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Just Kitten! 28 Purrfect Cat Puns For Your Kids

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7 March, 2023


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Does your kid sleep a lot? Do they like running around the house? Do they almost purr when you give them belly rubs? 

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then your kid’s spirit animal is definitely a cat. This might come as no surprise, though, as cats are one—if not the most—common playmate of kids in every household. 

If your kid is already fond of cats, better indulge their love for feline creatures with these cat-related puns. These are purrfect for your next bonding time. Your kids will love you even more with how ameowzing these puns are! 

Cat And Mouse

Courtesy of Lodewijk Hertog

You just can’t picture a cat without eventually picturing a mouse it chases! Whether in a popular kid show or in a real life scenario, there is immediate association between these two. This relationship can be a source of good puns too!

  1. Don’t be surprised if you see cats on their personal computers!

Why do cats hate laptops? They don’t have a mouse.

  1. At least your mouse survived the cat attack!

    How do you know your cat used your computer? Your mouse has teeth marks on it.
  1. They prefer them over purrsted flakes.

    What is a cat’s favorite cereal? Mice Krispies.
  1. Diet is not in the chonky cat’s vocabulary.

    What is a cat’s favorite dessert? Chocolate mouse.
  1. Better monitor their sugar level with all these sweets!

    What do cats like to eat on hot days? Mice cream cones.
  2. They might need some intervention while hunting and running.

Before going after a mouse, what did the dad cat say to his family? “Let us prey.”

  1. The steps will require all four of their legs!

    What song do kittens always request at dances? “Mice Mice Baby.”

All Cat Kinds And Ages

Courtesy of Pixabay

It has always been a popular belief that cats have nine lives, and that means they live long enough to offer you their companionship. Burmese cats can even live for as long as 35 years! This is a fun fact, but you’ll have more laughs with these puns on kittens and different breeds of cats!

  1. They will just never win!

Why can’t a group of cats get together to play games? There are too many cheetahs.

  1. They need to find games other than hide and seek. 

Why is it so hard for a leopard to hide? Because he’s always spotted.

  1. Honestly thought it was purrgundy!

    What color do kittens love the most? Purrple.
  1. You have no choice but to laugh if the joker is as adorable as a cat!

What does the cat say after making a joke? “Just kitten!”

  1. They can’t have patients with fur allergies, though!

What do you call a cat who became a doctor? A first-aid cat.

  1. Let’s just believe they’re not afraid of the waters.

What do you call a cat who lives at the beach? Sandy claws.

  1. They will expect nothing short of a great purrformance. 

Why are kittens actually excellent bosses? They have great littership.

  1. Chef Cat also has a nice ring to it!

What title does a cat go by in the kitchen? The Whisker.

  1. Mothers do know best. 

What did the mom cat say about her intuition? “I just had a strong feline.”

All About Cats

Courtesy of Peng Louis

There are several things to love about cats—from their fluffy fur, sincere looks, and gentle purs. They can do nothing literally and still be a source of fun—and puns! With these puns, you will know much more about cats, but uniquely and humorously!

  1. Parrots on their shoulders are old school now.

What do you call a pirate with a cat on his shoulder? A purr-ate.

  1. It looks different, feels different, but a ball is a ball. 

What do you get when you cross a ball with a cat? A fur ball.

  1. Calling it heaven also works just fine.

What do you call a pile of cats? A meow-ntain.

  1. But they must have been inspired by the Cats musical!

What is a cat’s favorite movie? The Sound of Mewsic.

  1. It might also be biology, majoring in the study of fish!

What’s a cat’s favorite subject in school? MEWsic.

  1. They are just telling the same meowments in repeat. 

Why do cats make terrible storytellers? They only have one tail.

  1. This comes with a little paws everytime they see something they like. 

How does a cat decide what he wants from a store? He flips through the cat-alog.

  1. We knew it. Cats are relatable. 

What is a cat’s favorite day of the week? Cat-urday.

  1. It could also be track and field, but we’ll never know. 

What’s a cat’s favorite sport? Hairball.

  1. That’s some admirable decision-making skills. 

What do cats look for in a significant other? A great purrsonality.

  1. And they spend every single one of them to the fullest!

Why don’t cats ever say “YOLO”? They have nine lives.

  1. That’s where lots of articats are located!

Where do cats enjoy spending a family day? The mew-seum.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cats

Why do cats purr?

We just know the gesture is adorable, but the reason behind it makes it more interesting! Cat purrs are waves of calmness whenever cats are in a relaxed state. You might notice that they usually purr when you stroke their fur. This means that they like what you do and communicate this emotion through their purr. 

How long do cats live?

The belief that cats have nine lives is actually pretty hard to prove, but we know that they can live for up to 12 to 18 years! Indoor cats may even live up to their early 20s. The case is different for outdoor cats, though. Since they are more exposed to external factors like attacks and extreme weather disturbances, they live shorter than indoor cats. 

Why do cats sleep so much?

Believe it or not, cats are programmed to hunt. They sleep for extended periods to have more energy when they look for their next meal. Even cat houses have this instinct, even if they are usually given their food. 

Do you own a cat or want to own one? Since they’re as asleep most of the time, consider getting them the coziest nap spots! A self-warming cat bed (by the Mora Pets Store) is the best way to spoil your new pet.

What foods are bad for cats?

As a general reminder, avoid feeding your cats any food with onions, garlic, grapes, chocolate, alcohol, grapes, as well as raw eggs and meat. Always check the ingredients of cat food if this is what you feed them. If you notice something wrong in your pet’s actions that might result from toxic food intake, immediately bring them to a veterinarian. 

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