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10 Budget Baby Birthday Ideas to Consider 

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16 February, 2023


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Now that your baby’s about to celebrate his first big day, remember that you don’t have to spend so much money on activities and decorations. Here are great budget-friendly ideas for your baby’s first birthday that would surely make the celebration memorable for everyone.

Great Theme Ideas for Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

Groove in a Dance Party

Courtesy of Pinterest

Since babies love hearing music, you can make music the central theme of your baby’s first birthday. For this, you can play a lot of kid-friendly music and allot a space for a dance floor so the children will enjoy boogying down! When this happens, make sure to take lots of pictures!

Here’s how you can plan a dance party: Kids Dance Party DIY

Enjoy Art with a Fingerpaint Party

Courtesy of

Keep the babies and toddlers happy with a finger painting party! Here, you just need to lay down some paper on the table, something to help catch stray paints, and then food-grade finger paint so the little Picasso artists can go wild!

Create Hand Printed Invites

Courtesy of Canva

A great way to celebrate the first birthday of your child? Use their hand in stamping out the handprints for the invitations and thank you cards. Make sure to keep one as a special keepsake!

Include Treats in the Decoration

Nothing can be cuter than the birthday celebrant, but mini doughnuts certainly comes close! Why not include these in the decoration? 

Arrange mini doughnuts and cookies in a box, mixed with a bottle of milk and a straw. In doing so, you will have adorable party treats that can also serve as wonderful decorations during the event!

Need a good cookie recipe? Here’s one of our absolute favorites: Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe by JoyFoodSunshine

Work on the Monster Mash

Courtesy of Pinterest 

If you want to work with a specific theme, go for a fun monster bash. With this, you can make utensil holders appear like monsters that are really just made of budget-friendly tissue boxes! The Monster Mash can be so clever!

Enjoy a Party with Milk and Cookies

Whether you’re just turning one or a hundred years old, you surely will not be able to resist the tried-and-tested milk and cookies combination. Aside from that, since this can be so affordable, you don’t have to break the bank!

Create a High-Chair Tutu without Sewing

Courtesy of the Melrose Family

Allow your child’s high chair to create smashing photos with the no-sew tutu! With it, your little ballerina will look unbelievably cute as she sits behind a huge tuft of tulle!

Have an Enjoyable Party at a Park

Courtesy of Homes and Gardens

There are a lot of public parks that have so many attractions like picnic tables and barbecue grills that would allow your family to enjoy gathering outside for free. For this, it would also be great to go to state parks as entering them usually comes at a minimal cost!

Let the Kids Have Fun with Bubble Wands

Courtesy of Pinterest

It is undeniable that babies love blowing bubbles. Just get some affordable bubble wand kits from the local dollar store and have a bubble station set up outside your home. You just need to get the help of adult or big kid volunteers to assist in bubble-making for your special birthday celebrant!

Want to take it up a notch with a bubble machine? Magic Jump Rentals can help! Contact them for more details here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Birthday Ideas

What can you do for your baby’s birthday?

For a baby’s first birthday, the best way to start is to think of something that the baby would definitely enjoy. You don’t need to splurge that much. Just make sure to consider everything the baby would love to have on their special day.

When and where should you throw a baby’s first birthday party?

If your home is big enough, you can throw a party at your house to save money. If you host the event at home, guests can stay longer and the baby will be in a comfortable place. Aside from that, at your home, you can access everything you need.

However, in case it’s not possible to host the party at your home, opt to book a restaurant or play space. This may be costly but you won’t have to worry about clean-up and prep work. You also don’t need to work hard to entertain the guests.

Wherever you plan to host your baby’s first birthday party, make sure the space is enough for the kids to play and crawl around safely. 

How many people should you invite to the baby’s first birthday party?

Theoretically, having a big party may sound great but for your baby’s first birthday party, it would be best if you kept it simple and small. Only consider family especially if your baby is sensitive in noisy social settings or your space is small. Inviting a lot of people may require a lot of planning.

What can you do for your baby’s first birthday party?

There are a lot of things you can do to make your child’s first birthday party special. You can have a smash cake video where you put a small cake that the birthday kid can smash and eat. 

You can also create a ball pit that the kids will enjoy, or a bath painting that the kids would love to splash on. For your child’s first birthday party, make sure to include activities that the kids would definitely appreciate.

What are some great themes for your child’s 1st birthday?

There are a lot of great themes you can have on your child’s first birthday. You can have a zoo theme where you can include animals, for instance. You may also have a sports theme where the kids will wear basketball jerseys. You may even have a United Nations theme where the kids will wear different national costumes!

Which cloth is best for 1-year-old babies?

For kids, it would be best to use organic and natural fibers. Since younger skin can be so sensitive, clothing must be gentle and soft. If you want the clothes to be suitable for your baby, make sure that the cloth fabric is hypoallergenic and durable. Bamboo, linen, and cotton are some of the best natural choices.

Where can you bring your baby on his birthday?

There are so many places you can bring your baby when they celebrate their birthday. In case you feel adventurous and your baby’s birthday is in the summer, you can do it in a garden or any outdoor location.

If the celebration falls on rainy days, it would be best if you go indoors, like a dining hall, function room, clubhouse, kiddie party place, restaurant, and your family or friend’s home.

What food should you cook on your baby’s birthday?

There’s a wide variety of foods that one-year-olds love so consider having a “baby buffet” put together with treats like:

  • Crackers
  • Cheese cubes
  • Bananas
  • Pasta
  • Mini sandwiches
  • Muffins
  • Pasta
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Applesauce
  • Lean proteins
  • Yogurt

Make sure to avoid any choking hazards like grapes, nuts, hotdogs, and popcorn. If you have the budget for it, it’s best to get a catering service to take the planning and stress out of your hands. Here’s an extensive list of caterers you can peruse. 

How do you plan a baby’s first birthday?

Here’s a step-by-step process:

  1. Create a small guest list to create an intimate gathering that the baby will definitely enjoy.
  2. Plan it for a time when your baby is most active. In case your child is nocturnal, have it set in the afternoon. If your baby usually wakes up early, you can have it during the daytime.
  3. Send out invitations once you have finalized your guest list.
  4. Make sure that the party has a baby-friendly environment.
  5. Select a theme for your baby’s birthday party.
  6. Shop for bright and fun decorations
  7. Prepare snacks for both kids and adults.
  8. Consider buying two birthday cakes. Include a small one that the babies can dig their hands into!
  9.  Get a professional photographer to document the event
  10. If many children will attend, make sure to hire a babysitter so the party will be more relaxing for the guests.

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