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4 Baby Girl Dress Ideas: Your Guide to Finding One

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24 February, 2023


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Dressing up your little girl is such a challenging yet enjoyable thing to do. Nothing feels more satisfying than thinking thoroughly about her dress’s theme and what accessories align with it. 

Choosing a dress does not only make your baby girl feel good and beautiful about herself and helps her express who she is to the world when she grows up.

Now, let us break down the essential guides on choosing a formal dress for your baby girl. Get ready to see her wearing the best fancy and elegant dress she will love!

Baby Girl Dress Ideas

Pretty in Pink

What screams adorably girly than the color pink? You can dress your baby girl in a pink dress, and no questions will be asked—just pure adoration, especially if you pair the pink dress up with an adorable headband. You can choose to use different fabrics when making a pink dress, but we highly suggest you go for a mix of cotton and tulle.

Shop the perfect pink dress here: Baby Girl Cotton Dress by the Hudson Store

Picnic in the Garden

Are you going out for a little outdoor party? A gingham dress would look adorable on your little girl. You can pair it up with a straw hat (if they’re comfortable with the idea) or a red ribbon in their hair. This will make them look like they’re just out for a lovely stroll in the garden, to later stop by the water for some picnic.

Shop for the cutest picnic dress here: Baby Plaid Outfit by ODOLDI Store 

Summer Fun

Is it your baby’s first time at the beach? You can’t go wrong with a linen dress, and your baby will look adorable and feel comfortable all the long. Linen is breathable and can come in many different colors to choose from. It’s best to go for a sleeveless silhouette for maximum comfort.

Keep things fun, cool, and dainty: Blue Summer Dress by YOUNGER TREE

Velvet Princess

In the winter, nothing screams more regal than a velvet dress. It looks good when photographed, but it’s also guaranteed to keep your baby warm on colder days. A red or green dress will make them look like a member of a little Christmas village—and guests won’t be able to resist and coo at the sight of her. 

Dress your baby to the nines: Red Velvet Dress by Mud Pie Store

Tips to finding the best formal baby girl dress

  1. Decide what you want for your baby girl

You can feel overwhelmed by endless concepts, but take a deep breath first and list the dress and style you wish your baby girl to wear. This means you first need to consider the occasion you will attend. 

For one, there are many fabric options: ruffles, mesh, lace, etc. But don’t forget what makes your baby girl comfortable in her dress, and you would not want to make her feel itchy or uneasy while wearing it. 

Another essential thing to look out for is the weather. Long sleeves in hot weather will make your baby girl uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you want your little girl to go sleeveless, you make sure to cover her with a short coat that matches the dress.

  1. Research for a better decision

You would want to back up your ideas by going through options. Research and observe the websites of various brands, but don’t just stick with the ones you are eyeing. Many brands are trendy, but there are still many more just waiting for you to take a look.

Researching also requires a thorough review of different customers’ feedback and reviews. This is a powerful way to determine the quality of the materials used for the dress and its durability. 

Apart from these, it’s also important to consider four essential elements: 

  • Size: Make sure to know the right size for your baby girl and to update it as she grows bigger as months pass by. Maintaining the right size will help you avoid readjustments for the dress. This will also make your baby more comfortable in her dress.
  • Design: Do not forget that it is a formal dress requiring a classy and elegant look. This will significantly impact her, so this requires a lot of thinking.
  • Durability: The overall dress should have no hard accessories because this might harm the baby. Always double-check the dress before and after trying it on. Observe the dress when it is worn—your baby might show signs of significant discomfort. 
  • Price: Budget will always be important when buying a dress. Before making a decision, always make sure to check first if it is within your budget. Also, think thoroughly if the dress’s price is equivalent to its quality.
  1. Consider asking other parents and friends

Parents, aunties, and nearby friends will have a lot of say when finding a fabulous dress for your baby girl. They are also experienced in choosing dresses seen, ensuring you have access to the most significant advice that will point you in the right direction. 

They’ll likely talk about the type of material to choose, proper cuts, appropriate colors, etc. From the ideas they shared with you, you can now start double-checking and cross-referencing with your list of options. 

Golden tip: One great thing about dresses is that you can quickly get a customized one! You can customize its fitting, design, and other elements, ensuring that it aligns with your preferences. 

A lot of points must be considered first when buying a formal dress, but this is what makes it worthwhile. This shows that you want the best for your baby girl, and this will be her stepping stone as she grows up. Your baby girl will always make a considerable effort when dressing up in the future, making you the proudest mom ever!

FAQs on Baby Girl Dresses

How many outfits does a newborn baby girl need?

It depends on where you reside since this will affect the number of outfits she will need. Cold climates require many onesies and coats. Your budget and allotted effort will also have a say on this since we know how baby clothes can get expensive nowadays. Always make sure that all the necessary clothes are there.

Which cloth is best for babies?

For babies, cotton is always a good choice for fabric needed in their clothes. This cotton material will help your baby feel cooler in warm weather because it is not made from synthetic fibers. It is easy for you to wash it, and we highly recommend it for a sensitive skin baby.

Why is cotton good for babies?

Cotton is 100% natural and is an organic fabric. It is also easy to use, wear, and wash. It has an authentic quality that will surely last for a long time regardless of how often it is used. This cotton is a suitable fabric for babies because it does not contain chemicals and is really good for the environment.

Is jersey cotton good for babies?

Jersey knit cotton is a good choice for babies because it lets them breathe easily. It is also very stretchable and can allow babies to move freely. It is incredibly soft and gentle, just like a comfy shirt. Jersey knit cotton is a perfect and simple choice of cloth for your baby.

Is linen safe for babies?

Linen is a fabric that is also safe for babies. It might come off as more expensive than others, but it is worth the try because it is comfortable to wear. It quickly dries and is very durable as time passes by. Linen is also natural, and your baby is safe wearing one.

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