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Movie Night Surprise: Best Netflix Shows for Kids

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2 March, 2023


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We know how much Netflix is doing when it comes to giving viewers the best shows. Viewers can stream and download their favorite shows for the full experience. Even the kids are eager to wait for the next episodes and seasons!

And to top it all, Netflix won’t get tired of serving their viewers with the latest shows made this year! They won’t let kids get behind with the awesome and inspiring shows that are perfectly released just for them.

Netflix also focuses on kids, so they have a profile for them. They can be freely created; this space will help them enjoy learning adventures with their favorite characters. 

Exciting Netflix Shows for Kids to Watch Out for

Yes, the huge number of shows for kids can be overwhelming. There are a lot of great shows that feature a wide range of topics of cooking, different cultures, learning adventures, and so on. With this list, you can get a good start in making your kids excited about their next favorite shows!

Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant

Kids will love this cooking show with a lot of delicious food to serve them! They will know the basics of cooking and the fantastic food adventures available. Kids will also enjoy their musical songs and guests joining them in the show.

Courtesy of Netflix

Deepa & Anoop

Another musical show is Deepa & Anoop, where kids will be inspired to create their kind of music, just like Deepa. Deepa has Anoop, an elephant with color-changing skin that kids will love to have an adventure with! This show also celebrates their vibrant Indian culture and will know the importance of family and their business.

Big Tree City

Animal heroes will also save your kids’ day, all thanks to this team of adorable animals! They will show the value of great teamwork and how to use their special skills well. These animal heroes will also inspire kids to solve different problems they might face while growing up.

Spirit Rangers

Another vibrant culture is set to inspire your kids with these Spirit Rangers, where they will also appreciate nature and their environment. These three Native American brothers will do everything to protect their land and their loving community. This show will help your kids learn about indigenous tribes and their willingness to preserve their culture.

Storybots: Answer Time

Let your kids enjoy gathering questions and finding the right answers while watching this awesome show. The adorable characters are also curious about their everyday journey, making your kids more interested in finding facts and solving problems! The show also has a creative and careful explanation for every feature question in each episode.

Courtesy of Netflix

Blippi Wonders

Prepare for an all-out adventure with Blippi, where he will take your kids on a world tour for better learning experiences! Blippi is fun to be with because he does not just focus on teaching the kids and prepares jokes to tell them. There will be a lot of engaging activities to do, starting from “where this thing came from” and “what purpose it brings to the people”!

Is It Cake?

Be amazed by the cakes, and let your kids guess what the real cake is! Their observation skills will be practiced with this amazing show. Let your kids also be inspired by the talents and strong efforts of the people behind the cakes.

Super PupZ

Super PupZ is a fun family show where the whole family will love and laugh with these furry friends. These furry friends have superpowers that will help them save and protect their loving friends. They also have an alien friend who will also be loved by your kids and learn more about space!

Ada Twist, Scientist

Let the love begin with science as your kids discover facts with Ada and her friends! Join Ada in exploring the world with endless missions and cool scientific experiments. She also shares her enthusiasm and great energy in learning with the children, which is a huge plus to this show!

Courtesy of IMDb

Team Zenko Go

A lot of kindness and happiness will be brought to the world by this precious team! They will help inspire your kids more in helping others and doing good deeds. They also love working hard together and do not take anything in return.

Gabby Dollhouse

Another great entertainment and educational show is this Gabby Dollhouse, where kids will practice their thinking skills through the arts! They will be encouraged to sing along to the music and dance all day long from the comfort of their home. Kids will also be involved more with crafts and cooking with their parents with this incredible show.

Three Tips to Remember in Using Netflix Kids

There is always a proper limitation to everything, and these great Netflix shows are no exception. Aside from their proper screen time, their access to Netflix shows must also be limited and used properly. Netflix Kids have three main tips, and these are:

  1. Secure the maturity levels

The rating for kids depends on the country you are in. Make sure to research the rating levels and choose the level of your kids properly. With this setting, you are guaranteed that the shows your kids will be watching are appropriate for their age.

  1. Block TV shows

You can block specific TV shows on your kids’ profiles. You can add the TV shows you want to block to the list in the viewing restrictions section. This way, you won’t have to worry anymore because these shows won’t appear on your kid’s profile anymore.

