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10 Best Preschool Activities

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27 February, 2023


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There are many ways for preschoolers to start their day. They are excited to learn new beautiful things about the world they are living in. Their eagerness for another discovery makes them enjoy each day.

To prepare them, they must be ready to develop their skills and experience as they grow. The importance of preschool activities in their lives will help them to build their strength and confidence in learning. 

One thing that marks the importance of having these activities is that all of these come in a fun and engaging way! These activities are intended for preschoolers to have full learning and play in starting and ending each day.

The Best Activities That Preschoolers Will Admire

Preschoolers will feel fulfilled and satisfied once they try these awesome activities. They will expand their knowledge and be consistent in developing themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Here are the best preschool activities to begin with:

Let’s kick some cups!

Kids will learn to distinguish letters by name and work their gross motor skills while kicking the ball. They will also develop their balance and coordination while learning letters in the best way possible.

To start, write a letter in each cup and spread it wide enough in a row. Give any softball to your kid and let them kick it according to the cup they want to knock. Let them say the letter they knock down, and if you want to make it advance, let them think of a word that starts with the letter!

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky

Paint the magic letters

This activity will help your child develop their letter sounds and creativity skills. Their familiarity with lines and colors will also be enhanced while they enjoy learning the letters!

Introduce them to the alphabet letters by having a white card, white wax crayons, a paintbrush, and different watercolor paints. Write the letters using the wax crayon on the card, and let the kids splash some paint on the card! Letters will then be revealed, and ask them what letters it shows.

Sensory art wall

Learning shapes and angles will make your kid love math even more. Combining math and art is also a great educational activity, so this one will make your child enjoy learning.

Make different crafts with foam and wood pattern blocks, which will serve as the art on your wall. Tape these artworks on your wall and let your kids have their visual and sensory experiences with them. They will learn and explore colors and geometry in this simple and engaging way.

Fingerprint writing exercise

This time, we can get a little messier with this exercise. Your kid will not just be familiar with the alphabet, but they can also start writing them! This activity will make their fine motor and thinking skills further developed.

Have washable ink, paper, and a marker. Write different letters on the paper and make it big enough for your kids. Help your kid dip their finger in the ink pad and guide them to trace the letters!

Photo by Phil Hearing

Make a square with blocks

We won’t get away with these different shapes of blocks. Your kids will enhance their cognitive skills by playing and sorting LEGO blocks or blocks in this game. Get duct tape and make a square on the floor, then let your kids fill the square with blocks!

The learning will start once your kid thinks of many ways to fill the square correctly. Different blocks have different shapes and sizes, so this will be a fun and challenging way of learning for them!

Emotional play

We have to balance the skills of our preschoolers, so here is an exercise for their emotional intelligence. A good practice for managing their own emotions and being mindful of the emotions of others is also essential for them to. This will be a good start for understanding different emotions.

Activities such as role-playing will help kids explore emotions while acting. You can build a scary or sad scenario and let them identify these emotions. You can also show a picture or colors that represent different emotions afterward!

Imagine everything

Their pretend play and imagination skills are also good to focus on. Activities associated with these two will open many opportunities for their communication skills. They will be creative and develop their social skills as they play with their friends!

You can talk to them about their favorite books. You can also have storytelling that requires them to be the characters and have them dress up!

Photo by Pezibear

Let the scavenger hunt begin

Let’s do some outdoor activities with this scavenger hunt, where kids will learn while moving! They can think, search, and memorize all the objects they see. They also get to observe shapes, letters, and colors around them while moving.

Scrabble time

Scrabble can help your kids in different ways: 

  • Help practice their visual skills for words
  • Expose to sight patterns for new words
  • Help build words through proper spelling

They can also predict and use their cognitive skills when it’s their turn to play. This board game will also help them recognize letters and will help them be prepared for reading exercises.

Serve the dessert

A dessert pizza can have up to eight slices, letting every kid make different flavors! You can cook the dough with them and let them follow your instructions. They can listen, practice their fine motor skills, and make a lot of creativity with the toppings!

Consider the Five Play Types When Choosing an Activity

An excellent way for preschoolers to have a whole experience for learning and developing is through play. Here are the five types of play to help you choose the best activities for them:

  1. The Physical Play

Physical play helps your kid to strengthen their muscles and bones as they learn. Physical movements can enhance concentration and can improve gross motor skills. It will also be good to make them play outdoors for a broader place to move. 

