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12 Best Ideas for Your Baby Shower Game Prize

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4 March, 2023


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Your baby shower should be all about you and your baby. After all, your friends and family gather to celebrate the little one coming into your life. But you would still want to give the love back and ensure that your guests have a good time! 

Besides the food, refreshments, and venue decorations, you also need to plan the games. And, of course, the baby shower game prizes. Make it a baby shower to remember by ensuring that these are things your guests will love and appreciate.

From personalized gift boxes to plants and succulents, this list will give you an idea of the best game prizes for your baby shower!

Baby Shower Games

Photo by Kampus Production

Before diving into the best prizes, you can give your baby shower guests, decide first on the games they will be playing! Do you want the spotlight on the parents-to-be, or want to know more about the baby’s future godfathers and godmothers?

Whichever you decide, these games will make your baby shower more fun and meaningful! 

  1. Who Knows Mommy/Daddy Best?

You would want to involve all your guests in your first baby shower game. This can instantly brighten the party’s mood and get your families and friends to warm up to each other. The secret to hyping your large crowd? Play Who Knows Mommy or Daddy Best! We promise, this one’s very easy to do!


  • Pen and Paper 
  • Jar or Fishbowl


  1. Prepare random trivia about the parents.
  2. Ask the guests to pick trivial out of the bowl.
  3. If the answer is correct, the participant gets the prize.
  4. If the answer is wrong, other people will have the chance to steal! 
  5. Who’s That Baby?

For a more personal touch for your family and friends, you can include them as part of the questions and not just the ones to answer them! With “Who’s That Baby?” you can take your guests down memory lane with baby pictures of their own.


  • Baby pictures
  • Board
  • Tape
  • Pen and Paper


  1. Gather baby pictures from your guests.
  2. Put the pictures on a board using artsy tape.
  3. Have the guests guess who these babies are. 
  4. The one with the most correct number of answers wins!
  1. Human Bingo
Photo by Kampus Production

A successful baby shower should have guests who can easily make the conversation flow. How can your multiple friend groups mingle with each other? The Human Bingo is the perfect icebreaker for your baby shower!


  • Bingo Card
  • Pen


  1. Prepare a Bingo card with different but familiar descriptions for each box.


Box no. 1 with “traveled outside the country this year”

Box no. 2 with “doesn’t drink coffee”

  1. Guests should go around and find someone who fits the description on the box. These people should sign their names on the card.
  2. The first guests who complete a straight, horizontal, or diagonal line pattern win!
  3. Signatories can be called to share more about the box description that fits them!
  1. Guess the Baby Food

If you want a more physical game without all the hassle and sweat, try Guess the Baby Food! With a host who can confuse the guests on what foods on the unlabelled jars are, this one is a sure source of fun!


  • Unlabelled Jars
  • Pureed baby food
  • Spoons


  1. Put pureed baby food in unlabelled jars.
  2. Guests should guess what these foods are by their look and smell.
  3. The most number of correct answer wins!

Baby Shower Prizes

After playing the games you’ve prepared, your guests will look forward to the adorable prizes! To live up to the standard your baby shower is currently having, here are some game prize ideas that will take your party to the next level! 

  1. Gift certificates

Haven’t had the chance to shop for prizes? Fret not, because you can never go wrong with gift certificates! Whether for your local department store or the coffee shop next door, this gives your guests the freedom to buy what they really want.

  1. Body Wash or Lotion
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Baby showers just give off some gentle and tender vibes. So. body products like body wash and lotion can be a fitting game prize for your guests! These products’ fragrance and soothing effect will surely make your guests thankful for being there at your baby shower.

  1. Potted Plants or Succulents

Potted plants and succulents received a well-deserved hype during the pandemic. This hype has not died down one bit until today! This cute domestic game prize will remind your guests of the fun baby shower they attended.

  1. Home-made cookies

If you want a more personal touch on your game prizes, prepare some homemade cookies! This will also help if your baby shower is tight on a budget. You can give your guests an added sweetness with just a few ingredients!

  1. Bottle of Wine or Liquor
Photo by Ylanite Koppens

After an energetic baby shower, your guests might still want to continue the party home. If that’s the case, a bottle of wine and other liquors as game prizes will seal the deal! You might want to stay away from those with high alcohol content, just in case they open their bottle during the baby shower!

  1. Personalized Mugs or Tumblers

Adding a personal touch to your prizes always adds intimacy to any event. Personalized mugs or tumblers are not only great as game prizes but even as giveaways as well. These are useful, portable, and cost less than other baby shower game prizes!

  1. Candles

Scented and decorative candles know no age. From your young friends to the baby’s soon-to-be grandparents, everyone can appreciate them! Add a little ribbon that matches the baby shower theme, and these candles will surely light up the mood of whoever might get them!

  1. Coffee Box

Most of your guests might be working adults who need coffee to start their day. A simple coffee box as a baby shower game prize can go a long way for them! You can play around with the boxes’ designs and add your favorites to the mix for a more personal touch! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

Baby showers are usually done in the afternoon and last two to three hours. This includes chit-chat, snacks, and the opening of gifts. With all these considered, you can have about three to five games between other activities planned for the program. 

How many baby shower prizes should I have?

While it is tempting to have many prizes for each game, two to three will be enough for games with limited participants. You can have up to five games involving all the guests. This way, you can have multiple games and not just one game with multiple winners. You can also allot extras if you have reservations about how many will join and win.

What activities can you do at a baby shower?

There is no fixed list of activities at baby showers. It is up to the hosts and parents. There are still parts of the program that cannot be missing, though. Always have time for snacks and refreshments, games, opening of gifts, and giving messages or advice to the parents-to-be.

How long should baby shower games last?

Games are often better when they are shorter. This gives plenty of time for more games or other activities. You would want to keep each game under 30 minutes, especially those with only a few selected participants. This way, you can avoid having your guests feel bored or uninterested.

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