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Don’t Miss These Life-Changing Shows Made for 1-3-Year-Olds

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1 March, 2023


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Letting your toddler watch TV shows for the first time is very challenging. Once they get their full attention to any shows they love, there is no getting back now. They will never get tired of watching it again and want to try other related or similar shows.

But take heart, everything will still be fine if there is proper limitation and viewing. Parents know how powerful these shows are because this is one step in helping them guide their kids as they prepare to become adults.

Great TV shows will take your child into a world full of fun and learning. Children will have an introduction to the life they will be facing because of the realities they give on the shows. This is another excellent opportunity for them to build their self-confidence and awareness.

The Best Life-Changing Shows for 1-3-year-olds

The best shows to look for must be child-friendly and calming to the kids. The shows must also be heavily focused on their teaching methods and how these methods can happily engage the children. 

Nina’s World 

This is a show where kids will have a good time learning about the importance of having family and friends. They will also love knowing how different nationalities go together in a community and build warm relationships. They will also get a chance to learn and be inspired by the arts, just like Nina and her friends.

Photo by PBS Kids sprout tv fandom

Word Party

This is a fun and interactive cartoon show where kids can help the four animals by answering their questions through the screen. Kids will build their vocabulary skills and be confident enough to think and say words while watching the show. The show will also teach them to know and identify different emotions and be aware of other people’s emotions.

Sesame Street 

There will always be a spot for Sesame Street for the best shows for kids because of its timeless life lessons. They also teach kids about numbers and communication skills while playing lively songs. There are also loving characters to guide your kids that will make their time worthwhile.

Little Baby Bum

This adorable show is about to introduce classic nursery rhymes and songs to your kids. This show also consists of loveable animals and will be a great start for kids to be familiar with them. They also introduce different colors and shapes that will be fun to learn for kids.

Storybots Super Songs 

Get ready to see your child enjoy and embrace songs about different topics, from outer space to cute animals. Kids will also love how they introduce science, history, and math through their exciting songs. They will also be encouraged to ask questions when they are curious about a specific thing and will help themselves to know the answers.

Photo by Logos fandom

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Another set of songs to love is found on this show, plus many life and school stories to know with Daniel Tiger! Kids will also be inspired to imagine to their fullest while enhancing their creative skills. Their social and communication skills will also be encouraged because of Daniel’s fun adventure within their neighborhood.

Blue’s Clues & You

This classic show with a cheerful host is ready to serve your kids with lots of hunting for clues from his cute puppy Blue. These two adorable characters will help your kids to start practicing simple math and reading. They will also inspire kids to love their pets and how to take care of them.

Dino Ranch

Follow the fun and life-changing moments with the Cassidy family while they share their incredible life with their dinosaurs. There is a lot of courage and skill to get by as they embark on adventures to save their loving dinosaurs. This show also inspires kids to be determined in life, put in hard work for themselves, and help others.

Doc McStuffins

The doctor is in, and she will take care of your kids in every way she knows. This girl, Doc McStuffins, wants to be a doctor, and she “heals” every stuffed animal in their backyard. She is a strong girl who faces her fear and follows her dreams by nourishing her loving animals.

Bubble Guppies

Dive and swim into the underworld classroom with the team while learning different kinds of talents and skills! Kids will love to dance and sing to the activities that consist of counting and identifying emotions. This show highly encourages good social skills and lets the children become familiar with the colorful personalities of the characters.

Photo by IMDb

Five Tips to Help Them Have Active Viewing

Active viewing requires learning at a whole level. This is not just watching TV shows but also encouraging kids to remember all the information they gathered while watching. This is an excellent chance for them to connect with real situations and slowly reveal what life is to them.

  1. Ask simple questions

Simple questions such as “What color is the ball?” will make your kids take their time in choosing what to say. They can also point to the same color they have on their toy. This shows that they know what color it is and identify the same color on different things.

  1. Highlight good behavior and actions

Point out to them different scenes where characters are helping each other in solving their problems. Slowly speak to them and describe the things they have done. 