Photo by OleksandrPidvalnyi

  1. The Social Play

Interacting with other kids and adults will help develop their language skills. They will also experience progress for a better conversation through sharing and cooperation. Kids will then be more confident as they meet people while growing up.

  1. The Constructive Play

It is also important for them to build crafts and solve problems for themselves. They can also be aware of basic mathematical concepts to be prepared as they will face more of them in the future. This will help them to sort and classify different shapes and lengths.

  1. The Fantasy Play

Imagination and pretend play open a new door for their creative skills. They can express their creativity by having dress-up plays and puppet plays. They will also be introduced to art and musical activities to hone their skills.

  1. The Games with Rules

Kids will learn to follow and listen carefully to the instructions with these kinds of games. They can also be open to suggestions and plan their strategies while playing. The rules will also make them a sense of fairness which is a good lesson for them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Preschool Activities

What is the best activity for preschoolers?

The best activity contains one or more types of play in it. Play encourages preschoolers to enhance their skills in the best, most engaging way possible. The activities can be kicking and catching a ball, role-playing with friends, thinking of strategies in using blocks, and playing board games like scrabble.

What are some fun activities to do with preschoolers? 

There are a lot of fun and learning skills to have when they: learn letters found in cups, make a sensory craft, trace a letter with a fingerprint, and develop strategies with blocks. They can also paint with letters, play scrabble, and identify emotions through role-playing. It will also be fun to have a scavenger hunt for observing objects and making a dessert pizza for another touch of creativity!

What activities can I put my 4-year-old in?

They can play the classic scrabble for better visual skills for words and prediction! They can also have blocks and create strategies to fill a square. They can also create art decorations for their walls and observe the shapes and lines it has. It will also be great to have letter cups and let them kick them while thinking of words to incorporate the letters.

What activities are suitable for 3-year-olds?

Activities that have a fantasy play on them. They love to imagine and have to pretend play, so this will be better for them. They can do a role play or a mini puppet for communication and presentation skills. They can also have activities associated with emotions to identify them further and be aware of others’ feelings.

How do I keep my kids busy in preschool? 

They can play with blocks, which encourages them to have independence at play. They can also do some crafts and hang them around the wall to fully observe their shapes and textures. They can also help you cook, or it will be great to make a dessert pizza for them to practice motor skills for the dough.

What are the different types of preschool activities? 

Movement activities include kicking a ball toward a cup and a fun scavenger hunt to have outside! There are creative activities; they can create an art decoration, paint with letters, and do fingerpaint exercises with washable ink. They can also do some role play with dress-up and props.

What do preschoolers do all day?

They can read a book with their friends, play with blocks, and do other creative activities in the morning. In the afternoon, they can play outside and practice gross motor movements like running and balancing. 

They can also do a scavenger hunt for better observation skills! They can also do role-playing to exercise their imaginative skills. They can help cook for better physical movements at home in the evening.

What are some fun educational activities?

They can learn the alphabet through word games and other fun and creative activities. They can trace a letter with their fingers and kick a ball aiming at a letter cup. They can start learning shapes and lines with wooden art decorations. Preschoolers can also exercise their thinking and strategic skills by filling the square correctly with blocks.

What are some good play ideas? 

Imaginative and pretend play are also suitable for preschoolers since they enjoy being creative with their own. They can also learn the different emotions by acting out different scenarios of loneliness, happiness, or excitement. Kids will enhance their social and communication skills with friends while having these play ideas!

How many minutes a day should preschool be active?

Preschoolers must have 180 minutes dedicated to physical activities spread throughout the day. 180 minutes or three hours spent outside will be better. But make sure that the intensity of the play will not exceed the most after one hour. They also need rest not to be worn out.

What are the four types of play in early childhood? 

There are five types of play, and the first is physical play. This includes the development of their gross motor skills. Second is social play, where they can practice their language skills and socialize with friends. 

There’s also constructive play, where they can make crafts and discover shapes and lengths. Lastly, fantasy play is where they can practice imaginative and creative skills. Lastly, the games with rules play, where board games such as scrabble improve their word recognition.

What are creative activities?

They can do arts and wooden crafts to improve their sensory and math skills. The different shapes and lengths of the artwork will help them discover new mathematical concepts. They can also paint and trace letters for them to recognize letters colorfully. Preschoolers also love to do drama activities, so make sure to let them do role-playing.

What are open-ended activities for preschoolers?

There are no rules for this activity; good examples are role-playing, reading and discussing books, looking for patterns in scrabble, and building blocks by having different strategic moves. These activities let them enhance their creativity and independence as they go along. They can also practice their social skills and critical thinking.

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