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15 Best Creative Writing Activities for Kids to Discover

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4 March, 2023


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There are many considerations to make before children start their writing practices. They have to be reminded of the letters, the correct word spellings, and the proper usage of words in a sentence. Children must also be aware of their vocabulary and have a lot of exercises.

But again, learning is always best when both  challenging and enjoyable! Having these great creative writing activities will be memorable for them as they grow up. These will also help them to build their confidence and academic skills in the future.

Let your kids discover the creativity found in their writing skills. They will begin to express their true selves in these creative writing activities. They will be more open to pouring their hearts out with the power found in word concepts!

The 15 Best Creative Writing Activities for Kids

Creative writing also helps set your children’s character as they mature enough. They will be able to explore more with themselves, especially their creative side. To properly guide the kids, let them discover these 12 best creative writing activities for them:

Write words for each alphabet

This is a good way of exercising their letter recognition and writing skills. Their vocabulary will widen once they think of a word that must start with the letter given. They will be given a chance to write words, and you may encourage them more by explaining the words they wrote after they finish one.

Courtesy of Picjumbo_com

Match flashcards that contain words

Gather flashcards and write words related to each other, such as big or small, heavy or light. Discovering new words can help them with their writing, and they can improve memorization once they match the right words. You can also write synonyms, antonyms, or rhyming words on the flashcards!

Sing along with spelling songs

Let them be familiar with the words by singing along with the songs. The songs can guide them with words and let them spell the words by writing them down. You can check their works after and correct their spelling by playing the spelling songs again.

Write a future letter

This is an exciting activity because you will give your kid a chance to write to their future self through a letter! This writing activity can inspire them toward their dream job in the future. They can also boost their creativity by identifying how they will communicate properly to their future selves and what they hope to achieve soon.

Write about art

Different artworks, such as paintings and drawings, can inspire their creative writing skills. You can ask them to write their thoughts about the art they have finished observing. Encourage them with the questions, “What do you think made this art stand out / unique?” or “What is the first thing you have observed with the drawing?”

Courtesy of Drew Perales

Complete the writing

A simple yet effective creative writing activity is completing the writing challenge, where kids will finish many unfinished sentences. They will be guided by their imagination and creativity while filling in the sentences. Tell them that the longer the phrase they have, the better the writing will be!

Writing from the ending

A significant challenge for kids is when they are given the ending as the beginning of the story! They will enhance their creativity by thinking of the possible start of the story and exploring it from their creative minds! This will also help them to be free and creative without the limitations of writing with academic rules.

Write songs and poems

Another way of boosting their creativity is through writing songs and poems. Songs and poems can include rhyming words to help them think of different sounds and widen their vocabulary. This fun activity will also enhance their word organization and count development.

Write a comic strip

This comic strip activity is an excellent introduction to conversations, where kids will enjoy writing speeches for the story. You can create a comic book and design the speech bubbles to make them more interesting to write on. Let your kids be inspired to make a story by writing the conversations and messages in their minds.

Courtesy of Ksenia Chernaya

Roam the jar

Think of a word and prepare all the letters that consist of the word. Scatter the letters and mix them into a jar with sand and other tiny objects. Let them gather and exercise the notes by arranging them into words. From the word completed, make them write a phrase or even a short story that involves the completed word.

Write a journal

This is an excellent everyday activity for the kids because this journal must be written with their daily entries. Their daily entries can be their activities and chores done throughout the day. They will love to exercise their writing skills by thinking about their way of composing phrases and sentences.

Scramble the letters

A challenging yet fun activity is when you let them rearrange words to form a sentence! Think of a simple sentence first and write each word on paper. Cut out all of them and mix them so that your kids will learn their way of constructing the sentence. They will practice their skills in sentence building!

Write a card

One way of honing their creativity skills is through writing cards for people they love. It may be a birthday or holiday card, which will teach them the importance of expressing their love and care to others. They will also practice their writing skills because they can create a draft first and edit it afterward.


Label and write a short story

Pictures and drawings are also an excellent way for them to start writing a short story. Get a picture or draw an object you want to be the topic of their story. Add blanks to each part of the object to let them identify the parts first. After labeling the parts, let them write a short story at the back of the paper, getting inspiration from the object they have.

Creative writing with a team

Gather your kids and their friends to play this creative writing activity! Form two groups and let them know they have to write a story. Line them up and tell them they have to give one sentence if it’s already their turn to write. 

This will challenge each kid as they have to continue the story by bridging the previous sentence to the following sentence they thought of. This awesome activity will make them imagine in every way possible. If the two groups are already done, let them read their own stories and the other group’s story.

