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6 Fun Outdoor Learning Activities for Kids

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23 February, 2023


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Learning is not confined to within the walls of your house. Your kids can learn a lot from places and activities outside your home. Here are some of the best outdoor activities your kids can try, have fun with, and learn from. 

Consider Gardening

Courtesy of All About Gardening

There’s a ton of learning experience that your kids can get from gardening. There’s the feel of the earth in their hands, the animals that live in the soil, and the proper techniques in watering plants. They can also learn how deep the seeds should be buried and experience the patience needed to wait for the results of their efforts.

These are just some essential lessons your kids can learn from gardening. So, take your kids to the garden, let them get dirty and sweaty, and then watch them grow to love plants and nature with you. 

Ride a Bike

Courtesy of Discovery

This outdoor activity might be a little polarizing because only some know or have learned how to ride a bike. However, bike riding or cycling is one of the most enjoyable things for those who do it. Whether on a paved road or a muddy trail, this outdoor activity is undoubtedly one that your kid can appreciate even when he’s much older. 

If your kid has yet to learn how to ride a bike, learning how to ride one is undoubtedly going to be an unforgettable experience. Just equip your kid with the proper gear to protect him from major injuries. If he falls, let him pick himself up and try again. That’s one of the biggest lessons he can learn from this outdoor activity. 

Visit the Beach 

Courtesy of Parents

If you’re considering giving your kids some sensory activity outdoors, then the beach is probably one of the best places to go. The sand, the breeze, the sound of splashing waves – there are many things for your kids to experience and learn from by going to the beach. They might even learn how to swim if you’re confident enough to let them explore. 

It is essential to note that the beach also has its share of risks. Among these, the risk of drowning should be your most significant concern. So, never leave your kids unattended when they’re on the beach. 

Walk to the Park

Courtesy of Thrive Global

If you’re not into sand and swimming, you can take your kids to the park for picnics and other activities. Parks are also a great source of sensory stimuli. There are a ton of sensory and play activities that you can do there to keep your kids busy and entertained. 

You can play catch with your kid there, run around with your pets, learn to fly a kite, or just simply lie down on the grass and stare at the sky. Regardless of what you do there, the trip to the park will always be a worthwhile outdoor activity for your kids. 

Put up a Sidewalk Sale or Lemonade Stand

Courtesy of Fern and Maple

It may only be a few steps outside the house, but your sidewalk can be an awesome venue for another outdoor learning activity. 

You can set up a stall there and ask the kids to help you with a simple sidewalk sale (to get rid of those clothes, toys, and other items in the house that are not being used anymore) or a good old lemonade stand.  It may not be a sensory activity for them, but it is a good way for your kids to learn some entrepreneurial and communication skills. 

Tasks like handling the money, counting the right amount of change, creating and taking note of the inventory, waiting patiently for customers to come and buy, and talking to them politely are just some of the opportunities your kids can experience and learn from. 

Go Hiking

Courtesy of Seattle’s Child

When your kids are just bursting with energy, you can bring them into the woods for some hiking fun. Although this outdoor activity can be physically challenging (and effective at exhausting their energy), it presents plenty of learning opportunities. 

While hiking, you can do bird watching, basic scout training, or even insert a few biology and geology lessons here and there. You can also bring camping gear with you to set up a hammock or a tent where you plan to rest. 

Ensure you have studied the trail before letting the kids go with you. This includes gathering information about the trail’s elevation, slope, and possible wildlife present in the area. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast since weather conditions significantly affect hiking experiences. 

Final Words

These six great outdoor learning activities will help your kids gain and improve skills necessary for personal growth and life outside the house. They also provide a welcome break from the traditional studying and learning your kids go through daily. More importantly, these outdoor activities let you spend precious quality time with your kids. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Outdoor Learning Activities for Kids

How do I get my kids to spend more time outside?

Encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors by:

  • Offering an incentive like going out to their favorite restaurant afterward
  • Taking away their devices (phones, consoles, or tablets)
  • Hosting outdoor activities by inviting their friends over
  • Including outdoor time as part of their regular schedule
  • Assigning outdoor tasks/chores to them like gardening, backyard cleaning, and more

Why should kids go outside every day?

Kids need to spend more time outside because:

  • It helps make your kids physically healthier
  • It helps make them more curious 
  • It helps them be more positive

How long should kids stay outside daily?

Childcare experts suggest that kids spend at least 90 minutes outdoors daily. This should be enough time for decent sun exposure (vitamin D production) and physical exercise. 

Why do kids not go outside anymore?

Nowadays, kids prefer staying indoors because they want to spend more time on their electronic devices. Also, many stay indoors because they don’t like getting hot or sweaty outside. Others don’t go out much because their parents do not allow them to.

Should I force my kids to go outside?

Preferably no. However, if you have tried everything else possible and you see that your kid is spending unhealthy hours indoors, you might consider it. Just make sure you turn that outside time into a positive memory at the end of the day, so they don’t dread going out again.  

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