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How Old Are Kids in 1st Grade

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28 February, 2023


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We know that it might be exciting for you to send the kids to school for their first day! The kids might not get the same feeling, but it will all be worth it in the next journey that they will be taking. Even if you have to prepare and know everything first, from all the basics up to the challenging ones, you will also get the feeling of satisfaction once you see them preparing for school.

To start things right, there are a few questions to ask first before sending them to school. There will be a lot of “How old should kids be in their first grade” because it will be better to keep up with their needed grade level. 

This might be a challenging task to do, but remember the excitement and satisfaction this brings for you and your kids!

How Old Are Kids in 1st Grade?

Children hold the future of our society. They are honed and properly prepared for their life journey, and they will experience this as soon as they take their steps to their school. Their education is essential for their milestones in life.

Kids who will have their first year of primary school already finished their kindergarten and preschool. Their first year of primary school will be a great transition from their lower grade to their higher grades. With this, welcome their first grade with proper planning and adequate information on the right age for this grade level.

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The minimum age required for kids who will be entering the first grade is mostly six years old to seven years old. This will still depend on the different states, but it will just have slight variations. But mostly, the common will be kids who are already six years old.

Some of the schools can also accept kids who are five years old because this age is ideal for them. So with the question, how old are kids in 1st grade? This will depend on your state, and kids can normally start their first grade if they are five to seven years of age.

Their Preparation Before Going to 1st Grade

Better preparation for your kids will help them be fully equipped for their first grade. They will have the chance to make their learning easier if they already know some of the basics. This basic introduction to their education will start with you as their first teacher. Their first school will be the comfort of their home.

This will be fun and will make a great bond with your kids. To start, here are the basic and most important skills you can teach them:

  1. Counting numbers

Counting the basic numbers will already be a great help for the kids. You can start teaching them numbers one to ten. If they can be overwhelmed with this, start first with numbers one to five firs.

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  1. Reading simple words and sentences

Let them hear you read their favorite books and stories all the time. Then, slowly introduce them to simple and basic words, along with the explanation for their meanings. You can let them practice reading these words, and later on, start them with short sentences.

  1. Reciting simple things

Encourage them also to recite their whole name and their street name. This basic information about themselves will be a great exercise for their memorization and speaking skills. This will also help them to be guided once they start writing their name and address at school.

The Lessons They Will Learn in 1st Grade

The things that they have learned from kindergarten up to the lessons you taught them inside your home will help them learn the lessons easily in their 1st grade. Here are the lessons that they will learn as soon as they start their 1st grade:

  1. Basic Writing

Kids will now learn how to write their names and other simple words as well. They will also learn how to write numbers in their word forms! They will know how to use both uppercase and lowercase which will make their writing skills further improved as time passes.

  1. Reading skills

Kids should be able to read books and be encouraged to try reading by themselves. They will also widen the list of words they would want to use. Lastly, they will explore more reading materials and make their creative minds work more.

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  1. Social skills

Kids will love to learn and play with their schoolmates! They will also be inspired to follow rules and regulations made by their teacher at school. They can also practice asking for help and guidance from their teacher.

Five Tips on How to Prepare Kids for Their 1st Grade

Kids will start to have different tasks and activities that can make them feel overwhelmed and drained. For you to guide them properly and shield them against stress, here are five powerful tips for you and your kids:

  1. Inspire them to read more

Let your kids love reading because if they feel that reading is only a requirement for school, then they will not be encouraged to do so. Read books and stories in their free time. Enhancing their reading skills will prevent them from stressing out once they are given many reading tasks.

  1. Guide them in practicing their math skills

Math can be tricky at times, so make sure that you are there to support them with their math problems and exercises. Having simple addition and subtraction exercises will make it easier to solve any problems given to them. You can also start guiding them with greater than and less than exercises.

  1. Guide them in enhancing their writing skills

You can guide them by writing different stories together! You can also have fun and exciting exercises like poems and songwriting. These will help them enhance their writing skills and be more familiar with words and phrases.

