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20 Best Stories to Read to Newborn Babies

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4 March, 2023


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Seeing your newborn baby for the first time will make you want to do many things with them. You can just imagine your first meal together, vacation, or even their first day of school. 

But some of these activities just have to wait until they’re at least a few years old. Not reading them bedtime stories, though! It’s never too early to bring them to whole new worlds!

While newborn babies cannot instantly respond to even the most popular tales, reading them stories can be an effortless yet effective way to form your bond. Here are the best stories you can read to newborn babies.  


One of the most common themes of bedtime stories for newborn babies is animals. It’s easy to understand why if you just imagine how fun it would be if these adorable creatures could actually talk to humans! 

Animals also have distinct characteristics that can be used to illustrate the story’s moral quickly. Here are some bedtime stories you can share with your newborn babies! 

  1. The Turtle and the Rabbit
Photo by Moral Stories

You would want your little one to know the value of consistency, even at the back of their brains. And there is no bedtime story to tell this other than The Turtle and The Rabbit. Here, the rabbit was faster, but the turtle won tdhe race because it continued on walking even if it was continuously lagging behin.

  1. Three Little Pigs
Photo by American Literature

Animals can easily help you learn the value of hard work, just like in the story of the Three Little Pigs. This family story where three pig siblings had different fates under a wild wolf can also teach kids to always look after each other, regardless of their differences.  

  1. The Crocodile and the Monkey
Photo by Moral Stories

Besides the importance of friendship, The Crocodile and the Monkey is a bedtime story that will make you realize how important it is to think before you act. With the monkey outsmarting the crocodile who wanted to eat it, this bedtime story can help babies practice thinking before saying or doing anything.

  1. A Frog Grows Up
Photo by Bedtime Short Stories

If you want to dive into the more scientific side of bedtime stories, you might want to try reading A Frog Grows Up to your baby. This story of a mother frog looking back at how her kids started as teeny tiny tadpoles narrates the life cycle of frogs without going into the slightly intimidating technical aspects of science.

  1. The Caterpillar Who Loved Shoes
Photo by Storyberries

Stories are always extra appealing when they have plot twists in the end. So if you’re a fan of these little surprises, The Caterpillar Who Loved Shoes is the bedtime story you are looking for. Other than that, you will also meet a lot of friendly, shoelace-expert animals along the way!

  1. Peter and the Wolf
Photo by Bedtime Short Stories

A simple story on how bravery chooses no age, Peter and the Wolf shows six-year-old Peter saving his grandfather’s duck from a wolf. Shying away from animal cruelty, the story ends with the wolf being taken to the zoo. So, if the best story for you is about a brave little boy, Peter and the Wolf is your choice.

  1. Elephant and Tailor Story
Photo by Vedantu

The golden rule of doing unto others what you want them to do unto you is also the moral of the Elephant and Tailor Story, but it was narrated through the twist of this unusual relationship. Telling this story to your little one can make them realize the importance of kindness – to all creatures at all times. 

Fairy Tales

Whether for newborn babies, kids, or even young teens, fairy tales always provide the best stories. Its enchanting storyline, unique setting, and creative characters will make you want to read the stories from beginning to end. 

From classic stories to rare finds, here are some of the best fairy tale stories you can read to your newborn babies.

  1. Cinderella
Photo by Stories to Grow By

One of the most popular bedtime stories for kids of all ages, Cinderella is a story of a girl who had her happily ever after. Despite challenges posed by her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella’s Prince Charming found her after she dropped her glass shoe at his ball. Happily ever after seems to be just within reach with this fairytale.

  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Photo by Stories to Grow By

A story of an unexpected bond between a princess and the seven dwarfs she met in the woods, Snow White will make your little one believe in the power of friendship. A little friend can bring them joy—what more if there are seven! 

  1. The Elves and The Shoemaker
Photo by Bedtime Short Stories

Just like how the dwarves helped Snow White, the tiny creatures in The Elves and The Shoemaker also showed the importance of being kind. There’s something magical about these little people, and their kindness might just be what your baby might need to have a good night’s sleep!

