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Best Cartoons for Kids: Shows to Guide Them As They Grow

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28 February, 2023


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Childhood is not complete if there are no cartoon shows on it. Kids wait eagerly for the next episodes of their favorite show. They also look forward to watching one as soon as they finish breakfast or get home from preschool.

As they get older, the lessons they get from the cartoon shows will help them through life. Memories from their favorite scenes will inspire them to look forward to more exciting adventures in life.

If you want them to experience the best of their childhood (and hopefully grow into well-rounded adults), they deserve to watch only inspiring cartoons. Nothing can beat these cartoons—and what they bring to different kids’ lives worldwide.

The Best Cartoons for Kids

From interesting cartoons to educational ones, we got you covered! Get ready to see the sparkle in your kid’s eyes as they get to watch these awesome cartoons throughout their childhood.

Kiri & Lou

A great adventure for life and friendship is waiting for your kid, so let them meet Kiri & Lou. There are many life lessons to be inspired by, especially conflict resolution and teamwork. These two buddies are positive models for your kids to look up to and will further boost their self-confidence.

Photo by Nick Jr.

Rhyme Time Town

This cartoon show will bring back memories through nursery rhymes! There are a lot of games and activities that come with songs that every kid will not get tired of. This show is also great for them to learn more about rhythm and repetition.

Santiago of the Seas

Going around the world with this cartoon show will let your kid enjoy exploring and discovering new things. Along the episodes, kids will also learn the importance of being kind and brave as they complete the adventures they need to do. There are also valuable lessons, such as compassion for animals and honoring the family, that your kid will love to learn.

Dora and Friends: Into the City!

Dora continues her adventures that will inspire your kid to explore the world by helping other people. Dora’s acts of service and thoughtfulness for the people are an excellent example of a life lesson to have as every kid grows up. Stories of friendship and introducing problem-solving skills are also part of this beautiful show.

Elinor Wonders Why

Elinor will teach your children curiosity along with proper observation skills!! This rabbit, along with her friends, inspires every child to know about diversity and taking care of the environment. They also encourage kids to ask questions about something they are curious about.

Photo by Dimitrisvetsikas1969

Martin Morning

With this show, many adventures await your child, where Martin wakes up with a new character in his body every morning! Children will learn about acceptance, and they will be able to hone their creative skills with Martin. They will also be aware of the different faces and statuses of every person they encounter as they grow up.

Hero Elementary

Let your kids be inspired by these superheroes while they eagerly learn at school. These superheroes master their powers by helping others and solving problems using science. They will also encourage every kid to practice their communication skills and self-awareness.

Super Friends

Another set of superheroes is here to save the day and bring lessons about honesty and truth in life! They also want to share the importance of friendship and teamwork with every child. Kids will also love this show because they have their loveable sidekicks beside them.


A brave girl who teaches vocabulary words through interesting contexts will help your child build their language and comprehension. There are four new vocabulary words to look out for each episode, so your kid will be encouraged more to start building meaningful concepts. This show also promotes positive values for diverse societies.

The Lion Guard

Here comes Simba’s son, Kion, who will inspire every kid to have the courage and strength to face life as they grow up. Kion also teaches about having responsibility and using his power in the proper manner. This show also tells how one has to help each other through teamwork.

Photo by Disney

Four Tips for Choosing the Best Cartoons for Kids

Kids love cartoons and will never get tired of watching them all over again. They might watch them in their free time or given time, so parents must ensure that every cartoon is worth waiting for. Here are five things to remember when choosing the best cartoons for kids:

  1. Search for cartoons that have short episodes

Some shows contain short episodes, which will be better for the kids. This will give them a proper rest for their mind and eyes. Parents will also find it easy to turn off the television if there is a natural break.

  1. Choose cartoons that are pleasant to the ears

Some cartoons contain loud songs and music that kids won’t enjoy. Ensure that the kids will be attracted to sounds pleasing to the ears. Watching shows with your kids to monitor everything properly will also be better.

  1. Consider the pace and tone

It will be appropriate to let the kids watch lively cartoons during the day to match their energy. When it comes to bedtime, let them watch calming shows to help them go to bed properly. Always consider these two essential things to help you get through the day.

  1. Ensure that every show is aligned with your value

The show’s quality will help you teach lessons and values that are important to you. Make sure that all the shows are aligned with your preferences. You also need to take the opportunity to talk about the lessons they learned after the show.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Cartoons for Kids

What is the most popular cartoon for kids?

Dora and Friends: Into the city! This is the most popular for kids since they are following a grown-up Dora today. New adventures await them, and this loveable character continues to help the people in their community. Dora also keeps her friends beside her, which shows love for true friendship.

What is a good cartoon to watch for kids?

Santiago of the Seas is a good cartoon for kids because kids can explore and discover new things with each episode. This show also encourages kids to be courageous in everything that they do. This also encourages them to be kind and courteous to other people. Santiago of the Seas inspires them to take care of their family fully. 

What is the most popular children’s cartoon in 2022?

Hero Elementary is one of the most popular cartoons in 2022. This show focuses on the school where superheroes master their powers while helping those in need. They also enjoy solving their problems with the help of science! These fun superheroes will encourage kids to practice their social skills and self-awareness.

What is the best cartoon for 4-year-olds?

WordGirl will be the best cartoon for them. Since they are already four years old, they can start practicing their vocabulary. Words familiar to them will be great for new exercises with this show. Their language development will also be enhanced, thus helping them to gather more meaningful concepts.

What is the coolest cartoon ever?

The Super Friends! This Super Friends cartoon consists of united heroes of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. These five iconic superheroes are gathered to fight for the good and teach kids the power of teamwork. They also value honesty and truth, which are essential in life, significantly as the kids grow up.

How much TV should a 7-year-old have?

They should only have one to two hours a day to watch television. The time spent watching cartoon shows must not be more than one or two hours a day since this can lead to severe problems for kids. Some problems might include irregular sleep or less time for play.

Which animation cartoon is best?

The Lion Guard. This cartoon show is about having courage while growing up in this world. Kion, the main character, is also responsible for their land. Kion ensures he has the right people to guide him as he protects their land. This show also inspires kids to create the best teamwork with their friends as they grow up.

What is the #1 cartoon of all time?

The Super Friends. This show has Batman and other iconic superheroes on it. These superheroes are teamed up for a better experience of saving many kids’ days by teaching them to be honest. Being honest while growing up is essential and will lead to better success in life.

Which cartoon is educational?

Rhyme Time Town is one of the educational shows found above. This educational show has different nursery rhymes that are performed in creative and exciting ways. Kids will learn to know different rhythms and repetitions as they sing along with the songs. They will also be familiar with rhymes and other vital lessons with music and words.

When should kids watch cartoons?

Kids should watch cartoons if they are already 18 to 24 months old. Their screen time should be around one to two hours, and they must be accompanied by their parents. The cartoons should also be educational and for learning purposes, because this will greatly benefit kids. This is one way of helping them grow up properly.

Are cartoons good for the brain?

Yes, because cartoons are great for visual processing. Kids will quickly absorb and remember all the information they gathered from viewing the screen. Kids also love how they are attracted to the colors and actions they have observed in the cartoons. They also enjoy being more curious about the life lessons they bring as they watch them in their limited time.

Which is the best cartoon ever?

Martin Morning is the best cartoon to let the kids watch. This show inspires children to learn to accept some things they cannot change today. This is also great for letting the children know that different people face different daily situations. They will learn how to be kind and creative to think of ways to survive each day.

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