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20 Fun & Educational Toys for 1-year-olds 

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24 February, 2023


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At this age, they are now slowly transitioning from those adorable baby toys to the best developing toddler toys. One-year-olds are more curious and eager for exciting adventures. Those little stand-ups and hand gestures can be easily seen continuously, so giving these learning toys is perfect for them!

Toys for 1-Year-Olds

Toys are not just made for kids to enjoy but are also designed with learning and educational features. So make sure to make the most out of these entertaining and educational toys for your small one:

Photo from Stephen Andrews

Musical Books

Music to the ears! This musical book will make your baby hear different songs from different nursery rhymes. Musical books are also designed with various colors to make your baby enjoy them. 

This interactive toy will let your baby become familiar with music, words, and colors for better skill comprehension. Let your baby slide and push the buttons along with accessible turning pages!

Photo from Pexels

Animal Plush

Plushies offer a great sensory experience for your tiny tot. Soft fabric and kid-friendly materials are used with this cute toy that will make your baby safe. There are also a lot of plush designs that your baby will enjoy hugging. They even have some features of making sounds when they touch it, letting your precious one have a favorite animal!

Photo from FeeLoona


Classic blocks will never stop bringing out joy and learning for every 1-year-old. They have this feature that is easy to hold and move, making it an ideal toy for your baby. It can also have different colors, letters, and sizes, making it more fun to learn while young!

Photo from _Alicja_

Shaped Puzzles

Another timeless, fun activity for babies is this puzzle! Puzzles have different shapes that can help every kid practice their cognitive skills. They can choose a form and push it down in the right spot! They will be familiarized with colorful shapes and exercise hand and eye coordination.

Photo from distelAPPArath

Stacking Cups

Holding and stacking up different cups is a simple learning practice for your tiny tot. They can reach, move, and balance all the cups in one stand. They can also remove them and stack them up again. Babies won’t even get bored while repeating this routine!

Photo from DVeen89


Creating different sounds using this kiddie xylophone will make every baby giggle! They will enjoy hearing sounds and what’s more interesting is that they can experiment on their own. This small mallet will help your baby’s motor skills develop. Another good alternative to play each sound is a small ball that can be happily rolled down.

Photo from Janeke88

Activity Walker

Get ready to have a clingy baby with this all-in-one activity walker! Your little one will be with this walker while growing up. It can be used as a small table for eating, a walker for your toddler, and a stroller for your kid! All these three functions can be enjoyed with numerous buttons, lights, and songs. Amazing, right?

Photo from Monfocus

Personalized Name Puzzle

A puzzle with your baby’s name is an excellent way to start being familiar with letters and names. It will be a lot more fun because every letter has a personalized color that can quickly catch your baby’s attention. This puzzle can also be hung around the house, so your little one can see it anywhere!

Photo from MIH83

Play Box

Your tiny one will also enjoy this play box in one! This box contains different activities, ranging from mazes, shape sorters, ball run, and much more. This is easy to use and is pleasing to your baby’s eyes. Fine motor and cognitive skills will be developed here, and lots of fun too!

Photo from Laurencefalcetta

Push Walker

A more exciting journey for playing with toys is waiting for your precious one! This cool push walker will let your baby explore your backyard more in a safe way. This provides a lot more learning experience for your baby because the fine gross and motor skills will be practiced. Get ready for those leg muscle exercises!

Toys for 1-Year-Old Boys

Let these cool, awesome toys entertain your little boy more excitingly!

Photo from Elizabeth Dunne

Sports Center

Bring out your tiny tot’s shooting skills with these basketball and soccer sports centers! He can have these two all-time favorite sports in one toy. He will learn to move his posture, hold a ball, and watch as the scoreboard shows numbers. An all-out awesome toy is waiting just for him!

Photo from Ralphs_Fotos

Smart Wheels 

Exercise his imagination skills and hand movements with these fantastic toy cars. Many features can be included: songs, phrases, and so on. It can also be designed with a race track or a car park garage for a lot of experience!

Photo from PublicDomainPictures

Ball Popper

Popping balls will always be the best for your baby! He can run, chase, and collect colorful balls. Have him repeat this routine and enjoy watching him develop his physical and cognitive skills.

Photo from Bozhin Karaivanov

Pipe Bath Toy

Fun also comes in bathing, especially with these pipe toys! His cognitive and observation skills will be enhanced once the pipes are filled with water. Let your baby watch how water flows in any direction!