Photo by Vie Studio

  1. Lock your profiles with a PIN

There are family members who share one Netflix account, and some kids who already know how to navigate the account might watch what they want from one’s profile. Check your Profile Lock on your Profile & Parental Controls in the settings. From there, you can require a PIN to access your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Netflix Shows for Kids

What is #1 in Netflix kids?

Blippi Wonders has a great spot on Netflix Kids. This is because it has another wonderful show called Blippi’s Adventures, where Blippi is a real man who enjoys having adventures with kids. It also has a musical show, Blippi the Musical, where the full energetic Blippi inspires children to sing and dance with him. Blippi’s shows are all entertaining and educational for the children.

What should a 7-year-old watch on Netflix?

They should watch Gabby Dollhouse! Gabby Dollhouse is a great Netflix show where kids can start loving art. There are many craft ideas to do there. They can also be encouraged to sing and dance along with Gabby! They can also start to help their parents in the kitchen and assist them in cooking.

What is the most watched kid show?

Storybots: Answer Time has gained a five-star rating because of its great educational content for kids. The characters are already curious about many things, to begin with, and this will encourage kids to be curious more about the world they are living in. The characters also seek answers to their questions and won’t stop until they find the right answers. They find answers and solve problems while explaining them to the kids.

What can a 10-year-old watch on Netflix for kids?

They can watch a show that can practice their observation skills. A great show for this is the “Is It Cake?” show, where contestants and audience can carefully choose the real cake in the following items on the stage. The cake is made similarly to the given item, thanks to the bakers behind them. Kids can have the challenge by observing the real cake among the items.

What are kids watching in 2022?

They love to watch cooking and educational shows. Shows like Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant, Is It Cake, Big Tree City, Storybots: Answer Time, Blippi Wonders, Super PupZ, Ada Twist, Scientist, Team Zenko Go, and Gabby Dollhouse are among them. They also enjoy shows representing cultures, such as Deepa & Anoop and Spirit Rangers.

What is R rated on Netflix?

R rating on Netflix stands for Restricted. This means that if a show is rated R, this show may not be suitable for people under 17. This R rating is mainly for adults only. Kids should not watch shows with this rating because it contains mature content.

Can a 7-year-old watch rated R?

No, they strictly cannot watch a show rated R. R stands for Restricted, so people under 17 must not access the show. 16 years old and below are still considered teenagers and cannot view these R-rated shows. This R rating is meant for adults only.

What is the most family-friendly show?

It is none other than Super PupZ! Super PupZ is a great show that the whole family can enjoy watching together! The characters are all furry animals that have unique superpowers. Kids will love to learn about their superpowers and how they use them to save their loving friends.

What do 6-year-olds watch?

Blippi Wonders! Blippi Wonders is an animated show where kids can explore the world just by watching this amazing show. Blippi also entertains them while learning, thanks to his prepared jokes! Kids will also learn about where this thing came from and what purpose this thing brings to people.

How much TV should a 7-year-old have?

Too much screen time can harm children and can affect their behaviors. You must limit a kid’s screen time to one or two hours daily. You should not have more than one or two hours a day because this will negatively affect the kids. They also need time to play outside or read books inside the house.

What is trending on Netflix for kids?

Blippi Wonders is one of the trending shows for Netflix. Kids love how they go on different adventures with Blippi. Blippi is also a great and funny friend who does everything just to teach different kids in the world. He entertains and always ensures that kids learn important things from him.

What can a 6-year-old watch on Netflix?

Ada Twist, Scientist, is a wonderful show that 6-year-olds love to watch. This show lets them discover and love science in every amazing way! Episodes contain endless missions and allow every kid to observe cool scientific experiments. Ada also loves sharing her great energy and enthusiasm for daily learning with the different kids.

What is the age limit for Netflix kids?

Some shows contain a category of “appropriate for all kids.” The rating level for this depends on what country and region you are in, so do proper research. As parents, it is also up to you on what specific age you will let your kids watch different shows on Netflix.

What age is Netflix appropriate for?

Netflix is appropriate for all ages, but this will always depend on the show and the parents. The shows that are appropriate for all ages are, of course, limited. So, look for the rating level first before letting your child watch it. This will also depend on the parents because they can guide their kids on using Netflix.

How do you censor kids on Netflix?

There are three great tips for using Netflix Kids. First, you can secure the maturity level by determining the appropriate rating for your kid. Make sure to thoroughly research the level ratings because this depends on your country and region. Second, you can block shows you know are inappropriate for your kids. Third, you can lock different profiles with a PIN to ensure your kids won’t have access to them!

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