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No More Mobile Phone Bans: Best App for Kids

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3 March, 2023


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Mobile phones are constantly viewed as unfavorable, especially for kids charmed by mobile phones. Sometimes, parents would even ban their kids from mobile phones to avoid total reliance on kids’ gadgets. Indeed, too much usage of mobile phones, particularly for kids, can be harmful.

But, believe it or not, its advancement and usability can be helpful to your kid, especially in their learning. Especially with the emerging media and platforms, you can take advantage of your kid’s love for gadgets to teach them new things!

Here are some of the most beneficial and best applications for your kids. These apps can ensure a fantastic way of learning for your kids! 

Fish School 

Courtesy of Duck duck moose

Help your children explore the vast seas of learning. In Fish School, colorful cartoon fish turn into letters, shapes, numbers, and even diverse patterns. All these aid toddlers in developing early learning abilities such as matching, detecting differences, counting, and more.

Khan Academy

Courtesy of Khan Academy Org

Find it all here! Khan Academy is the gold standard for educational applications, especially given the vast selection of courses it provides for students of all ages and the fact that it is free. 

Most disciplines are covered at various levels in Khan Academy’s YouTube videos, including math, physics, engineering, arts and humanities (including history and social studies), economics, AP courses, and test prep.

Sago Mini First Words

Courtesy of Sago Mini

Train your kid for early speech development! Sago Mini First Words was created with the support of speech pathologists, child psychologists, and early childhood development specialists. It teaches youngsters critical language skills via enjoyable mini-games and interactive movies.

Astro Blast Rocket Rush

Courtesy of Sprout

Send your kids on a fantastic trip to learn about outer space! This game, linked to the Sprout children’s program Astroblast, sends toddlers on numerous space missions. Children may earn upgrades for new starship components and pilots as they go.

Busy Shapes

Courtesy of Edoki Academy

Shape your kid’s mind to greater thinking. The software is intended to help young children improve their logic and reasoning abilities by teaching them how things connect and how to manage them. It is effortless to play with and may help your children learn about shapes!

Nick Jr

Courtesy of Little Day Out

Present your kid with fantastic ways of learning and entertainment through this app. Nick Jr.’s app lets parents let their children watch their favorite programs on the move–no TV necessary! 

The app includes footage from Nick Jr.’s programs as well as a library of activities (both educational and not-so-educational) based on Nick Jr.’s episodes featuring your children’s favorite characters.

Doodle Maths

Courtesy of Doodle Learning

Here’s a fun way of learning Math for your kid! Doodle Maths offers a comprehensive curriculum that lasts ten years. Your child will begin with a baseline evaluation to see where they stand, followed by 10 minutes of learning each day. The online dashboard allows parents to track their child’s development, and instructors may utilize the software as part of their in-class training.

Duolingo: Language lessons

Courtesy of Duolingo

Take it further and download the app so your child can learn a new language. They may practice over 30 languages via audio, word recognition, and spoken activities–it’s a terrific method for your child to keep their language-learning skills fresh during the summer.

Letter School

Courtesy of Letterschool Enabling Learning

Your kid will surely be more familiar with the alphabet! This software is only dedicated to alphabet study, making it the finest spelling app on our list. Not only will your kid learn their alphabet, but they will also get to practice writing them by tracing letters on the screen of their smartphone with their finger.

Superhero Comic Maker

Courtesy of Duck duck moose

Encourage your child to create and be the superhero they want to be through this application! Kids can make comic strips with 55 scenarios and 170 superhero and monster stickers. Children may also sketch and record their narration for their tales inside the app.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Apps for Kids

What are the best apps for kids?

The appropriate free applications for kids may be a fantastic, low-cost tool for keeping children occupied while simultaneously boosting learning. The best applications should guarantee that your children learn while having fun. These applications should also be simple to use and comprehend to assist parents or instructors.

How to choose the best apps for kids?

A lot goes into selecting the correct app for your child, from making sure it’s appropriate for your child’s age group to making sure it’s compatible with your child’s gadgets. All of the applications on our list include a learning component. Still, we also looked for apps that feature interactive material, such as music and games, to keep your youngster interested.

Where can I download these apps?

These applications are widely available on the internet, whether on your desktop or mobile phone. It can also be available in Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Amazon.


It may be challenging to keep kids entertained sometimes, mainly when school is out. Today’s children spend a significant portion of their days on tablets, phones, and other electronic devices. 

It may be challenging to locate applications with kid-friendly, developmental information in bite-sized bits. Using screen time to enhance their education may be helpful and enjoyable, mainly when many educational applications contain activities to make learning more engaging.

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