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20 Baby Boy Dress Ideas

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17 February, 2023


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How can someone resist a little gentleman who’s not just wearing his best Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) but also wearing his cute smile? There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing his clothes—and we know how it gets complicated when an outfit doesn’t fit him anymore after a few wears.

Well, say no more—we got your back! Listed below are baby clothes ideas ranging from a newborn baby boy until he’s now old enough to notice his good looks in the mirror. 

With this guide, you are now more prepared to know what clothes to purchase, and you don’t have to worry anymore about the clothes he needs in the future.

Considering Your Baby’s Age

Courtesy of Outfit Trends

Baby clothes ideas for 0 to 3 months old for baby boy

These are the first three months of your baby boy, and you can imagine how memorable it is to see the first clothes he wore when he was born. It is essential to choose a set of bodysuits for him to be cozy all the time. 

Layering is also vital for a newborn baby, so a swaddle blanket is also necessary. This will make him feel warm and more comfortable sleeping at night.

Baby outfit ideas for 3 to 6 months old for baby boy

Soft, natural materials for clothes, such as cotton, are highly required for your baby boy. No one will ever go wrong with onesies and rompers for their outfit, so make sure they are 100% cotton. 

A baby bonnet will also do, and this will help him protect his sensitive head. Don’t forget to have his sets of socks to keep his feet warm.

Baby clothes ideas for 6 to 9 months old for baby boy

At 6-9 months old, you can now mix and match outfits for your baby boy. But always remember to keep in mind that your priority is their comfort, and their clothes must be breathable and flexible. Bodysuits, loose shirts like kimonos, leggings, shorts, and beanies are essential for them.

Baby dress ideas for 9 to 12 months old for baby boy

Are you now ready to see your baby boy on the path of becoming that sweet little gentleman? Overalls, button-down shirts, rompers, sweaters, and pants are the essential clothes he will now need. You can also partner this with hats and shoes to achieve his becoming a little gentleman. Always add one size up if your baby boy grows up fast.

Formal Baby Dress Ideas for baby boy

Courtesy of Pinterest

Get ready to hear compliments telling you your baby boy is the cutest while wearing his formal baby dress. Here is a list of formal baby dress ideas for your baby boy:

  • Khaki jacket, matching shorts, and bow tie
  • Black Velvet Blazer Suit 
  • Coat Suit
  • Onesie and Pant Set with bow tie
  • Sky Blue shirt, blue pants, and white waistcoat with bow
  • Cream shirt and grey trousers

Your baby boy will rock everyone’s world with these baby dress ideas—these are perfect for all the formal occasions he will attend! 

Casual Baby Dress Idea for Baby Boy

Courtesy of Chic Pursuit

Another great set of outfit styles is coming your way! Your baby boy will also love this stylish outfit you will prepare for him, even in casual attire. Here is a list of casual baby dress ideas for your baby boy:

  • Khaki romper suit with checks pattern and red bow
  • Grey shirt and black striped pants
  • Black hoodie, black pants, and a denim jacket
  • White polo shirt and white shorts
  • Khaki shirt with matching jogger pants
  • White long-sleeves and camouflage pants
  • Black sleeveless shirt and striped leggings
  • White shirt, blue jeans, grey jacket

No one can get enough of these simple but cool outfits for your dear boy. Make sure you choose the perfect outfit for him for each day!

Theme-based baby boy Ideas

Courtesy of Pinterest

If you want to make your baby boy’s outfit more exciting, then let’s not forget that there are two iconic superheroes that I know your baby boy will love to be. We can make him the loveable Superman or the amazing Spiderman!

Superman Outfit

Help and inspire your little one to start fighting crimes with this Superman outfit. This adorable outfit will make everyone in awe! Imagine the blue jumpsuit with the classic Superman logo, and don’t forget the faux belt! This also comes with a cape to let your baby boy feel he can fly and save the world.

Spiderman Baby Dress

Who’s ready to see the web-slinging and wall-crawler character in the Marvel series? Let’s prepare your baby boy to be the amazing Spiderman in town! 

This classic Spiderman costume comes with a printed character jumpsuit and printed muscle definition (how cute is this for your little one?). To complete his outfit, there is also a fabric Spiderman hood for him to confidently and happily wear!

Holiday-based Dress for Baby Boy

The holiday season is here! Everyone’s excited to wear a costume that they will surely love. This is the time of the year to impress again, and let’s say we have to impress them even more. First, we’ll have Halloween costume ideas for your baby boy.

