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80 Christmas Puns for Kids’ Holly Jolly Laugh

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6 March, 2023


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All the smiles for this beautiful season can be found and given everywhere. Families and friends gather for reunions and Christmas events that will be cherished the most. But the most memorable one will be the laughter shared with everyone.

This is the season to be happy and relaxed. To make things more fun and exciting, gather the best Christmas puns that will surely be loved by every child worldwide! Christmas spreads joy and love for everyone, especially for all the kids.

These Christmas puns are perfect for establishing a greater connection with the whole family. As early as now, let your kids know these puns so that they will make the most of their Christmas time laughing!

Laugh with These Christmas Puns for Kids

Gather all these great Christmas puns to share with every kid! This will be an exciting way to celebrate the holiday season. Make them laugh and enjoy the day while giving them these puns.

Courtesy of Daria-Yakovleva

  1. You’d better make sure you don’t leave the fire burning all night on Christmas Eve; you don’t want to wake up to a Krisp Kringle!
  2. I’m really pining for a Christmas tree to brighten up the place!
  3. What does Santa do when the reindeer drive too fast? Hold on for deer life.
  4. Treat your elf.
  5. Give them a round of Santa-plause!
  6. Your decorations look tree-mendous.
  7. I told you snow!
  8. There’s no need to Claus a scene.
  9. Let’s raise a mistle-toast!
  10. Stocking up on our favorite holiday treats.
  11. Have a be-yule-tiful Christmas.
  12. Icy what you did there.
  13. Christmas is always a Claus for celebration.
  14. You snow the drill.
  15. How did the reindeer know it was going to rain? Because Rudolph the red-knows-rain, deer!
  16. What do you call Santa’s little helpers? Subordinate clauses!
  17. Love at frost sight!
  18. What happens when Santa gets stuck in the chimney? He gets claus-trophobic!
  19. How does Santa keep all of his holiday season memories? On his North Pole-aroid!
  20. Make it rein.
  21. Have snow fear; Christmas is here!
  22. Santa has the final sleigh on which present you’re getting.
  23. I love you from your head all the way to your mistletoes!
  24. Eggnog is really not all its cracked up to be!
  25. Did you see that sheep? It’s a real baa humbug!
  26. This Christmas, we’re going to need plenty of hand santa-tizer!
  27. One Christmas tree ornament turned to the other and said, “I really like hanging with you”!
  28. Oh deer, Christmas is really coming about quickly this year.
  29. Let’s take a Christmas elf-ie!

Courtesy of Alexas_Fotos

  1. These funny Christmas puns really are tree-mendous!
  2. Have your elf a merry little Christmas…
  3. I’m really pining for a Christmas tree to brighten up the place!
  4. Christmas is the best time of the year to get up to snow good!
  5. The North Pole creates all of its own goods. It’s really elf-sufficient!
  6. Did you hear about the elf that ran away? He’s a real rebel without a Claus!
  7. Simply having a wonderful Christmas thyme.
  8. The Christmas spirit really soots you. 
  9. You’re adorabell!
  10. This hot chocolate is delicious, may I have some myrrh?
  11. This Christmas is orna-meant to be the best one yet.
  12. It’s impossible to not feel festive right now.
  13. Let’s get this gingerbread.
  14. I bewreath in the spirit of Christmas.
  15. I got my mind set on yule.
  16. You’re my snow angel!
  17. Everything looks in peppermint condition.
  18. I’m Claus-itive this will be a Christmas to remember.
  19. Let’s make santamental Christmas memories.
  20. It’s a simple case of Claus and effect.
  21. Did you know Santa has another favorite snack besides milk and cookies? Kringle cut fries!
  22. What are Santa’s lucky suits in cards? The red suits, of course.
  23. Christmas is a special time of year, as Santa graces you with his presents.
  24. Santa’s pretty stelfy going down the chimney, don’t you think?
  25. Yes, I’m elf-aware of my abundant Christmas spirit.
  26. Wishing elf and safety to everyone this season.
  27. Be your best elf.
  28. Did you hear about the elfabet change? Now there’s Noel!
  29. Don’t forget to snap that Christmas selfie.
  30. I have a helfy dose of Christmas cheer.

Courtesy of Karen_Nadine

  1. Did you hear that Christmas joke? It’s effin hilarious!
  2. Believe in your elf this Christmas.
  3. Share the welf during the holidays.
  4. Have your elf a merry little Christmas!
  5. It’s snow secret that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.
  6. We’re having snow much fun!
  7. Do they snow it’s Christmas?
  8. There’s snow place like home for the holidays.
  9. You can tell which dessert the snowman brought by looking at the icing.
  10. We wish you a fluffy Christmas!
  11. Do they snow its Christmas?
  12. “Happy holly-days,” said the wreath to the garland.
  13. A mistle-toast to the holiday season.
  14. Shake it like a pole-oriod picture.
  15. The snuggle is real.
  16. Christmas has me feeling extra Santa-mental.
  17. The kids are on pines and needles waiting for Santa’s gifts to arrive under the tree.
  18. You snow the drill.
  19. Chillin’ with my snowmies.
  20. Snow time like the present.
  21. Don’t get caught elvesdropping on Santa!

