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8 Best Hairstyles for Your Infant Boy

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22 February, 2023


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Can’t resist that adorable look of your baby boy? Then what more if you will give him the best hairstyle you will find here! You can do more for your baby, and that’s letting him have the hairstyle that he would enjoy looking back on when he’s a lot older. 

Noticing his handsome look in the morning is a great way to wake up. But to ensure he will have a good day ahead, check if he is comfortable waking up with his bed hair. Baby boys can also have a bad hair day, especially if they don’t want the way their hair is! To make him feel good while he is still young, here are the best hairstyles for him to love and enjoy:

Charming Hairstyles for Your Baby Boy

The long wait is over! Get ready to choose which among these hairstyles is the best for your adorable baby boy:

The Ultimate Bowl Cut

Courtesy of

No one will dare to resist this cute, bowl hairstyle of your baby boy! Every kid, even way before, has experienced this bowl cut, and nothing can stop their way in making this hairstyle in the long run. Bowl cuts are suitable for hair textures and colors, so you don’t have to worry! This ultimate hairstyle requires an equal length from all sides of your baby’s hair, making him the sweetest boy from the 90s!

Make It Cool with a Faded Look

Courtesy of The Gentleman Barbers

Let’s make it more stylish with this cool, handsome, faded look! This significant factor about fades makes a boy look calmer in a charming way. What’s even more exciting about this is that it can be paired with any hairstyle: spiked up, a short crop, or a combover with a razor line cut, which will make the faded sides more enhanced!

Be Artistic with Undercuts

Courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Now

A patterned hairstyle with undercuts is also one way of making him have more charming looks, and at the same time, exercising your creative skills for a haircut! This hairstyle has cute, uneven sides since the top have lengthy hair while the side or back (your choice) is trimmed. The patterned haircut will be on the side or back you want to cut, giving him the unique hairstyle ever! This choice of hairstyle will make your baby boy’s hair more lively!

Down for Business

Courtesy of Hairstyle Camp

Do you want a less intimidating look for your baby boy? Then here’s a business look with a combover! The combover is a simple yet charming way to make your baby look more handsome. It’s a good thing to get started with a haircut like this since you can make them feel that they can be easily tamed! This professional gentleman’s look is perfect for him because you can apply hair gel (it should also depend on your baby’s hair texture) and comb it upwards for a cuter combover effect!

Fringe-Worthy Hairstyle

Courtesy of Paul Skerritt

Did someone say glamorous? Well, it is because it is all about fringes that we are talking about! Let your baby boy stand out with this fringe hairstyle, where you can let him grow boundaries as he grows up. You can comb fringes downwards for a simple, fresh look and search them upward for a carefree appearance!

Curl Flex

Courtesy of Men’s HairstylesFix

A natural look for your baby boy is the best. If your little one has those cute curls from the time they are born, then let them have them and flex them even more! Maintain those loose curls with manageable length as long as your baby boy is comfy with them. You can also pair it with fades along the sides for a better look!

Fun in the Bun

Courtesy of The Trend Spotter

If your baby boy is blessed with medium to long hair lengths, it is worth trying this bun hairstyle! Do not let him skip the chance to have this primarily used hairstyle by older men, and let him enjoy this while he is still young. With that lengthy hair, you can easily tie a small bun around that long hair, making him cool enough for a baby boy!

A Mohawk Look

Courtesy of The Right Haistyles

A little Mohawk for your little man will look ravishing on him! Let them rock their hairstyle with shaved sides and a little spike in the middle. You can finish this with the power of hair gel, but it is also acceptable to put just a little or not to put one (to protect your baby’s hair). Just remember to make it last and enjoy the moment!

Infant’s Hair Texture: Straight or Curly

There are specific hairstyles that are created just to fit different hair textures of the babies. By determining your little one’s hair texture, you can now draw from it the desired hairstyle you want to have.

  • Straight hair

Since this has a flat surface, smooth, wavy hair can easily be paired with different hairstyles. Bowl cut, mohawk, fade, and fringe are some best examples of hairstyles that you can choose for this texture. 