Newborn Halloween Costumes for Baby Boy

Courtesy of Parenting

Ready for the spookiest night in your life? Then, look for the most suitable Halloween costume for your newborn baby boy.

Baby Sock Monkey Costume for baby boy

Are you looking for a cozy and cute Halloween costume for your little boy? Here’s a baby sock monkey costume for him. Everyone will surely love this brown baby sock monkey jumpsuit! Can you imagine your baby boy wearing this and matching boots? This adorable outfit highlights a cute monkey face headpiece and a tail that your baby will enjoy wearing.

Baby Corn Costume

Celebrating Halloween with this soft and comfortable baby cocoon and hat costume set will be great. Your little one will look like a sweet, little corn. This bodysuit will make him comfortable and oh-so-cute – just beware because he might be mistaken for food. He is fully wrapped with sweetness!

Funny Baby Costumes

Courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids

How about a funny Halloween costume for your baby boy? A baby shark and a baby disco ball costume are perfect for him!

Baby Shark Costume

A shark is found, and look how adorable he is! Your baby boy will enjoy this baby shark costume and will love to scare off other kids! This funny costume will make your baby boy sing the Baby Shark song while he’s ready to hunt for his cute prey underwater.

Baby Disco Ball Costume

This is how funny and exciting we can get… and that’s a baby disco ball costume for you! No one can beat the groovy side of your baby boy. This is a simple but adorable costume that will be perfect for him. Imagine everyone looking at him, and in a snap, they would want to dance off the dancefloor with him!

Animal Baby Costumes

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

Are you or your little one interested in the different loveable animals? Then, you will surely love this section—it is full of sweet, loving creatures that are perfect for your baby boy!

Baby Elephant and Lion Costumes

No one can resist a baby elephant and your baby lion costume! They can look as wild as they can be, but not with your baby boy. The thick and fluffy faux fur of the baby lion costume is comfortable and easy to wear by your baby. On the other hand, the soft floppy ears and cute trunk of the baby lion costume will keep your baby boy warm and comfy all day long!

Baby Boy Monkey Costume

Here’s another baby boy costume for your little one in monkey form! A brown, soft jumpsuit with cute ears and a cheeky face will make your baby boy look admirable! You can also include a banana rattle (or other props in the form of a banana) to make your baby boy smile until the day ends.

Baby Owl Costume

A baby owl costume for your baby boy will be awesome! This colorful wide-eyed owl costume consists of a brown jumpsuit with feathers. Along with this are cute beaks and ear tufts that will make your baby stand out and proud! Do not also forget orange booties to emphasize an owl’s pretty feet!

Cow and Pig Costumes

Don’t hesitate to choose these cow and pig costumes! These farm-inspired costumes will bring the cuteness overload for the Halloween season. 

The warm and comfy plush materials for these two costumes will make your baby full of charm and happiness because he is way more comfortable wearing this. There are also a lot of moo and oink sounds that could happen here!

Christmas Outfits for Baby Boy

Courtesy of Pinterest

The Ideal Christmas Outfit for Your Baby Boy

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Christmas! We can already feel the excitement of Michael Buble towards his song, and the perfect combination for this enthusiasm is finding an ideal Christmas outfit for your little one. Who couldn’t resist a handsome baby boy showcasing his Christmas OOTD?

To start with anticipation, I will introduce you to a Christmas outfit that you and your baby boy will love. The outfit contains:

White Onesie 

Nothing can beat a classic onesie for your baby boy. Onesies are affordable but durable. It also has a feature of easy access to diapers and can help you to change easily too.

Parents are familiar with onesies and wouldn’t want to ask for more. They can also choose a wide range of colors and sizes that will fit their baby, but for our Christmas outfit – it is highly suggested to pick a white onesie and customize it.

Tips for Personalised Onesie

It will be memorable if you will personalize your baby boy’s onesie with his name, the number of years he is celebrating Christmas today, and the year that will be placed under it. Personalized onesies with “Joe’s First Christmas 2022” or “Marcus’ Second Christmas 2022” will turn out cute and unique. 

You can also request a simple design, such as a reindeer or a Santa Claus face, somewhere in the middle of the text to make it more wonderful. Don’t forget the color combination of the text and design—we should say, red and green will always be the safest colors for Christmas. These two will go perfectly with your white onesie.

