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Exciting Cartoons to Watch: Learning English in the Most Impressive Way

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1 March, 2023


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Have you ever seen your kid get thrilled with their cartoons? Of course, because they do love cartoons that much. But you should be excited because they can learn a lot of English terms while watching these cartoon shows!

Cartoons can teach a lot of lessons to kids, even English. English is the universal language, so most of the cartoons shown are made in this language. It also goes along with different languages to better understand the kids.

Learning English can let your kids boost their skills even faster. They might not even notice the improvement while watching some of these shows. This is how impressive cartoons can be when teaching kids what they need the most.

Five Benefits of Cartoons in English 

To learn more about the benefits of watching cartoons in learning English, here are some good points to remember:

  1. Cartoons are made to teach children

Some cartoons are made to help children know the basic concepts of learning. Researching these educational cartoons to know what kids can learn from them is better. Educational cartoons have fun and interactive features that let every kid enjoy learning.

  1. Cartoons are mainly for children

Of course, adults and other older kids can also watch cartoons and enjoy them. But many cartoons are made for children. Thus, the characters have simple ways of communicating using simple words. Kids will also notice that there are many repeated words for them to help them gain vocabulary.

Courtesy of RODNAE Productions 

  1. Cartoons also focus on the actions/movements

There are movements and actions of the characters demonstrated to the kids, which help them grasp conversations. They can act and use objects to let the kids fully understand what they are saying. This will be a great help when they introduce new words and vocabulary to them.

  1. Cartoons are made interactive for children

Sometimes, characters ask the children questions to help them with their adventure. This will be an excellent practice for the children because they are given time to think and respond. They can also practice their pronunciation while talking back to the characters.

  1. Cartoons contain short episodes

Cartoons have short episodes, and they are usually 20 minutes long. This will help the kids focus for a short time and will have better attention to the show. In these 20 minutes, they can also learn many new things in the best and most fun way possible.

The Best Cartoons to Help Learn English

One way to build their confidence in communicating is to introduce these fun, and engaging cartoon shows to them. They will have proper self-confidence and enough knowledge to start conversations in English.

Word Girl

Here is a superhero girl who loves fighting crimes but won’t stop there. She uses the power of words in her fighting skills which helps every kid learn new vocabulary words. This show also explains their new English words as they use them.

Courtesy of IMDb

Martha Speaks

Isn’t it cute to see a dog speaking after tasting alphabet soup? Well, say no more; here is Martha, ready to help kids by teaching new words. These new words are also found before and repeated several times after the episode with a good explanation.

Phineas and Ferb

These two love being creative and one thing that kids will also admire is their repetition of the exact words and even phrases. They even make it into a song for kids to correctly remember their words! Phineas and Ferb are fond of doing cool things even if it is too hard for others, and kids will be able to adapt their hard work to learn English.

Word Party

Another show that aims to teach kids simple new words is this Word Party. The characters also use words to express themselves, which is a good strategy for kids. They also help kids learn more about the words by showing their actions and behaviors.

Dora the Explorer

A classic cartoon show is here to guide your kids in using English! Dora always asks for answers and waits patiently to let kids make use of their time. Dora’s adventure is always child-friendly, and no need to worry because they will have a considerable amount of words to learn in just one episode!

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Peppa Pig

A lot of adventure for English will be experienced with Peppa Pig and her family. Peppa’s adventures are always easy to understand, which is perfect for kids. They also use the standard English vocabulary, making a fresh start for English.

The Magic School Bus

Get ready to adventure with the magic school bus, where your kid can explore everywhere by joining the children inside the bus! English vocabulary can be learned because it is used when explaining the world to children. They use simple English and go a little more advanced as they get along the way.

Sesame Street

Here comes Sesame Street, where every kid can learn different concepts, especially the English language. The loveable characters will inspire children to listen and talk to each other with their good pronunciation and tone. This will help them to be more confident in understanding and using English as they grow up.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Learn more English with Mickey Mouse and his friends as they go along with fun adventures. Different adventures are exciting and will help because they always use and speak simple English vocabulary. They also love to repeat words and phrases that will help every kid remember, even if the episode is already done.