  • Curly hair

Curly hair has a more volumized texture than straight one. Curly hair may also be seen after a year old, so it’s better to wait for some time to determine if your baby has straight or curly hair. This hair type is perfect for undercut, fading, or letting it have a natural style!

Achieve Healthy Hair for Your Infant

Having healthy hair and maintaining it must be considered before planning your desired hairstyle for your precious one. This will ensure that everything you need to do with your baby’s hair will not harm or ruin any part of your baby’s head. With these tips, you can now lessen your worry and be more confident with how you want to style your baby’s hair.

  • Observe and take note of the texture, length, and amount of your baby’s hair. With this, you can determine the washing routine that your infant will need. Remember that you just have to make the hair clean, so a few washes per week will be enough.
  • Shampoos that are to be used must contain mild added chemicals and scents.
  • Do not worry if your baby has less hair. You can still buy and prepare baby bonnets and beanies early because it is essential to protect your infant’s scalp and hair wherever you go.
  • If your baby has thick hair, it is better to stock up on a nourishing conditioner with which you are already familiar. You can use this against various tangles that your baby will usually encounter.
  • Gently dry your baby’s hair with a cotton towel. Use a soft comb or brush after.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hairstyles for Infant Boys

How do I style my baby boy’s hair?

You could choose many hairstyles: the ultimate bowl cut, fade look, undercut, combover, fringe, curly, bun, or mohawk! These are all the best hairstyles you could ask for your baby boy because they are perfect, even if your baby has straight or curly hair. You can also play and be creative by styling these sets of hairstyles more.

When should a baby boy get his first haircut?

A baby boy should get his first haircut by the time he reaches one year old. But it may be earlier than that, just make sure he’s already six months old and above! You don’t have to worry about the specific age unless your baby boy already has some movement problems. Lengthy and messy hair can hinder him from seeing correctly, so observe your little one thoroughly!

Is it better to cut baby hair wet or dry?

You must cut your baby’s hair when it is dry but not too dry. After ensuring that your baby’s hair is dry, spray one section of it and wait for it to become damp. Make sure it’s not soaking wet. If it is already moist, then you can now make minor cuts.

Can I put my 3-month-old’s hair in a ponytail?

It is too early for your baby to have a ponytail on his head. You can put a small and soft ponytail when he is already six months old and above. A small ponytail is the only hair accessory usually a boy will have, and it is for the bun hairstyle. A bun hairstyle is perfect for babies who have medium to long hair.

What should I do for my baby’s first hair?

You can be stylish with these cute ideas for saving your baby’s first lock of hair: first, you can store it in a small bottle and attach it to a necklace chain so that you can wear it as a necklace. Second, you can also connect and store it in a personalized small bag for a more secure place. Lastly, keeping it in a pill box is also a great idea!

How long do babies keep their newborn hair?

It depends on the babies. Mostly, babies tend to lose their newborn hair during the earlier months, which is the first six months. Their hair usually falls out but do not worry since the mature hair will come out soon. You just have to wait a year.

How often should I wash my baby’s hair?

You can wash your baby’s hair 2 to 3 times a week since they do not have to be washed frequently. Washing it daily is not recommended since it can dry your baby’s scalp and cause discomfort. Your baby’s hair, along with his skin, is very sensitive, so make sure to wash it frequently.

Do babies’ hair change after birth?

Yes, and the texture of their hair might also change. This usually depends on the baby, but in most cases, some changes can be seen as the baby grows up. A baby born with straight hair can turn out to be curly as the baby grows up. Genes and some environmental factors can also be a factor in these changes made.

How early can babies get hair?

The earliest babies get their hair is when they are still inside the womb. This usually occurs in the 30 weeks of pregnancy. If they do, babies already have their hair on their heads when they are born. A significant factor that causes this is hormones because if there are high amounts of hormones during the pregnancy, this can result in more hair growth.

Do you put anything in newborn hair?

Baby oil or olive oil must be put in the baby’s hair to lose some dry skin. You should put the oil gently and also rub it gently on your baby’s scalp with a soft cloth to let the flakes come out. This is done before taking a bath, so after this, a mild shampoo should be used.

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