a staple for events. It allows the guest to dress up as their favorites and have loads of fun! Hang some clouds against a sky-like backdrop to make it more realistic. And, of course, superheroines will not forget the rice Krispie treats and heroes-inspired cake pops for the centerpiece!

Fairy-themed Baby Shower

Who wouldn’t want a magical baby shower? With a fairy theme, your event will be nothing short of enchanting! Instead of a traditional banner, have baby letter block centerpieces to spell the baby’s name. Add some unicorns to the baby shower, and your guests will be in awe of your baby shower’s magical spell!

Mama to Bee-themed Baby Shower

Preparing a unique theme for the mom-to-be? More like Mama to Bee! This otherwise simple wordplay can be the perfect baby shower theme. Mix the sunflowers with stripes of black and yellow in your decor. Of course, give some honey to tell your guests just how sweet they were for coming to the event! 

Twinkle Little Star-themed Baby Shower

More than a popular nursery song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star can be your baby shower’s theme! Gold and white should be your primary colors, but remember to add a little sparkle now and then. Add some moon and star designs to your decors and baby shower gift baskets, and your afternoon can be as starry as it can be! 

Girl Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

Courtesy of Soxy

You can’t be sure when (or for whom)  the next baby shower will be, so don’t hold back in putting together the perfect outfit! The parents will surely appreciate your effort in matching the cute decorations for the baby girl’s baby shower. Here are some outfit ideas that can help!

Farm Girl Baby Shower

Do the hosts feel like the baby girl will be fond of animals? In this case, a farm girl outfit will be perfect for her farm animal baby shower! With just a top full of animal prints and a plain colored skirt to match, you already have a trendy get-up. Top this with a cute headband, and you’re good to go! 

Boho Baby Shower

With boho baby showers taking the spotlight for their unique aesthetic, you want to be prepared with the perfect Bohemian fit. Choose any long dress with vibrant patterns and colorful prints, then adorn the look with chic jewelry pieces. With some strap-ons, your Boho look is complete! 

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

With pumpkin season coming up, this also becomes a common theme for baby showers for a girl. For this one, you would want to wear an orange dress and partner it with black warmers and stockings. Make sure that you are comfortable moving around!

Pretty Pastel Baby Shower

Pastel colors can easily catch guests’ eyes, and a baby shower with this theme is sure to turn out yet captivating and elegant. Whether you wear a mini dress or sport a chic oversized shirt and skirt look, always stick to the pastel color palette. You wouldn’t want to stick out in the pictures!

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Showers

Who pays for a baby shower?

Whether a surprise party or a planned event, the mother-to-be should not be relaxed about paying for her baby shower! Baby showers are usually hosted and paid for by the parents’ family members. Commonly, the hosts are the mother, mother-in-law, sister, or even a close friend and future godmother. Or, if the parents are lucky, a combination of all! 

Who usually plans a baby shower?

It’s not necessary for those who paid for the baby shower to pick out the theme and be the event planner. There are just some people who have the knack for the best game ideas for the best baby girl baby shower ever! You can hire an events planner, but any close friend or family member who enjoys throwing parties can also be your baby shower planner! 

What are unique baby shower ideas?

With many baby showers going viral, you would also want to be on the list! You can never go wrong with the Coachella-themed Boho Baby Shower we’ve pitched. Those cowboy boots, flower crowns, and dream catchers are just too adorable to resist! You can also try the Twinkle Little Star—old but gold!

What is the most popular theme for a baby shower?

Baby showers for girls are usually fairytale or princess themed. Just imagine your baby girl as a princess—an instant boost of warm fuzzy feelings coupled with butterflies in your stomach! And this is no surprise—who wouldn’t want their baby girl in a pretty tiara and a long elegant gown when the time comes? 

What do you do at a baby shower?

You can do anything you want at your baby shower—as long as it is safe for the baby and mother-to-be. But if you want to be a little more traditional, baby showers usually have games, arts and crafts activities, and the opening of gifts with short messages of good wishes. Of course, do not forget the refreshments and healthy but tasty food! 

What do you do at a 2022 baby shower?

Baby showers get more and more unique as time passes by. There are still foods, games, and chitchat, but this 2022, baby showers have become more practical. Aside from receiving gifts, the hosts usually give out giveaways that attendees can remember the baby by. The most common is succulent—something they can also take care of! 

Do you open gifts at a baby shower?

Opening gifts is one of the most anticipated parts of a baby shower. The parents are just buzzing about the presents, while the givers are also excited about the reactions to their gifts! But to avoid the impression that baby showers are planned just for the gifts, this exciting part is usually done towards the tail end of the party. 

How many hours should a baby shower be?

Usually, baby showers last for two hours, but it is still acceptable to extend them to three hours at most. This already gives plenty of time for snacks, games, chit-chat, and the opening of gifts. You wouldn’t want to extend the party further, though, as the mom-to-be and her baby will need their rest from time to time. 

What drinks do you serve at a baby shower?

With baby showers usually done in the afternoon, it is best to serve cool refreshments like iced tea and lemonade. You might want to avoid heavy alcoholic beverages—you wouldn’t want to serve something that the mother-to-be cannot drink! If you’d like to serve alcohol to get your guests to lighten up, stick to wines or punches. 

Why do people have baby showers?

It’s always nice to get together to celebrate life’s significant milestones, including having a baby shower before welcoming a new angel into your lives. Being new parents can be overwhelming, but gifts, warm conversations, and love from people close to them can ease the anxiety. Baby showers are also an excellent way to make the parents feel that you will be with them every step of the way. 

What’s the best way to prepare for a baby shower?

Organization is the way to go if you want a perfect baby shower planned. Ensure that the date, time, and location works for the guests. Determine a budget and stick to it. Prepare a guest list and send the invitations as early as possible. If it is not a surprise, it is best to consult the mother-to-be with your menu and program flow. 

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