Courtesy of Disney

Four Things to Consider for the Best Cartoon

A great way to determine if your child is getting the right amount of knowledge in English while watching cartoons is to consider these five things:

  1. Language

You can start your child to watch the show in your language. This will give them more comfort and great concentration on the show. Later on, you can let them watch the show in English while encouraging them to do so.

  1. Subtitles

If your children know how to read, use subtitles if available. You can also let them watch the cartoons with subtitles in your language, then slowly transition them to English. They will also be familiarized with spelling and words quickly with this strategy.

  1. Quality Time

Spend your time watching together with your kids. They will also learn quickly and adapt to new words once you guide them throughout the show. Also, you can repeat the words after watching an episode to remember them all the time.

  1. Reality

Let the lessons and stories found in the show be brought to life by connecting them to the real world. Try being creative, and do not forget to insert as many English words as possible as you explain this to them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Cartoon to Learn English

Which cartoon is good for learning English?

The Word Girl show! This is a good cartoon show where kids will learn different words. They will also expand their vocabulary in each episode because each episode presents new words for the children. This show also correctly explains the words and how to use them.

Which cartoon is best for learning?

Martha Speaks will be the best show for learning English! Martha is a dog, but this cute dog can speak after tasting an alphabet soup. Imagine your kids’ giggles once they watch Martha teach them new words. The words will also be repeated before and after the episode to enhance their importance to the kids fully.

Can watching cartoons improve English?

Yes, some cartoons are fun and educational so make sure to research well before letting your children watch them. Children are interested and engaged heavily in watching cartoons, so this will play a huge part in their learning process. Language learning will also be gained by watching cartoons because they are made with proper and straightforward conversations for kids to watch and observe.

Which series can improve English?

Word Party consists of cute characters to help the kids with their vocabulary. They also use simple words to describe what they feel about the show fully. They use words to express themselves, which is also a great way to introduce words to children. They also incorporate their actions into their words to fully let the kids understand them.

Can kids learn English by watching cartoons?

Yes, because cartoons can boost your kid’s confidence through communication skills. They watch how adorable characters talk and listen to each other. They observe how they use their words and hear the proper pronunciation. Cartoons are also engaging and entertaining, which will help your kids focus on learning.

Which TV shows are best for improving English?

Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig are the best. They can help kids’ English skills because whenever Dora is on an adventure, she encourages the kids to listen to her and answer her when she asks a question. She gives them proper time to think before yelling the answers back to her. Peppa Pig also uses simple vocabulary to help kids easily with their English.

Which cartoon is the best?

Phineas and Ferb will be the best cartoon ever! This show consists of two boys who love to explore their creative skills. They love to repeat words and phrases to emphasize new words to the children. They also inspire children to work hard in learning English, even if other people think it is hard to learn English. 

Is watching TV good for learning a language?

Yes, because TV provides perfect audio and subtitles for children to be guided with words. Their pronunciation and intonation will also help children identify the meaning behind their words. They also learn new vocabulary in different contexts. Most importantly, cartoons also hold real-life scenes that make learning excellent and fun!

Is Peppa Pig good for learning English?

Yes! Peppa Pig is a cartoon show where kids can learn English in the best and simple way possible. No complex situations are involved in the show, thus making it a perfect cartoon show for them. They can easily understand what is happening. Peppa Pig also uses basic English vocabulary to help kids start most easily.

How can kids improve their English?

They can start watching cartoon shows in their language. If subtitles are available for the show, they will be highly recommended. Then slowly transition them and let them watch the show in English. Always guide and observe them whenever they are watching the show.

What is the best way to learn English?

The best way is to watch the cartoon show with your kids. This way, you will know what is on their minds and can quickly observe their emotions throughout the show. You can also show them different things while watching to ensure they understand the show better. 

How can I make my child smarter in English?

You can let them watch cartoon shows that have educational content for kids. These cartoon shows contain teaching methods blended with fun and interactive features for the kids. They also have good strategies with repetition and proper pronunciation for a good grasp of understanding for the kids. Using the English language, you can also explain the similarities found in the show to their real life.

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