Pants for Bottom

A simple color of pants is already fine. Wearing comfortable pants will majorly contribute to your baby boy’s Christmas outfit. 

Having pants while wearing onesies has various purposes—this can make your baby warm when the weather becomes cool, your baby can make quick walks in his carrier, and you can pair these pants with different cardigan tops.

Special long-sleeved Christmas Cardigan

The moment we have been waiting for is choosing the right cardigan for your baby boy. Cardigans also contribute to the overall fashionable look of your baby boy, and what’s more exciting is they also come in various designs and sizes. 

You can also experiment and combine your baby’s Christmas outfit with this cardigan for a new look! A cardigan is also suitable on top of your baby’s onesie, and choosing the most suitable and perfect one is a must. 

Tips for Choosing a Cardigan

A knitted cardigan is highly recommended, especially if the weather gets colder, specifically this Christmas season. This will not just add up to the authentic look for your baby boy, but it will also ensure that he will get warm wherever he goes.

For the color of your knitted cardigan, it will be perfect if you will pick the exact color you have for his pants. Colour coordination is also an essential aspect of his Christmas outfit. 


We will never go wrong with hats. Hats come in different designs and sizes along with the onesie and cardigan. This will make your baby boy more adorable and comfortable when going outside. Hats will also make another great addition to the Christmas outfit of your baby that will surely make him more charming.

Tips for Choosing a Hat

It will be better if the hat is also knitted, just like the cardigan you choose for your baby. Knitted hats are more comfortable and stretchable so that your baby will not be irritated. 

The hat’s color must mesh well with the color you chose for your cardigan and pants. For the design, you could choose to decorate it with a simple design—like a moose or a little snowman patch.


Having props for your baby boy’s Christmas outfit is optional. Some suggestions can be found below for those who want to have props.

Suggestions for Props:

  • Teether
  • Rattle
  • Nutcracker
  • Gingerbread man
  • Candy cane

Props are also one way of emphasizing the adorable looks of your baby boy. This will also help him to be entertained whenever he gets tired from the occasion and events for the holiday season.

FAQs on Baby Boy Dress Ideas

Why is cotton suitable for babies?

Cotton is a 100% natural product, making it healthier and safer for babies. Cotton contains a hypoallergenic quality that will not likely cause an allergic reaction in your baby. This will also help the babies to be more comfortable with their clothes since they have soft, delicate skin. It also lasts longer even if it is washed thoroughly – and it will not affect its quality. 

Which cloth is best for babies?

Cotton is a well-known choice for babies’ clothes. Cotton is soft for the baby’s skin, making it gentle and the best option. No chemicals or toxic materials are used in making cotton, so the safety of the babies is secured. 

They will not get irritated, as they will be comfortable while wearing their clothes made of cotton. This is also great for the parents since this type of cloth is easy to wash.

What can you make out of baby clothes?

Baby clothes that are qualified to be preserved can make a baby blanket or a Christmas stocking. You can also make plush alphabet toys or little stuffed animals that your babies will surely enjoy. 

You can turn baby clothes into different types of doll clothes and decorate them creatively. If cotton and knitted baby clothes are left, you can also turn them into a cleaning rag and other items.

How should I dress my baby when born?

Always ensure that your baby’s clothes are soft, elastic, comfortable to wear, and easy to wash. Onesies and jumpsuits are always recommendable for newborn babies because it is easier for you to put them on your baby. 

All clothes must also be made of cotton because it is soft and gentle for your baby’s skin. Since newborn babies must always be kept warm, they must wear clothes in layers. But also make sure to always check on them in case they are already sweating if you are in a warm place.

What should I clothe my baby in at night?

You should dress your baby in layers at night and always avoid dressing them in just pajamas. Wrapping them in layers will make adding or removing some layers easier in case the temperature in their room changes. 

You should also wrap them using lightweight cotton to help them sleep better. Always ensure their sleeping position is on their backs because this is the safest way for them to sleep.


What is the softest baby blanket material?

Cotton is the softest baby blanket material. This kind of fabric is well-known and has been used for generations, thus proving that this is the most trusted fabric for baby blanket material. 

Babies have delicate skin, so we highly recommend using cotton because it has soft and gentle qualities. It is 100% natural and highly suitable for all occasions and seasons. It is also breathable and will make the baby comfortable anytime and anywhere.

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