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M Letter Words For Kids

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7 March, 2023


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As children get older, their mental faculties start to develop. At this time, it is recommended that children start practicing their reading and writing skills. To ensure that your child is learning more about the English alphabet, different examples of words must be introduced so they can start understanding many words at a very young age.

Worry not! For the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, we got you covered. We have listed numerous M words for your child to be familiarized with so they can use them daily as they expand their vocabulary. 

These M words will help your child use and learn different words in the learning environment.

List of M Letter Words for Kids

In different environments, everyone uses M words without even noticing it. M words are used to communicate, learn, teach, and even play. We have prepared a lot of words for you and your child that can be used everywhere!

In families, we usually use the word mother to describe a parent. In our houses, we see various food such as meat, mango, macaroni,  and melon as part of our meals. M words can be used in various settings, and we have provided you with more examples to develop your child’s skills. These M words that we’ve got will surely help your child!


M Letter Words for Kindergarten Kids


M Letter Preschool Words


Photo by: Akela Photography

Names of Things with M Letters 


Names of Foods M Letters


Vegetables with M Letters


Names of Fruits with M Letters


Cool words with M Letters

If you’re looking for words to use in conversations that are unique and starts with the letter M, we can provide you with these cool words! Your kids can use these words to describe various things and it can even make them smile! We have provided you with cool M words that your kids can enjoy.


Fun Words with M Letters

Since children’s attention span is lower than adults, learning about fun words could surely help them learn more. From basic words to fun words, they will improve their skills and knowledge as they study these words. Your kids will learn and have fun while learning about these M words we have prepared for you!


Positive Words with M Letters

At a young age, children are motivated when they hear positive and encouraging words from their parents and other adults. They strive to be better when they are being uplifted through another person’s words and actions. Because of this, it is very important that children hear positive words to help them with learning. We have provided M words that are positive and could also help your child learn more.


Photo by: Mikhail NIlov

Vocabulary Words with M Letters

Children learning various words and expanding their knowledge in the English language helps them become more effective learners, conversationalists, and it also helps them widen their vocabulary. 

Introducing different words in different categories, would enhance their speaking, learning, and other linguistic skills since they are still developing. Here are some other M words that could help your child with their vocabulary.

3 letter M words for kids

  • Mom
  • Men
  • May
  • Mud

4 letter M words for kids

  • Mole
  • Most
  • Made
  • Main

5 letter M words for kids

  • Month
  • Milky
  • Murky
  • Match

More M words for kids

  • Monument
  • Mantle
  • Mailbox
  • Milkshake

Activities Kids Learn M Letter Words for Kids

To ensure that children are learning while having the ability to apply the knowledge that they have acquired, activities are highly encouraged. They usually retain information when they participate in interactive activities and if they can use what they have learned. To help you guide teaching your child a wide array of words, here are some activities that could help your child be encouraged to learn more about M words.

Word Bricks

Kids love playing with bricks, especially colorful ones! By using colorful bricks, you can put different letters in separate bricks. Once you put one letter per brick, the child can practice spelling M words by building the bricks together. By combining the bricks, words are now formed and your kid can now practice spelling M words that they have learned while also playing with the bricks.

Photo by: Yan Krukau

Coloring Game

Since kids like seeing a lot of colors, you can use this activity to get their attention while also learning! You can prepare a printed sheet that contains different pictures of words that starts with different letters. 

Don’t forget to put words that start with M! Once you’ve provided the sheet to your children, you can instruct them to color the pictures or objects that start with the letter M. Through this, they are learning while coloring!

Spot the Words

To let your child be physically active while also learning, you can easily do this activity at home! What you need to do is create three columns on a big piece of paper and write in each column 3 letter M words, four letter M words, and five letter M words. After you write it on a big piece of paper, place it on a wall. 

After doing so, cut out small papers with a mixture of 3, 4, and 5-letter M words. Once you’ve finished this, spread the cutout words on the floor and let your children put the words in the appropriate column as fast as they can. By doing this, your kids learn while performing a physical activity!

Frequently Asked Questions on M Letter Words for Kids 

What are some of the M letter words for kids?

  • Mother
  • Milk
  • Mountain
  • Meat
  • Man
  • My
  • Mask
  • Money
  • Meet
  • Map

What are some of the M letter kindergarten words for kids?

  • Mouse
  • Mud
  • March
  • Melt
  • More
  • Market
  • Meal
  • Mean
  • Move
  • May

What are some of the M letter preschool words for Kids?

  • Mat
  • Mad
  • Miss
  • Mug
  • Middle
  • Moon
  • Mice
  • Mood
  • Mop
  • Mall

What are some easy words with M Letters?

  • Mask
  • Music
  • Mail
  • Monday
  • Moose
  • Monkey
  • Mist
  • Met
  • Mine
  • More

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