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Dog Puns For Kids

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9 March, 2023


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Nowadays, it becomes more common to see a little furry barking member of any family. It’s no wonder more and more families adopt dogs—they are irresistible! Dogs make everything better, from their soft furs to their loud barks.

The benefits of having a pet dog are backed by research. Interactions with them make humans feel better and less alone. Tiny gestures like a playful bite or a tiny jump to your lap can improve your mood. This leads to less stress and better coping mechanisms for the owners. Dogs also help you get healthier by getting you to move and be more active! 

Other than being constant companions, dogs can also give you an additional source of fun through dog-related puns! These puns will make your kids bark with laughter!

Puppy Jokes

Puppies are naturally adorable, but they can also be a good source of puns! There’s nothing little about the big smiles you will share with your little ones with these jokes!

Photo by Chevanon Photography

  1. We’ve always known that puppies are smart. 

What did the little puppy say when his owner asked what’s on top of the house? Roof Roof!

  1. But we’d like to see them try!

Why do puppies bury bones in the ground? Because you can’t bury them in trees!

  1. It’s hard to tell which one is better than the other!

What do puppies and storytellers have in common? They both have tails!

  1. Doesn’t have to be petite to fit into this one.

What sort of clothes does a pet puppy wear? A petticoat!

  1. Surely there are a lot of other possible answers, but this one might just be the most obvious!

What do dogs have that no other animals have? Puppies!

  1. It’s the best for a lot of humans too!

What’s a pup’s favorite kind of pizza? Pupperoni pizza!

  1. Rushing to give them some warmth now!

What do you call a puppy that’s been out in the cold? A pupsicle!

Dog Breeds

Different people prefer different breeds depending on sizes, colors, other physical attributes, and ability to learn. But all of them can be topics of humorous puns anyway! From tiny chihuahuas to boxer dogs—this list got it all!

Photo by muhannad alatawi

  1. None of them can be colorblind!

    Which dog breed chases anything that’s red? A bulldog!
  2. You can just imagine how fragrant they might be!

Which dog breed just loves bubble baths? A shampoodle!

What kind of dog likes taking a bath every day? A shampoodle!

  1. They might be running around the Empire State Building!

Which dog breed loves living in the Big Apple? A New Yorkie.

  1. Should have asked their preferences first.

Why didn’t the dog want to play football? It was a boxer.

  1. Not just a simple case of allergies!

What is a dog that sneezes? A-choo-wawa.

  1. No need for belly rubs.

Which dog breed is guaranteed to laugh at all of your jokes? A Chi-ha-ha!

  1. They will be great at fetching calls—and bones!

    What do you get when you cross a dog with a phone? A golden receiver.
  2. Legends say they agree that time is gold.

What dog keeps the best time? A watchdog.

  1. Better find another breed to watch the house at night!

What kind of dog doesn’t bark? A hush puppy.

  1. They won’t mind eating—even for a hundred and one times.

    What did the hungry Dalmatian say after his meal? That hit the spots!
  2. They can instantly make your slippers disappear!

    What do you call a dog magician? A labracadabrador.

Dogs and Their Behavior

You’d think you already know your pet dogs, but then you’ll discover something new about them. This list will make some of their behavior make sense—or the complete opposite! 

Photo by Simona Kidrič

  1. No more need for take outs!

What did the waiter say to the dog when he brought out her food? Bone appetit!

  1. That could not be fun to watch.

    Why can’t dogs work the DVD remote? Because they always hit the “paws” button!
  1. We all relate to dogs at some points in our lives.

    Why was the dog chasing its own tail? It was just trying to make ends meet.
  1. Or it may be anything that makes sound, really.

What’s a dog’s favorite instrument? A trombone!

  1. It’s not you, it’s your food.

What is a dog’s favorite food? Anything that is on your plate!

  1. There’s no competition at all.

What is the difference between a pet tree and a pet dog? The pet tree has a quieter bark.

  1. Good thing it knows to look left and right!

    Why did the dog cross the road? To get to the Barking Lot!
  1. Older, but still as adograble as ever!

    What do you call a boy dog who is getting old? GrandPAW.
  1. That is definitely not a chew toy.

What should you do if a dog chews your dictionary? Take the words right out of its mouth!

  1.  As if their smiles aren’t bright enough!

    What happened when the dog swallowed a firefly? He smiled with de-light!
  1. They bark the most in… all other remaining months!

    In what month do dogs bark the least? February; it’s the shortest month!
  1. Running is hard enough as it is!

Why do dogs run in circles? Because it’s hard to run in squares!

  1. Surely, he also knows when to bark louder when needed!

Why was the dog such a good storyteller? He knew how to paws for dramatic effect.

  1. This one doesn’t come as a surprise.

    Why did the dog do so well in school? He was the teacher’s pet.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dogs

Why are dogs good pets?

Dogs are considered man’s best friend for various reasons. As pets, they are always there for you as gentle companions. Some dogs can also be trained to provide emotional support to their owners. And, of course, they offer free hugs and cuddles whenever you need any!

Do you want to adopt a dog soon? Preparation is key, so read this article by The Spruce

What do dogs love the most?

You can assume that dogs love people the most, with how they wag their tails and lick you once you arrive home. But they also love eating and sleeping, as most creatures do. They also get their daily happiness from running outside—and of course—belly rubs! 

Why do dogs lick you?

It’s normal to feel ticklish when a dog licks you, but you should also be happy because this is their way of expressing themselves! It comes as a natural behavior to them. They do this to either show empathy and gratitude or as a way to release their stress! 

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