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15 Bedtime Stories For Babies

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4 March, 2023


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Spending quality time with your babies creates a strong bond they carry as they grow up. Recently, there have been many new activities to spend time with each other. Still, nothing beats the good old storytelling time with your little ones.

Start them young! You can read them stories even if they’re just months old, then build on this hobby until they grow into adorable little kids. There are all kinds of stories you can share. Let this list help you choose! 

For Ages 0-3

From a few months up to three years old, your babies might not respond to the stories the way you want them to. Continue reading them fun and simple bedtime stories, though! This will help their brain develop comprehension and get them interested in reading!

  1. Little Lion Learns to Roar
Photo by Bedtime Short Stories

This story about how a Little Lion Learns to Roar will inspire your little ones to overcome hardships like Little Lion did. He had to be taught by an elephant, a donkey, and a cat how to roar, but he didn’t learn at first. When the time came that he needed to save his animal friends, Little Lion was able to roar with all his strength. 

  1. Jimmy the Cat and Gardening
Photo by Story Berries

Jimmy is a cat who decided to try gardening. Through the help of his dog, parrot, and spider friends, he was able to plant healthy broccoli. Other than teaching your kids how easier life can be with friends, it can also be a lesson about having the diligence to achieve your goals—even if it’s as simple as planting broccoli! 

  1. The Tortoise and The Hare
Photo by Tales with Gigi

Sometimes, it’s not about your skills but how you use them. Your baby can learn this lesson creatively through the story of The Tortoise and The Hare. Despite being slower, the Tortoise won over the Hare because it patiently continued with the race. The Hare became too confident in his speed; he was too boastful and ended up losing. 

  1. Kitten’s First Full Moon
Photo by Homer

This tale about a Kitten’s First Full Moon is a feel-good story about a kitten who saw the full moon as a bowl of milk. She went to the trees, gardens, and sidewalks just to have a taste but to no avail. Luckily, a bowl of milk was waiting for her when she went home! The lesson can be as simple as that—sometimes what you need is right in front of your eyes!

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish
Photo by Homer

A true testament to the wonders of friendship, Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish can teach your baby about kindness. Even if Crabby constantly taunted Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish, these two best friends still helped him when he was caught in the trap. Thanks to their good heart, Crabby was saved, and they earned a new friend! 

For Ages 4-6

At this stage of their development, your babies aged four to six can already understand and remember the lessons taught by your bedtime stories. Make good use of their curiosity and eagerness to learn through these creative and meaningful tales!

  1. The Great Hill
Photo by Stories for Kids

Using bedtime stories effectively instills lessons in your babies when done correctly. You can use The Great Hill, a story about the perseverance of a Yolk who climbed a hill day and night, even if other yolks were faster than him. With the right perspective of climbing at his own pace, he made it to the top and surpassed others who quit. 

  1. The Neighbourhood Sofa
Photo by Storyberries

It is essential to teach your kids that buying new things does not always equate to happiness, and you can do this through The Neighbourhood Sofa. When Mr. Barry threw out Darla, his old sofa, a couple of his neighbors, birds, and insects used it to hang out with each other. After Mr. Barry saw what happened, he even added a table and raincoat for Darla, making her the happiest she’s been! 

  1. The Little Red Riding Hood
Photo by DLTK’s Sites for Kids

Now that your baby is already fond of going to different places, the lesson from The Little Red Riding Hood can come in handy. This is a story of a young girl who went to visit her grandmother but met a bad hungry wolf instead. This story teaches your baby to always be careful, just like Little Red Riding Hood. 

  1. The Pout-Pout Fish
Photo by The Pout-Pout Fish

Your child can be a little irritable at four to six years old. In this case, The Pout-Pout Fish can be the bedtime story for them. This tale about an unhappy fish that brings sadness wherever he goes can help you communicate with your baby about emotions and feelings that are all normal to feel, even at a young age. 

  1. The Ant and The Dove
Photo by Kids World Fun

Kindness always comes back to you, and an effective way to relay this to your baby is through the bedtime story of The Ant and The Dove. The Dove helped the Ant reach the shore, and in return, the Ant bit a man who was about to shoot the Dove. Its plot is as simple as its lesson—always be kind. 

For Ages 7-9

Kids aged seven to nine can already comprehend stories with a little more complicated plot. These are also the formative stages of their childhood, so it will be best to choose bedtime stories where they can learn more about themselves and how they should treat others. 

  1. The Princess and The Salt
Photo by Bedtime Short Stories

A story where a princess made her father realize the importance of salt after he banished her to the forest, The Princess and The Salt can help your babies realize the importance of listening. As young as they are, kids aged seven to nine can already discern which is essential and which is not if they will just listen close enough—something learned by the king the hard way. 

  1. Where is Yellow?
Photo by Storyberries

It is never too early to teach your children the value of selflessness. In the tale Where is Yellow, the Yellow paint didn’t want to be used because she didn’t want to be thin and ugly. But when she saw that the sun was missing in the most beautiful painting for all the children in the world, she still offered herself despite having reservations. 

  1. King Midas and The Golden Touch
Photo by Bedtime Short Stories

King Midas was a wealthy king who was never content with his fortune. When his touch turned everything to gold, he was delighted at first. But then, he realized the importance of non-material things. Telling this story to your kids before bedtime can help them value people and things that matter more. 

  1. The Story of Yes and No
Photo by Free Children Stories

In this story, Yes and No were siblings who had very different behavior. They served the King, and he would call Yes if he wanted the dish and No if he didn’t. This origin story about how the meanings of Yes and No came to be can stir the mind of young kids. It can also make them realize their actions’ importance and how they affect others.

  1. The Bee and The Rose
Photo by Storyberries

If you’re looking for a story that will make your little one realize the true meaning of happiness, The Bee and The Rose is for you. As the bee and the rose find ways to stay together despite challenges caused by their differences, they also figure out the things they want the most. Of course, on top of the list is being happy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bedtime Stories for Babies

What kind of literature is appropriate for kids?

Children’s books usually follow a standard suitable for kids of different age groups. These usually have family, environment, good deeds, and friendship themes. As your babies grow older, the more complex the language in this literature becomes.

What kind of stories do children prefer?

For easier recall, children usually prefer stories with rhyming sounds. This makes the plot easier to understand. Plus, the patterned sound makes listening to these stories more enjoyable. Visual storybooks also remain on top of the kids’ favorite stories list!

Do bedtime stories help kids sleep?

Yes! Other than forming a bond between you and your kids, bedtime stories also help your kids sleep better. While kids who listen to stories sleep better, research has also found that parents benefit from reading stories to children before bed!

Should you read to your child every night?

With all the benefits you and your child can get from bonding over bedtime stories, it would be better to do it as often as you’d like. Your baby’s vocabulary improves over time after exposure to new words and stories. If you both had a long day, it’s fine to skip a day or two! 

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