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Fascinating Youtube Channels for Your Toddlers

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1 March, 2023


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With just one click, Youtube will bring thousands of videos to entertain and educate your little ones. You might even get overwhelmed just by scrolling and finding through them. You will notice that they are perfectly made with those beautiful colors and carefully crafted titles inviting you to click.

It might have taken a while to find the most interesting yet educational channels for your toddler. The videos must not be just about simple nursery rhymes. It needed to find an outstanding balance between good entertainment and the best learning tool for kids.

Youtube is a great website and application for both parents and their children. To help you choose the proper channels for the kids, a perfect list is found below that will save you more time.

The Best Youtube Channels for Toddlers

Get ready to see your child’s fast development once they discover these beautiful educational shows made just for them. These channels will also inspire them with much admiration and excitement, making them spend their time well.


A real, energetic person is here to serve your toddler with lots of exciting discoveries to meet. They will discover together the different play areas in the city and teach them about numbers, colors, etc. Blippi will also introduce to your toddler the different vehicles and machines that make this show even cooler!

Courtesy of Blippi

Toddler Fun Learning

A fun channel that is perfect even for little kids because of its slow pace of talking and showing off graphics. They also feature real-life footage of vehicles and animals to understand the children better. They also sing while on a grand adventure that will make your toddler sing with them.

Dave & Ava

A great new way of introducing simple nursery rhymes is here for your toddlers! There are many exciting and magical ways in which they teach children nursery rhymes and basic shapes. There are also many activities involving physical and social movements that will make your kid active and confident with themselves.

PBS kids

This is also a great channel where kids can learn about honesty, empathy, problem-solving, and so much more. They have different shows that will build social and literacy skills for them to be guided as they grow up. They support different topics that will help your child prepare for the following milestones they will have.

Lotty Learns

Let your toddlers play and learn with Lotty, and let them discover their creative skills! Lotty loves to draw pictures and play with learning toys. Their videos also have an excellent introduction to reading and counting numbers which is important for children.

Courtesy of Lotty Learns

Super Simple Songs

This is an entertaining channel for toddlers because it combines good animation and great puppet skills! They teach simple lessons but ensure that kids love their graphics and adorable puppets. They also have lively and energetic songs that every kid will not forget!

Peekaboo Kidz

There are many child-friendly colors to see on their animation found on this channel. They also love getting the kids’ attention with educational videos, such as learning English and Phonic songs. They also have a lot of interesting videos that explain what planets are and how to guess the right shapes.

Busy Beavers

Do you want to focus on learning the English language? Then, here are Busy Beavers for your toddlers, where different learning materials and catchy music are made for them. This is also great and helpful for all children, especially those with delayed speech and other learning disabilities.

Super Kids TV

Another best channel for toddlers is here, where they will understand colors more interestingly! There are songs like London bridge and other nursery rhymes that consist of unique animations. They also focus on the different functions of vehicles and their corresponding sounds that make every toddler more curious about them in the real world!

Little Baby Bum

Songs are everywhere on this channel, where kids will enjoy dancing and singing to the rhythm! Their videos are also intended for the whole family, thanks to Mia and her supportive family. Every toddler will love how they teach about animals and the importance of friends as they grow older.

Courtesy of IMDb

Three Things to Consider for Youtube Kids

There is another Youtube application that is made mainly for kids. The application is called “Youtube Kids,” with limited channels and videos for family-friendly and educational purposes. When a toddler uses this, always make sure to guide them still because some videos can still pass through the filters.

  1. Child-friendly content

Youtube kids are way different and safer than Youtube. The application can filter some videos, making it preferable to Youtube. Kids can also search for some channels according to the five categories—Recommended, Shows, Music, Learning, and Exploring.

  1. Parental controls

There’s a lock screen to get into settings. Here, you can choose whether your toddlers can access the “search” or not. If you do not want them to do so, they can only choose the highlighted videos. There’s also a timer feature that will make your kids have limited screen time.

  1. No comments

There are no comment sections to be read by the children! In this way, they are also marked safe. They are free from the negative rants and feedback made by the people. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Youtube Channels for Toddlers

What is the best Youtube channel for toddlers?

Blippi! Blippi is a natural person who loves toddlers and teaches them many things. Blippi also goes to different play areas that make the toddlers feel that they are on a field trip. Blippi also touches on many cool and awesome topics, like vehicles and machines. These topics will also help toddlers look forward to many things growing up.

Can a 2-year-old watch Youtube?

They can watch Youtube, but they must still be guided by their parents. Their parents should also choose high-quality content videos and channels for the kids. In this way, parents are still in charge of what they watch. They can also turn off the search setting when they use Youtube kids for much safer watching.

What are good learning videos for toddlers?

Dave & Ava is a good channel for toddlers. They teach toddlers nursery rhymes and other children’s songs in a much better and more interesting way. Toddlers won’t get bored and tired with their videos because of their magical theme. Dave & Ava also highly encourage toddlers to move their bodies and be confident to talk to their families and friends.

What should a 2-year-old watch on Youtube?

They should watch the PBS kids channel! They have different shows and videos to look out for. Their videos allow every toddler to learn about the importance of honesty and empathy toward other people. They also aim to teach about problem-solving and self-awareness for better preparation for their future.

What should my 2-year-old be watching?

They could watch Little Baby Bum! Little Baby Bum is a channel with lots of singing and dancing activities. They could be inspired to learn while loving the songs and the beats. This channel also supports families because Mia and her family lead the videos! They love to teach toddlers the value of a family, as well as their favorite animals and friends.

What do 2-year-olds like to watch?

They would love to watch channels with a slow pace of talking and teaching. They are also looking forward to graphics and animations that are not quick to be flashed on the screen while they are watching. Toddler Fun Learning supports these interesting features because they believe that toddlers will fully absorb their learning methods once they take their time teaching them.

Which Youtube channels are safe for kids?

Lotty Learns, Busy Beavers, Super Simple Songs, Blippi, and Toddler Fun Learning. Other channels, such as Dave & Ava, PBS Kids, Peekaboo Kidz, Super Kids TV, and Little Baby Bum, are safe for toddlers. 

These are safe for kids because they are focused on teaching different essential concepts for the kids. They also contain family-friendly videos that make them suitable for the whole family to watch.

Is there a kid-safe Youtube?

Yes, and this application is called Youtube Kids. Youtube Kids are made for a safer place for kids while they watch and learn from hundreds of channels found on the internet. 

They have family-friendly videos to let kids have fun and safe videos to watch. Some of the videos are still not manually reviewed, so it is still advisable for parents to watch them with their kids.

Parent controls are also found here, where parents can change the settings. The settings are also safe because they require a password only parents can access. Parents can turn off the “search” in the settings so that kids can only play the highlighted videos. Parents can also set proper screen time in the settings. 

What is the most kid-friendly channel?

Lotty Learns! Lotty Learns helps toddlers to practice and start exercising their creative skills. Lotty encourages toddlers to love arts by drawing different things they want to teach them. They also play with different educational toys that are perfect for toddlers to be inspired to play and learn.

What is the best kid Youtube channel?

Busy Beavers is the best Youtube channel for toddlers. This fun and interactive channel helps toddlers learn and practice English. They also have catchy songs that every toddler will love. They also make learning easy for kids who have learning disabilities, thus making this channel the best for all children.

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