  1. Connect the show to real-life situations

Find time to connect the situations found in the show to the routine you have at home. Simply describe to them what the similarities are and what proper actions need to be taken. Repeat it and demonstrate it at home.

  1. Encourage them to identify different emotions

Emotions are also important lessons to teach kids as early as now. You can start naming the emotions found in the show and describe them to kids. You can also give different situations when people have these emotions.

Photo by ParentRap

  1. Inspire them with singing and dancing

There are a lot of shows that include singing, dancing, and other exciting talents. These talents will help them know what they have and practice it as early as now. Inspire them to move, dance, and sing while learning from the show.

Frequently Asked Questions on Shows for 1-3-year-olds

What shows are best for a 1-year-old?

Nina’s World, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Dino Ranch are great for them because they are all about family and community. The love for people around them is a great highlight of the show. The support they give the people close to them is a great way to introduce them to a sense of caring and warmth.

What is the best show for 3-year-olds?

Let them watch Storybots Super Song. This show is perfect for three-year-olds because they start introducing different interesting topics to the kids. It consists of animals found on the farm and other objects found in space. They also engage kids with fun songs while learning history, science, and math.

What is the best cartoon for 2-year-olds?

It will be Doc McStuffins. This cartoon show will highly encourage every child to pursue their dreams in life! Doc McStuffins wants to follow her mother, who is a great doctor. As early as now, they can be inspired to look at the magical stethoscope and how Doc “heals” her stuffed animals. This show also teaches the importance of health to kids.

What do 1.5-year-olds like to watch?

They want to watch Sesame Street! Sesame Street is a classic and timeless show where kids love them, even after they get older! Their lessons and experiences have a remarkable effect on the kids watching them. Their catchy songs teach them a good start for numbers, and they can practice their communication skills.

Can an 18-month-old watch tv?

Yes, they can watch TV. They are properly developing the colors and symbols they see on their screen. You must always be present when they are watching TV shows and observe their reactions. You must also have around one to two hours of screen time, and make sure not to go beyond the time.

What keeps a 1-year-old entertained?

They are entertained by music and catchy songs. TV shows that are child-friendly and have pleasing colors for the eyes are also great for them. Kids will also love different adventures that can be joined while watching the show, thus making them more entertained. They can be engaged and learn about the different lessons they give to them

What shows are 2-year-olds into?

They love to watch shows that also contain fun, loving animals! Little Baby Bum and Dino Ranch are perfect for them since they can be familiar with different animals. Dino Ranch also contains dinosaurs that kids will also be thrilled to see! They will know how to take care of them and look forward to seeing them as they grow up.

What can a 3-year-old watch?

Word Party is a great show to watch. This show will let kids learn their first vocabulary and will help them widen it even more. They will also gain confidence by answering the questions they get from watching the show. This show also covers different emotions and is a great tool to let them start identifying emotions.

What is the most child-friendly show?

It will be the Bubble Guppies show! This show features a cool underwater school where the fantastic team can demonstrate different talents for kids. They can be inspired by these talents and practice what they have. They also help kids to count basic numbers and identify other people’s emotions.

Are there any wholesome TV shows?

Yes, and one of them is Blue’s Clues & You. This show is the modern version of the classic Blue’s Clues that kids will never forget. Kids are always looking forward to finding the clues left by the adorable blue puppy. Kids will also learn to practice their reading and counting skills with this interesting show.

What is the most calming thing to watch?

Nina’s World gives calm and warmth to its audience. The sense of security will always be felt by the kids because this focuses on the importance of family beside us. The love and support of the family is the central concept found in this show, as well as to give concern for the different nationalities found in their community.

What is a comfort TV show?

Sesame Street gives comfort and gentleness to the kids. They love how adorable the characters are. They also enjoy the catchy tone and music they always give on the show. The characters also encourage kids to learn to count and have self-confidence in talking to people. This classic show will always have an excellent soft spot in every kid’s heart.

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