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8 Classy and Trendy Baby Girl Party Decoration Ideas

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24 February, 2023


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If you need inspiration for your baby’s party decoration ideas, here is the sign you are looking for! Let your baby girl enjoy her party, so make sure to make it trendy. There will be a lot of fashionable themes to look out for, and get ready to read it all.

Baby Girl Party Decoration Ideas

You should always consider your little one when choosing adorable party decoration ideas. Choose the decorations that will highly suit your precious girl with these list of themes:

Courtesy of CatchMyParty

The Boho Glam

Here is a fresh, unique theme party idea for your baby girl. Let your baby have a simple yet astonishing look for her special day. This Boho Glam theme, a perfect chic theme for her, comes with pastel colors of:

  • Pink Balloon arch
  • Pink and brown balloon
  • Confetti balloon
  • Different flower arrangement
  • Elegant dessert stand
  • Flower vase centerpiece
  • Flower-designed cookies and cake pops
  • Minimalist birthday cake

Courtesy of CatchMyParty

The Classy Minnie Mouse

This cute, bubbly Minnie will melt your baby’s heart. Everyone will also be thrilled to see a lot of pink and polka dots everywhere, and of course, Minnie’s little ribbon! The decorations consist of the following:

  • Pink and gold balloon wall corner
  • Pink and white curtain
  • Pink and white Minnie backdrop
  • Different flower arrangement
  • Vintage dessert stand
  • Minnie’s Teepee Tent decoration
  • Ribbon shaped cookies
  • Minnie-shaped cake pops
  • Minnie plushy
  • Artificial bushes

Courtesy of CatchMyParty

The Magical Princess

Let your little one enjoy her Princess theme party with her beautiful Princess gown and tiara! This elegant and one-of-a-kind theme will bring out the fairytale dream of every girl in the world. This theme includes decorations of:

  • Flowery scene backdrop
  • Pink curtain
  • Different flower bouquet
  • Vintage dessert stand
  • Flower and pearl cake pops
  • Clam and crown cupcakes
  • Princess crown birthday cake

Courtesy of Pinterest

The Mermaid Chronicles

Let’s take the party under the sea with this awesome mermaid theme. Get ready to swim within the depths of the cuteness and stunning looks! The decorations are:

  • Pastel balloon backdrop
  • Flower bouquet with hanging corals
  • Starfish designed dessert stand
  • Bubbles hanging decoration
  • Pastel balloon centerpiece
  • Coral for the floor decoration
  • Colorful birthday cake

Courtesy of CatchMyParty

The Unicorn Overload

One of the most trending themes is here, and it is the Unicorn theme party! Your little tot will love this magical cute creature and is ready to ride one. Complete her day with these amazing decorations:

  • Pastel balloon arch
  • Unicorn backdrop
  • Flower arrangement
  • Lights
  • Unicorn face cookies, cupcakes, and candies
  • Unicorn ride-on toy
  • Unicorn favors
  • Rainbow birthday cake

Courtesy of CatchMyParty

The Woodland One

Have a fantastic party with these cute and fluffy animals! Your adorable baby girl will enjoy the animal-shaped decors and the woodland-type vibe with this simple rustic theme. The decorations are:

  • Pink and yellow balloon arch
  • Woodland animal backdrop
  • White curtain
  • Woodland animal cutout
  • Flower bouquet
  • Woodland animal designed ice cream
  • Woodland animal cake pops and cupcakes
  • Woodland animal favor

Courtesy of CatchMyParty

The Pastel Rainbow 

The rainbow will let your party shine at its brightest. With the many colors found in the party, no one can stop being impressed by the enchanting feeling it can give. Your baby girl can now have a rainbow in her hands, not only in the sky! The decorations for this theme are:

  • Mini pastel balloon arc
  • Tassel garland 
  • Rainbow backdrop
  • Dried flower bouquet
  • Number light
  • Pillows
  • Rainbow cake pops and cupcakes
  • Rainbow birthday cake