Why Talk about Christmas Puns for Kids?

The Christmas season is a great time to bond with your families. Christmas gifts are not the only ones worth giving to every person, but the best Christmas puns must be given too. These will spark their love for Christmas more and make their happiness burst!

  1. Christmas puns produce laughter

Because puns have numerous ways of using different words creatively, they cause humor and fun to everyone who hears them. They give words and phrases different meanings, making them loved by kids. Christmas puns give light and joyful vibes that are perfect for the holidays.

Courtesy of Gilmanshin

  1. Christmas puns are suitable for kids

Christmas puns are not just fun to hear but also one way of learning more about Christmas. Kids will love to know more about Santa, snow, and elves. They will also feel the spirit and love of Christmas once they learn about these Christmas puns.

  1. Christmas puns are creative

Since puns need playful terms and words, they appear to be creative in form. Kids will love to explore and know more about how puns are made. They will also develop their creative thinking skills, which will help them in school.

And where do you use these puns? Well, we’ve got some fun Christmas activities here:

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Puns for Kids

At what age do most kids stop believing in Santa?

It usually depends on the state, but the most common age is eight. This is because the age range between seven and ten is already severe about asking questions about Santa. They are now more curious, and some parents give a good explanation in answering about Santa.

Should a 12-year-old still believe in Santa?

Yes. There is no specific age at order not to believe in Santa anymore. But usually, children seven years old and above already find it hard to believe anymore. This is because they make changes in the way they think. They are now more open to reasoning and thinking in a logical manner.

At what age should you tell your child Santa Claus is not real?

Starting from the age of seven years old. These are the ages when children explore more of their thinking skills. They now find it hard to believe everything, especially the loveable Santa Claus. They have questions about how reindeer go up in the sky. They are now exploring with their proper thinking skills.

What is Santa’s legal name?

The most popular legal name for Santa in the world is Santa Claus. Santa has different nicknames that are known for. But Santa’s legal name depends on what country you are living in. Every child loves looking for Santa Claus because of his gifts to them. Santa also enjoys being around at Christmas, so everyone will always look for Santa Claus.

Should an 11-year-old still believe in Santa?

Yes, and no age will matter when believing in Santa Claus. Children and young adults love Santa and get excited even if Christmas is still far away. Every childhood is not complete without Santa, so it is better to guide the kids in believing in Santa Claus.

What to say when a kid asks if Santa is real?

Always plan what to say first if your kid asks for Santa. If you have a family tradition about Santa, then follow your tradition. There are also some personal reasons you could have; always remember to consult this first with your reason. If it is okay for you to let them believe it, then a simple “of course” will do. With this, guide them as they grow older.

Is Santa real, yes or no?

There are historical records that show that Santa Claus is honest. Santa Claus was an actual person who was born about 280 A.D. Santa Claus is also known as Saint Nicholas, and his life story is known for centuries. Saint Nicholas is also known for his big love and passion for helping other people.

How do you tell your child there is no elf on the shelf?

Explain to them first how their behavior improved. Telling them what you have observed from their daily actions and thoughts will let them reflect on their own. In this way, they will know that they have progressed and developed growth. Then, you can tell them they won’t need one because they are already good.

What are three nicknames for Santa?

Santa Claus has different nicknames found in some countries. But the most known is Father Christmas, and this is used in England. Another name is Papa Noel, commonly used in France and Brazil. Lastly is St. Nicholas—St. Nicholas is known for his love and passion for the people.

What is Santas wife called?

It’s Mrs. Claus. But usually, she doesn’t have a first name. She is known as Mrs. Claus and the wife of Santa Claus. She doesn’t want to be known by any name. She is already fine and happy when people address her as Mrs. Claus. It is best to know her in this simple manner.

What is Santa’s elf called?

They are called Santa’s great helpers. Santa has six elves with names beside him, and they are Alabaster Snowball, Bushy Evergreen, Pepper Minstix, Shinny Upatree, Sugarplum Mary, and Wunorse Openslae. But according to studies, there are about 110,000 elves! They are all hardworking and love to make all the gifts and toys for the children.

What is Santa’s bag of gifts called?

A sack! It is called Santa’s sack because it is where Santa keeps his gifts for the children. The sack is also used to keep all the gifts safe whenever Santa travels. It might look smaller from afar, but it is large enough to fit all the wonderful presents!

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