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5 Letter Words For Kids

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27 February, 2023


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Bravo! Your kid is now ready to learn five-letter words. Building your kid’s vocabulary is a long and hard journey especially when we want them to have a very rich and useful vocabulary. 

Parents need to start with the easier two-letter words like “ma” and “pa” then proceed to teach  them three-letter words like ant, boy, and bat, and eventually teach them four-letter words such as girl, cake, and feet. Teaching your kids five-letter words is easier than one might think. 

As long as you integrate dynamic and fun-filled activities with your teaching style, your kid will surely enjoy learning new words!

List of 5-Letter words for kids

Teaching kids five-letter words might be quite challenging. But with the gradual introduction of simple words, they will be familiarized with commonly used words inside and outside your household. Check out these five letter words that we have compiled for you and your kid’s next learning session!

5 Letter Words for Kids


List of 5 Letter Kindergarten Words for Kids


List of 5 Letter Preschool Words for Kids


Courtesy of: Daniela Dimitrova

Names of Things with 5 Letters 


Names of Foods with 5 Letters


Names of Vegetables with 5 Letters


Names of Fruits with 5 Letters


Cool Words with 5 Letters

Kids learn easily from visual images and pretty videos that they watch. They will enjoy learning new words that are familiar to them because of watching them on shows and at the same time, introducing them to cool words will excite them as well! Here are some cool words for your kids:


Courtesy of: Sasin Tipchai

Fun Words with 5 Letters

Teaching kids is hard, no doubt. But if you think of creative ways to make them excited for learning, they will be more than willing to be taught. Don’t forget to include fun words in teaching your kids! Here are some fun words for your kids:


Positive Words with 5 Letters

Kids are as friendly and positive as their guardians,parents, or family around them. Same goes with their language and vocabulary. If you teach them positive words, they will be using this on a daily basis and enact it with positive actions as well. Here are some positive words that will help build a great character for your children!


List of Vocabulary Words with 5 Letters

A kid’s vocabulary is as strong as their parent or teacher’s teaching skills. If you want your kids to have a strong and rich vocabulary, you should introduce to them great vocabulary words and remind them to use it on a daily basis. 

Check out these 5 letter vocabulary words to help strengthen your kid’s vocabulary:

  • Earth
  • Dress
  • Cabin
  • Eagle
  • Ideas
  • Laser
  • Brave
  • Blame
  • After
  • Baked

Activities that Help with Learning 5 Letter words for Kids

As we expected, kids are very eager to learn but it is very hard to make them focused in learning. Since they have a short attention span, teachers and parents should be creative in introducing new words to kids and ensuring they are having a great time learning new words.

Here are some of the best activities to help kids learn 5 letter words:

Courtesy of: organicmom30

Word Hunt

This might be an easy game to set up but this could also be a challenging game for your kids. You have to prepare 5 letter words and mix them all up with different words and letters in a particular space on the paper. 

Then you have to instruct your kid to find all the five letter words that you put inside the mix. They can encircle or cross out the words with colorful crayons or any kind of pen.


This is an old but goodie guessing game that would entertain and educate your kids all at the same time. This can be played by using only a mighty pen and paper. It is a very simple game where the player must guess the word (five letter word for this instance) by trying to gues per letter. 

Whenever your kid fails to guess a letter in the five letter word, you will draw one by one the stick man that is to be hanged in place. This will encourage your kid to guess with the letters of the alphabet and they will also be familiarized with more five letter words!

Popsicle Words

This is an easy game to prepare for. First, you need to think of five letter words to be played in the game. Then prepare different colored popsicle sticks that you would need for this game. You have to write one word connected in two popsicles sticks of the same color. 

After this, you will mix up all the popsicle sticks that you wrote on. The kids would have to find the right color and write words to connect so they can create the right five letter word!

Frequently Asked Questions on 5 Letter Words For Kids

What are some of the 5 Letter words for kids?

  • Break
  • Leave
  • Again
  • Green
  • Dream
  • Bring
  • Seven
  • About
  • Music
  • Tiger

What are some of the 5 Letter Kindergarten words for kids?

  • Fruit
  • Raven
  • Light
  • Woman
  • Story
  • River
  • House
  • Party
  • Plant
  • Train

What are some of the 5 Letter Preschool words for kids?

  • Fable
  • Habit
  • Earth
  • Seize
  • Enter
  • Solid
  • Eight
  • Lunch
  • Stand
  • Sharp

What are some easy words with 5 Letters?

  • Queen
  • After
  • Heart
  • Three
  • Money
  • Alone
  • Puppy
  • Never
  • Thing
  • Panda

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