Courtesy of CatchMyParty

The Tea Party

This popular theme will never get out of style because it gives classic and delicate looks! A lady-like party for your little one will give a sophisticated and fashionable vibe. Get ready with all the porcelains and pour the tea! The decorations will be:

  • A vintage look backdrop
  • Lights and star decoration
  • Simple garland
  • Fresh flower bouquet
  • Vintage dessert stand
  • Paper lanterns
  • Teapot and teacups
  • Pink frosted cake pops and cupcakes
  • Flower birthday cake

The Perfect Color Theme for Your Party

A little princess’ party is full of pink and red. There can also be some classy black and icy blue. Yellow for empowering the energy for the party… and there’s a lot more! But how do we choose the perfect color theme for a special day? Here is the list of popular colors that will suit your party’s needs.

The Neutrals. A simple yet glamorous look for your baby’s party? The neutral colors of all-white or nude tones of brown, blush, and white are already perfect. You can also match it with pearls and linen.

The Pink and White. Nothing can beat a pink, and a classic white for your baby’s party look. These two are the best colors for your baby girl.

The Outdoor Theme. Some parties are to be held outside for a better look and experience. The perfect colors for this theme combine greens, browns, and linen. This will give a fresh, new look. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Girl Party Decoration Ideas

What is the best theme for 1st birthday girl?

It will be the Classy Minnie Mouse theme. This features the iconic and loveable character that your baby girl will enjoy. The polka dots, ribbons, and Minnie herself can make an adorable theme. The teepee tent, flower bouquets, and artificial bushes will also make a classy look for this party.

What is a good theme for a 1st birthday party?

Your baby girl will love the Unicorn theme party. This is a magical theme where you can see unicorns everywhere. From the balloon, backdrop, and flower arrangements, up to the food and table decorations, plush unicorn toys, and unicorn favors, all of them are in fun pastel colors! This will set a light yet happy tone for your baby.

What is the best theme for a birthday girl?

The Princess theme will be perfect for your birthday girl. There are a lot of Princesses that she could choose from, or she can already have her favorite that will make her party blast! This theme will be made of tiaras and flowers that will highlight the magical dream of your baby girl.

Which color is best for a birthday theme?

It will be the pink and white combination. Both pink and white colors are perfect for a baby girl’s party since this color palette has a soft and straightforward baby girl effect. It is warm to the eyes and adorable to look at. It may be simple, but it gives a beautiful combination, especially to your baby. 

How do you pick a party theme?

You can choose your baby girl’s favorite character or color. She can also have a Princess theme or a magical Unicorn. There are a lot of characters to choose from, and Minnie Mouse will never get out of sight. For the color, you can choose her favorite color and create or pick a theme out of it.

What is theme decoration?

The theme decoration is the perfect thing to have at first because everything will flow from it. This determines what appropriate decorations to have and what is most needed. This also helps with what color to choose, what materials to use, and what additional features are required. This will serve as the center of the main party, and it is a crucial choice.

What decorations are trending?

Balloon arch, confetti balloons, themed backdrops, flower bouquets and arrangements, lights, centerpieces, and plush toys! Paper lanterns and mini artificial bushes are also the trending decorations we have. All of these can be seen at every party or event you attend. These are all beautiful decorations that every guest will love.

What is the most popular party theme?

It is none other than the Boho theme party! This is a popular theme because of its pastel colors and chic style! It is a fresh look for a baby girl’s party, so everyone will be thrilled to see it. Another good option for this theme is a rustic style of colors that will highlight a gorgeous boho look.

Which color flower is best for a birthday?

A sweet touch of pink, white, and yellow flowers will be perfect for a baby girl’s birthday. The pink and white symbolize the ideal colors for a baby girl’s day, and the yellow adds a brighter look. Dried flowers are also an excellent idea for these decorations since this is light and has a unique texture than the others.

Which color is the best match?

The simple yet elegant color of white is the best match for almost everything. It can be black, pink, yellow, green, and so on. You can have a lot of color matches and palettes for this color. It is excellent even if you have to pair it with a simple color like yellow or brown.

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