  1. Beauty and the Beast
xPhoto by Stories to Grow By

If you want your child to learn about the true meaning of beauty as early as possible, Beauty and the Beast is the bedtime story for you. A princess falls in love with a beast who overcomes the curse and turns into a prince—thanks to true love’s kiss! 

  1. Thumbelina
Photo by American Literature

Looking to bring your baby on an adventure before they sleep? Thumbelina is the bedtime story you’re looking for. All of Thumbelina’s stories with birds and butterflies can make anyone travel to a place of adventure with nature!

  1. Sleeping Beauty
Photo by Stories to Grow By

Whether you’re far or even asleep, true love conquers all. Sleeping Beauty is the perfect bedtime story, not just because the princess is asleep, but because it can inspire anyone to dream of a love that’s pure and real.

  1. Pinocchio
Photo by Kids Story

It is never good to lie—and this is the simple message that you can get from the story of Pinocchio. This little boy whose wooden nose grows long when he lies can easily teach a lesson about the importance of telling the truth. 

Animated Characters

Kids are imaginative by nature. They won’t have a hard time picturing inanimate objects as the main character in the stories you’ll read to them!

May these characters be appliances, body parts, or plants, these animated objects will surely stir your little ones’ imagination even more! 

  1. Santa’s Beard
Photo by Bedtime Short Stories

In time for Christmas, this story of Santa’s Beard being lost and returning home to him again is a light, feel-good story for kids. After leaving Santa during the summer and looking for a new owner, the beard found its way to Santa—telling you that you will always find your way back to where you belong.

  1. The Little Star 
Photo by PR Web

Babies might not easily understand obedience to their parents, but it won’t hurt to try the story of The Little Star. This star has traveled far and had many adventures but ended up with regrets after her light disappeared into the distance—away from her parents, who kept looking for her.

  1. The Two Pots
Photo by Fables of Aesop

People can have different strengths and weaknesses, and that’s perfectly fine! With the story of The Two Pots where two different pots traveled on the same journey together, you can subtly tell your kids that what might be suitable for another person is not always good for someone else.

  1. The Magic Paintbrush
Photo by Vedantu

It will never be too early to teach your kids about the harm of greed, especially if this is through a creative story. The Magic Paintbrush is about a kind Chinese boy who used a magic paintbrush to teach a greedy old man his lesson. Your little one might not remember every facet of the story, but they sure can remember what happens when people are controlled by greed.

  1. The Sword in the Stone
Photo by Stories to Grow By

Some stories can be longer than most, but that’s just because they also teach more lessons. The Sword in the Stone is the best example of these stories, teaching readers—and listeners— how to grow up as a good people. This story inspired by King Arthur can be your key to getting your little one interested in powers greater than what the world can explain.

  1. Jack and the Beanstalk
Photo by American Literature

While bedtime stories are perfectly common to stick to light and fun stories, you can always choose something that will make your kids think. With Jack and the Beanstalk, they will not only be taken to a world behind the clouds, but they can also learn to take opportunities but not to take them for granted.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Stories to Read to Newborn Babies

  1. When should I start reading to my newborn?

While your newborn can’t tell you what they learned from your story, reading them as early as four months old can help develop language in their brain. If you also get used to reading stories to your newborn, this can quickly become a hobby. Doing this until they fully understand the story can help your kids develop their comprehension skills.

  1. Should you read stories to your newborn?

It’s easy to think that reading stories to your newborn would result in nothing, especially if you think they are not old enough to understand what you say. This is not the case, though! You can read stories to your newborn as early as you like. Reading their stories can indirectly help their language development. Plus, it’s an easy way to form a bond!

  1. What should I read to my newborn?

Aside from picking stories that teach lessons and are easy to understand, you will also want to pick more visual books. Your babies will also be attracted to what they see in addition to what they hear. It will also help if your stories have faces and pictures of people, as babies can quickly identify these elements!

  1. How do you entertain a newborn?

Like entertaining your toddlers, you can also sing or dance in front of your newborns. If you prefer acts that need a little less energy, you can opt to make silly faces like poking out your tongue or laughing wide. But of course, you can also read stories to your newborn. Do not hesitate to start them young! 

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