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Fun Facts on Fluffy Rabbits 

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7 March, 2023


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If we’re talking about adorable, jumping animals, rabbits might top the list! With their long cute ears and soft, fluffy furs, you will already yearn to have them as pets just by looking at them. 

Rabbits are low maintenance pets, so you wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of them. But just like for other pets, it will be a big help if you already know a lot about them! You’d like to know which foods are best for them, and how you can make their cage a comfortable place. 

Here are seven rabbit-related facts to help you take care of your pet rabbits better. 

These Rabbit Facts That Can Make Your Kids Jump With Joy

Rabbits look smaller compared to other pets, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting! They have physical traits unique to them, and other behaviors they surprisingly share with other animals. 

Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Let’s go!

  1. Rabbit’s Ears Can Turn 180 Degrees

Photo by Pixabay

One of rabbits’ most unique characteristics are their ears. Aside from being 10 centimeters long, they can also rotate for 180 degrees! This is not to just show off to their fellow animals in the grassland. This actually helps them know if there are predators coming their way. 

Other than their ears, rabbits’ eyes also help them watch out for possible enemies. Their eyes are on the other sides of their head, allowing them to see almost everything around them. Combine this with their impressive eyesight and you already know how rabbits protect themselves from predators in the wild!

  1. Rabbit’s Teeth Never Stop Growing 

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

Rabbits are known for their huge teeth, and this might be thanks to the fact that they never stop growing! Their teeth don’t reach lengthy distances though, because they wear down as they chew their food. 

Speaking of food, carrots are not the best for rabbits, contrary to popular belief. Since carrots are high in sugar, they should only be fed to rabbits in small amounts. Root vegetables are also not a part of a rabbit’s natural diet. 

What’s natural for rabbits to eat is fresh grass. They need to nibble on them all the time to stay in good shape – both in terms of body and teeth. During summer, they also eat vegetables and wild strawberries found in fields and woodlands. In winter, rabbits also eat barks from trees! 

  1. Rabbits Love Being Around People
Photo by: Mikhail Nilov

Aside from living with their fellow jumping friends, rabbits are also fond of staying with humans. As social creatures, they treat their owners as loyal companions. They can even be taught to respond to their names, jump on your lap, and other simple tricks!

Rabbits who are not domesticated still live with their fellow rabbits in tunnels they dig underground. These are called warrens. 

While extremely social, rabbits can be independent when needed. Their owners would not have a hard time taking care of them as compared to other pets! They can also play with toys pretty easily, so you wouldn’t have to worry how to play with them. 

Celebrate bunnies’ relationship with humans this Year of the Rabbit reel: Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with Photo Ark | Ring in the Lunar New Year with this footage of two juvenile eastern cottontail rabbits at Nebraska Wildlife Rehab from Nat Geo’s #PhotoArk | By National Geographic Travel | Facebook

  1. Rabbits Can Purr

Photo by Bruna Gabrielle Félix

Other than jumping and twisting – called a binky – rabbits also purr when they’re happy and content! 

These happy jumps are no joke, as they go as high as 90 centimeters in just one leap! This is made possible by their hind leg muscles. These provide rabbits with the force and speed they use to quickly move around. 

For these muscles to properly develop as they grow, rabbits should have adequate space to go around and hop. Lack of space in exercising their muscles might be a problem when they get older – something that can be easily avoided through enough roaming grounds!

  1. Rabbits Are Shy Animals

Photo by: Anastasia Belousova

It is very easy to startle bunnies – they are really shy animals! They are also quiet most of the time. The tiny oink and honk sounds they make can only be heard when they feel happy or excited. You can also hear little growls if they are upset or trying to be scary!

You must consider their shy nature in taking care of your pet rabbit, especially for their first few months under your care. Be a little more gentle and careful first, until your pet feels comfortable in their environment and trust you as their owner!

If you would want to dive into the rabbit world, you might check out this book: Rabbits For Dummies: Isbell, Connie, Pavia, Audrey: 8601406508132: Books

  1. Rabbits Can Give Birth Multiple Times

Photo by Ana Morais 

Mother rabbits can give birth to nine babies at a time, and they do this for an average of three to four times a year! These baby rabbits are called kittens. You heard it right! Rabbit and cats share the same name for their offsprings although they look nothing alike. 

Even if kittens are still young, mother rabbits only spend little time with them. This is an effort to draw the predator’s attention away from them. Despite this, their kittens grow quickly and the entire family still stays together.

  1. Rabbits Can Get Hairballs
Photo by: Pixabay

Another similarity between rabbits and cats are their tendencies to get fur balls from grooming themselves. But unlike cats, they cannot voluntarily vomit them from their bodies. If your rabbit gets a hairball, they need to be brought to the vet to be treated. 

To prevent this from happening, make sure to regularly remove furs loose on their coats! 

As part of grooming your rabbit, do not forget to also regularly trim their nails. A six week interval will do! 

Frequently Asked Questions on Rabbits

Are rabbits easy to take care of?

If your main consideration when looking for a pet is the attention it requires, then rabbits will be easy to take care of for you. They do not require much attention and can go on for hours just playing with toys and running around fields. However, like with any other pet, you should still be aware of their needs when it comes to habitat, food, and grooming. 

Is it okay to cuddle a rabbit?

It’s perfectly understandable if you’d like to cuddle with your pet rabbit, they’re very soft and fluffy anyway! But you might want to make the rabbit comfortable with you first before cuddling them. You will know this if they are already rubbing their chin on you or giving you some bunny licks! 

How often should I feed my rabbit?

Rabbits should always have something they can nibble on, regardless if this is grass or hay. They should also be given fresh food and water everyday! 

Should I bathe my bunny? 

There is really no need to frequently bathe your rabbit since frequent washing may cause them to lose their natural oils. If you really want your rabbit to be cleaner, better opt for a dry bath! 

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