Five Best Tips to Help Improve Your Kid’s Creative Writing Skills

Discovering these creative writing activities is interesting, but what makes it more fun and effective is when you guide them with these five helpful tips. These five tips will help your kid improve their creative writing skills and prepare them fully for their future academic skills.

Courtesy of Parking Thought

  1. Encourage them to read more

Books and other reading materials will help them understand how a story is formed. They will have a good grasp of the story flow and by explaining it more to them together, they will understand how stories must work for people to read them. Let them start with the story’s beginning, middle, and ending parts.

  1. Prepare them with writing prompts

Writing that is inspired by creative elements and structures is not easy to do. But giving them different ways of writing prompts will help them start their writing. They will be encouraged to think of concepts and complete sentences with their imagination and creative skills.

  1. Make a comic strip

Different forms of art make the children more inspired to write. A comic strip’s drawings, colors, and other interesting features will help them build a story out of their creative minds. They will also be encouraged to think of the story flow by carefully planning the conversations and messages written on the speech bubble.

  1. Challenge their imagination skills

Kids love to imagine and have complete control of their creative writing. To help them achieve these two, give them challenging writing activities; a great example is giving them the ending. The story’s ending will be their guide to form their story, and it will keep their creative minds working with imagination. They can also be competitive with this fun activity!

Photo by Tumisu

  1. Be their greatest motivator

Again, creative writing is not easy and is a challenging way to learn for the future. But having you as their guide and motivator will make everything worth it! Give praises and rewards for their progress, and let them keep up with your positive feedback as you check their work.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Creative Writing Activities for Kids

How do you make creative writing fun for kids?

You can challenge them by thinking of different ways of approaching writing. You can have creative writing activities consisting of different art forms, such as drawing, colors, songs, and so on. You can also add a twist by mixing words and letters so that they can form a whole sentence!

What are some creative writing activities?

You can develop an activity that will make them think of words that start with each alphabet. You can also use flashcards and write related words to them, and they will be the ones to find and match the related words. You can also encourage them to finish the sentences you made by filling up the blanks. 

How do you teach creative writing in a fun way?

You can experiment with the use of art and songs! You can let them write their thoughts about a painting or a drawing that they have recently observed. You can also inspire them to write the words with their correct spelling from the spelling song that they have heard. 

What is the golden rule of creative writing?

The golden rule is that you have to know what you write. The introduction above suggests many considerations before letting your kids write. There are many basic writing skills to be practiced first before they have to write officially. They have to experience life to write. With this, kids can now practice creative writing.

How can I make my 7-year-old writing interesting?

You can challenge their imagination even more! Kids love to imagine and control everything they have in mind. If they feel they need to put more effort into their creative writing activities, they will make the most of their imagination skills. They will control the thoughts and concepts they have in mind, inspiring them more in creative writing.

How can I teach my 7-year-old creative writing?

You can teach them by letting them read books. Reading books and other materials that require reading and comprehension will make them understand how stories and concepts are made. Stories have their structure, and by explaining this to them, they will start to make their own properly.

What are good writing topics for kids?

It could be about art and songs! Kids love to look at different drawings and paintings because of their colors and lines. They love to explore their eyes and understand the meaning behind them in their unique way. Kids also love hearing songs because this will make them memorize and retain the concepts they have learned by singing along.

How do I start creative writing?

You can let your child start creative writing once they know and understand the concepts they need first. They must know every letter in the alphabet and recognize them in any words they encounter. They also have to know the spelling of the words. Lastly, they must know the words’ meaning to use them in the sentence properly.

What is the most creative form of writing?

It is when your kids are challenged to use their imagination fully. If they are motivated and are moved by the challenge brought by the activity given to them, they will use their imagination skills to achieve their creative writing fully. Also, they are in charge of their thoughts, so they are inspired to control what they want to happen in their writing.

How do you teach a lazy child to write?

You can teach them by praising them even if they only finished their first draft. Acknowledge them in their little ways while trying to write. You can also motivate them if they doubt themselves when writing. By telling them words of encouragement, they will choose to move forward. You can also help them find a hobby and incorporate creative writing into it.

How can I improve my 6-year-olds writing skills?

You can help them improve by reading books together with them. Reading books together means that they can ask questions while reading. If they are curious about something, then you are there to guide and explain it to them. Ensure your kid is also engaged with the topics you give them.

What are the five basic tips to improve writing skills?

First, encourage them to read more books. This will help and guide them through the structure of a story. Second, prepare them with the use of writing prompts. Third, make a comic strip to boost their communication and writing skills. Fourth, challenge their imagination skills with fun and exciting activities. Fifth and most important of all, be their greatest motivator.

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