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6 Best Winter Books For Kids

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28 February, 2023


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The winter season is one of the most exciting and fun seasons kids look forward to every year. The cold wind breeze brings a fresh feeling that the season is changing. It gives them a lot of ideas and fun activities to do during the winter season. 

Imagine the snowballs, the angel-formed figure on the snow at your door front, the warm fireplace you have to prepare, the three to five layers of sweater you will wear, and the hot coffee or choco you will drink! Oh, what a wonderful season it is.

Best Winter Books for Kids

Some kids love winter, but some are afraid. If you are a parent thinking about preparing your kids for the winter season, this article is for you! Some kids easily transition into a new one, and some are not. Some are excited, and some want to stay inside their houses. So how will you prepare your kids and babies for one of the most exciting seasons?

One of them is to read books! Book reading has its way of narrating reality to kids that makes them excited about what you are reading. It helps them communicate and paint what’s ahead of them.

So if you’re preparing your kids for winter, here are some of the best winter books you can consider reading with your kids:

Little Critter: Just a Snowman

Little Critter wants to build a snowman, but before that, he must help his sister wear snow boots, assist his dad in shoveling the sidewalk, and Gator builds a fort. Little Critter is excited to make his snowman now that snow is piled high and school is canceled. 

But he has to help his sister and dad first. So, will Little Critter ever build a snowman? This storybook will show your little ones a fun, exciting tale on their snowy day adventure!

Photo by: Harper Collins Publisher

Winter Is Here Board Book

Snow falls, animals burrow, and children prepare for the wonders winter brings. Winter Is Here board book is an ideal choice for story time, seasonal curriculums, and bedtime ready for your little one. This book contains photos showing the winter season’s sights, sounds, and smells. Winter Is Here is perfect for your baby’s little hands!

Photo by: Harper Collins Publisher

Sea Bear

We don’t want just to read entertaining books to our kids but also value-based books that will shape them into better and helpful humans. Sea Bear is a page-turner book with a vital message about changing our planet. This book is a profoundly moving and informative story that teaches about perseverance, family, nature, and climate change that will mark good values for your little ones. 

Moore’s remarkable and beautifully illustrated book speaks about a polar bear that travels across the sea of ice to find some food. Unfortunately, as the ice evaporates, food becomes a race. That’s why Sea Bear is forced to swim in the cold sea of ice. But eventually, she finds shelter on the land after the storm-tossed and exhausted swimming, where she can give birth to Cubs and waits for the sea to freeze again.

This wonderfully illustrated book is perfect for scientific facts and poetry lessons that show the reality of climate change and how it poses a threat to the animals of the Arctic.

Photo by: Harper Collins Publisher

The Berenstain Bears’ Winter Wonderland

On one snowy day, Bear Country becomes a winter wonderland. Brother and Sister Bear goes ice-skating, sledding, skiing, and more—but what Brother Bear wants to do is have a snowball fight! Berenstain Bears’ Winter Wonderland is an exciting adventure through the snow! 

As a classic book, you simply can’t go wrong with it! With beautiful pictures and excellent story telling, your children will want to read more.

Photo by: Harper Collins Publisher

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups Board Book

Poor Little Penguin has a major case of the—HIC!—hiccups.

Can you help Little Penguin—HIC!—cure his hiccups? 

It all started last week on chili night. Since then, Little Penguin has tried everything to get rid of them, but nothing—HIC!—works. 

Let’s get hilarious with a sweet tale of icebergs, chili, and playful surprises that puts its reader at the very center of the story—now in board book format! So get your babies with this Little Penguin Hiccup Board Book!

Photo by: Harper Collins Publisher

Twinkle, Twinkle, Winter Night

Winter is a time of dazzling warmth and cozy familiarity, whether it’s the burning candles in a neighbor’s window, the chill sky, the moon in the breeze, or the magnificent lights hopped up across town. 

This charm is caught in the book Twinkle, Twinkle, Winter Night, which makes it perfect for bedtimes and sing-alongs on days when the sun sets early, and the winter wonders shine brightly. This fascinating version of a well-loved nursery rhyme welcomes winter by bringing the shimmering period of lights to life.

Photo by: Harper Collins Publisher

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Winter Books for Kids

When is the best time to read winter books for kids?

Any time of the year is the best time to read winter books for your kids! Even if winter is a year from now or days from now. You can do a countdown to prepare and excite your kids, too. A regular bedtime story will help them set their minds on the upcoming season.

How can winter books help my kids?

Winter books can help your kids visualize what winter is, what happens during winter, and how to prepare for winter. However, winter stories aren’t all about winter but also about its activities, expectations, and one’s journey. Winter Books can help you teach your kids about the values you want them to grow with.

Should I buy a physical book or a PDF for book reading?

Both physical books and PDFs can work for you and your kid. If your family is into papers and pages, buy a physical book! But if your family is into kindle and gadgets, purchase a PDF! Each family is unique in learning, so find what your family prefers and go for it!

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