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16 Baby Boy Room Ideas

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17 February, 2023


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Picking a design for your baby’s room can be overwhelming, especially with the number of options available out there. Fortunately, you can reduce these choices by going for gender-based designs. 

For those expecting a baby boy, you can design your baby’s rooms based on color schemes or specific themes. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you out, along with themes, color meanings, and other tips:

Baby Boy Room Ideas by Color 

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Navy blue baby room

The navy blue color is considered one of the deeper shades of blue. This deeper hue of blue is often recognized as more sophisticated than the others, thereby giving your baby room a more serious vibe. 

Sky blue baby room

This is one of the more popular shades of blue when it comes to wall and ceiling paints. Because of its soft and relaxing effect, many hospital nurseries and relaxation rooms like spas come in this color.  

Teal baby room

The teal color combines the soothing effects of blue and the rejuvenating effects of green. It can be used to promote relaxation and optimism for both the baby and the mommy. 

Yellow baby room

Yellow is closely associated with happiness and cheerfulness. This is why plenty of hospital nurseries, daycares, and even kindergarten classrooms are painted yellow. 

Orange baby room

Like red, orange is an active color. It tends to promote excitement and enthusiasm. It’s the perfect color to describe your energetic and active baby boy.

Green baby room

Green is more of a neutral color than a masculine one. However, it works well for baby boys because the color has a refreshing and calming vibe—a convenient solution. After all, baby boys tend to be more energetic and livelier than baby girls. 

Theme-Based Nursery Decor Ideas

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Space-themed nursery

Fill your baby boy’s room with lots of sci-fi flavor and adventure with a space-themed design. Rockets, planets, stars, and colorful galaxies are guaranteed to provide plenty of visual stimuli for your little bundle of joy. 

Beach-themed nursery

The amazing contrast between sand, water, and the sky is always a captivating highlight in beach themes. It turns your nursery into one giant window to the shore. 

Nautical-themed nursery

This is a great way to make your baby boy familiar and comfortable with the ocean. Not only does the blue aspect of the theme induce a calming effect on the baby, but its other details introduce the baby early on to sailing and sea creatures. 

Safari-themed nursery

Fuel your baby boy’s natural curiosity and sense of adventure by designing your nursery to look like a safari. Wild animals on the safari are always very popular with little boys. 

Rustic nursery

Old, wooden, and retro, this earthly theme can be a good strategy for getting your baby used to camping or less-modernized living when he grows up.

Cartoon character-themed nursery

You can also design your baby’s room with popular cartoon characters. It’s a fun way to add different colors to your room since most cartoon characters are colorful. Popular cartoon characters to use in boys’ baby rooms include:

  • SpongeBob
  • Transformers
  • Lego (Ninjago, Batman, Star Wars, and so much more)
  • Superheroes (Marvel and DC)

Animal-themed nursery

Little boys have a natural fondness for animals. If you’re not sure which animals to choose, though, you can try any of these popular ones:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Sharks or other sea creatures
  • Dogs, cats, or both

Small Room Nursery Ideas for Baby Boy

Courtesy of iCreatived

If you have limited space for your baby boy’s nursery, you can try the following tips:

Go for a minimalist design 

Simple and clutter-free designs take up less space (both visually and physically). Try ocean or sky themes for your minimalist design.

Use light-colored themes  

White or other light colors provide a sense of openness and space. For this, you can try cloud designs on your walls or ceiling.

Place a window 

Allowing in natural light and a view outside the house would make the room feel more spacious and expansive. There’s also the added benefit of extra ventilation.

Budget-Friendly Nursery Ideas for Baby Boy

Courtesy of The Home Depot

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still stick to your color schemes and/or themes for your baby boy’s room by doing these.

  • Paint your walls instead of buying wallpapers or stickers.
  • Repurpose existing stuff in the house to use as furniture in the room. Use a bit of creativity to add character to old stuff or to make them blend in with the theme.
  • If you haven’t bought a crib yet, choose a convertible one that turns into a toddler’s bed later on or a mini sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Boy Room Ideas

How do I decorate my baby boy’s new room?

Follow these steps:

  1. Figure out what you have first before you begin. How much space does your room have, and how much budget are you willing to allocate for the room? 
  2. Based on your space and budget, you can then decide on which particular design to implement. Remember to use baby-safe materials for paint and furniture. 
  3. Bring in the furniture and arrange them in such a way that it is convenient for the mom to reach whatever she needs for the baby – a chair, a cabinet of clothes, and bins. 
  4. Check for safety concerns because baby boys are generally more active than baby girls. Look out for exposed electrical outlets, sharp corners and edges, loose cords and strings, and breakable materials. 

What is the best color for a baby boy’s room?

Blue has always been a popular choice for boys’ nurseries, but there is no official color for baby boys’ rooms. You can also try lighter shades of green or even neutral earth colors (grey or brown).

How do you maximize space in a small nursery?

Try the following tips:

  • Paint your walls white or something almost as light. Lighter colors make spaces appear open and more expansive.
  • Use slim fixtures or furniture, so you don’t take up too much floor space in the room.
  • Use the top of your baby’s cabinet as a changing area for the baby.

What should be in the bedroom with the newborn baby boy?

In a newborn’s room, you would need:

  • A crib for the baby
  • A cabinet for the baby’s clothes and diapers
  • A comfy chair for the mommy (works well, especially during breastfeeding)
  • A rubbish bin with a cover for disposing of baby wastes

What color makes a baby happy?

For babies below 5 months of age, vision is not yet fully developed. However, when they gain full use of their eyes, you may try the color yellow. It is the color most associated with happiness and cheerfulness.

What color makes babies calm?

Assuming your babies can already distinguish between colors, try paler or lighter shades of blue. Several shades of blue are known for inducing a relaxing effect. 

Do babies prefer warm or cold rooms?

Babies generally behave and sleep better at temperatures around 20 – 22 degrees Celsius – chilly enough not to be sweaty but not uncomfortably cold.  

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