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  1. Encourage them to have strong social skills

First grade is not just focused on learning and education, because there is so much fun to do! You can encourage your kids to socialize with their friends and schoolmates. This will help them build strong relationships and communication skills.

  1. Ensure that they have enough sleep and nutritious meals

A healthy mind and body will help them prevent stress and any sickness. Make sure that they have a proper rest after they go home. Prepare healthy food and let them drink a lot of fluids, both at home and in school.

Frequently Asked Questions on How Old Are You in 1st Grade

At what age can a child enter first grade?

They can start their first grade once they are already six years old. Some states require kids to start their first grade when they are already five years old, so it depends on where you are residing. But the most common age for kids to enter their first grade is six to seven years old. Make sure that they are already fully equipped when entering their fun first grade.

Can a 5 year old start 1st grade?

Yes, they can start entering the 1st grade. Some states are also requiring kids that are five years old to start their first year of primary school. If you are already confident enough with your kids’ potential and willingness to learn, then you can let them start their first grade.

Can a 7 year old be in 1st grade?

Yes, they can. Mostly the age range for kids to start their 1st grade is when they are already six to seven years old. This will depend also on you as their parent because you know if they are already ready to learn and start their first year of primary school.

What should a child know before grade 1? 

The kids should already know the basic language and social skills. These two skills will help them to learn the lessons easily in their school. They will also have to be familiar with counting basic numbers. They should also be familiar with reading simple words and sentences. Lastly, they should also know how to recite basic things about themselves.

Can you get held back in first grade?

Yes, sometimes kids can get held back in their first grade because they might feel stress and difficulties in learning. You can help prevent this by supporting them in anything that they do, may it be inside or outside the school. You can guide them in learning the basic lessons and encourage them by having proper rest and healthy food.

What is the grade before first grade? 

The kindergarten comes first before the first grade if their education holds the K-12 program. But if not, then the first grade marks their official start of school. Kindergarten is where they are also prepared to learn the different stages they will have as they grow up. This also involves fun learning methods for the kids.

What do first graders learn in first grade?

The kids will learn all the fun and interesting lessons in their first grade! They will learn basic writing skills, and these consist of writing their names and different simple words. They will also enhance their reading skills and be encouraged to read by themselves! Lastly, they will be motivated to use and practice their social and communication skills with everyone.

How can I prepare my child for first grade?

You can inspire your kids to read more books and other reading materials often. In this way, they will learn to love books and read them anytime. You can also guide them in improving their writing and math skills with the different exercises you can give them. You can also encourage them to socialize and be active around people. Lastly, you can prepare nutritious food for them, and let them have plenty of sleep to have a good lifestyle.

Is it better to start school at an earlier age?

Yes, it will be better to let them enter their first grade as early as they can get. But always make sure that they are ready to start their first grade before letting them do so. Kids in their early stages of life are full of energy in learning and growing. They also love to adapt to their surroundings so this is perfect for them. 

What grade is 6 year old supposed to be in?

First grade. They are supposed to be in their first grade if they are already ready for school. Make sure that they are heavily prepared before letting them start their first year of primary school. Remember that if your six-year-old is still not ready, then you can start preparing them more so that they can start when they are ready.

Is there a minimum age for 1st grade? 

Yes, the minimum age will be six years old. Some states require kids who are five years old to start their first grade. But this will always depend on the capacity of your kids. If you feel that they are already ready, then do so. Make sure that they are fully equipped with the basics so that it will be easier for them to learn at school.

What is the age range for first grade?

The age range will be from five years old to seven years old. The younger, the better. But always remember that your kids must be prepared and ready first before letting them start their first grade. The most common age to start is six years old to seven years old.

Should a first grader know how to read and write?

Yes, they should know the basics of reading. For writing skills, they can also be taught by the parents at home. But if they still do not feel like starting their writing skills, then it is perfectly fine. First graders must already know the basics of reading and you can let them read simple words, before reading simple sentences.

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