Photo from Spowell

Train Set

Choo-choo! Trains can entertain your baby boy because of their long, colorful body feature. This train is a good toy where a set of blocks can be placed. These blocks can also be mixed and matched together, further developing his creative skills!

Toys for 1-Year-Old Girls

Lots of cute and charming looks can be seen once your little girl plays with these adorable learning toys:

Photo from Anaterate

Play House Set

An interactive play house set will make your baby girl love being inside the house! It has different rooms inside – a kitchen for cooking, a bedroom for relaxing, and a living room for hanging out with friends! Each room also has learning levels: counting ingredients in the kitchen, hearing the alphabet in the bedroom, and greetings in the living room.

Photo from Alexas_Fotos

Baby Dolls

Your baby girl will love these baby dolls, and she might be clingy with them as she grows up! There are many things to do with these dolls; they can dress up and be taken care of. Her motor and creative skills will be practiced here, plus her tender love for her babies will be worth it! Your little one will enjoy these cuddly dolls.

Photo from Irina_kukuts

Rocking Horses

Your tiny tot can now ride an adorable horse with this rocking horse! It is a gentle rocker that your baby can enjoy and be safe whenever she hops in. Rock, roll, and spin with this toy; your baby will love to move those sweet hands and legs while balancing.


Avocado-Shaped Toys

This toy will make your baby love avocados even more! Your precious one might also love cooking when she gets older, thanks to these avocado toys! Avocados can pop apart, which makes your baby exercise her hand strength. There are pits inside; once they pop apart, different colorful facial emotions can be seen. Thus, emotional and fine motor skills will build up for her!

Photo from Sen

Pull-Along Toy

Let your little one enjoy pulling these mini toys! Her physical movements and exploration skills will be needed in this learning toy. Your baby will be mesmerized by her control of the toy while pulling it all around the house!

Frequently Asked Questions on Toys for 1-year-olds

What is an appropriate toy for a 1-year-old?

A fun and learning toy is suitable for a 1-year-old. They can not only play and enjoy the toys but also learn a lot from them! There are musical books, blocks, and puzzles, to name a few. These toys have color, song, letter, and word features that will be a good start for learning.

What kind of toy do you get a 1-year-old?

Musical instruments, balls, blocks, and books are one of the few toys you can give. These kinds of toys are suitable for physical and cognitive skills. They can also have a ball popper where they can run and catch some balls. A pull-along toy will also do because it will be nice to have complete control of the toy.

What should a 1-year-old play with?

They can play with animal plush for better sensory play. They can also play with shape puzzles for better familiarization with them. A rocking toy is also great because it can make their legs and hands move correctly. These examples are suitable for your child’s fine motor skills.

What makes a 1-year-old happy?

Have fun with your 1-year-old and enjoy playing with them. You can also help them practice their new skills to enjoy toys that are now suitable for their age. They can play with colorful, soft, cuddly toys, hear songs, and hold different things. They now love to explore more with their body, especially their eyes and hand movement, so these toys will make them happy.

Which toy is the best choice for a 12-month-old?

The best choice goes to a Play box! Playbox contains different toys and activities inside that your baby will enjoy. It can have a button for different sounds, learning methods like spelling the ABCs, and moving and holding balls. This is a great all-in-one toy that every 1-year-old will love.

Is it OK for my 1-year-old to play alone?

Yes, they can play one, giving them better opportunities. They can have self-confidence because they are in control. Their creativity and physical skills will also be developed more. Your baby’s exploration and curiosity will be practiced and satisfied. But see that his time to play alone will not exceed 5 minutes.

What should a 1-year-old know educationally?

A 1-year-old should know how to communicate, even in the most straightforward way. They should also start practicing their cognitive skills by being familiar with numbers, letters, and words. They must also be familiar with songs and dance along whenever it plays. They should know shapes and how to fill them in the proper spot. 

Do 1-year-olds know colors?

No, not yet. But 1-year-olds can now be familiarized with the different colors. They can recognize colors but can further improve after 18 months. At this age, they are adding new colors to their knowledge, which will later be more apparent as they grow up. This stage is their stepping stone toward a complete understanding of colors.

How long should a 1-year-old play alone?

It should only be 5 minutes. A 1-year-old should not be playing alone for a longer time than that. You should also keep an eye on him and not stay further away from him. Ensure you will teach him how to play first to ensure his proper enjoyment.

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