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Keep Kids Active: 10 Best Games to Play When Bored

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6 March, 2023


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There will be a time when children will get tired of playing their games. They will slowly lose interest in their previous activities and want to explore more. This is true because even if they are the most energetic kids in the world, sometimes they will get bored with the things they do.

But do not worry! Some games are now evolving as time and experiences are growing. We live in a world that makes everything possible if you give it a try and be creative with it. To help your kids to fight against boredom, find games that have numerous purposes and require different mechanics.

These two strategies are great and practical for them to love their games, even as they get older. Because games are not just made to play; they are also made for adding growth and practicing the skills of the kids.

The 10 Best Games to Play When Kids Are Bored

Make them thrilled and leave them in awe as they explore this compilation of the best games in the world! Kids will forget what boredom feels like if they are introduced to these thrilling games. To start, here are the ten best games to play:


Bowling is one of the most classic games and can be created with different rules for your kids. You can have plastic cups as pins and a small ball. You can tell them that each pin has different points, and they must dance or do what you command when they do not reach the points you require.

Courtesy of Steven Cordes

This game is good for the further development of their gross motor skills. They will also learn how to add their points and know how much they still need. Kids will also be challenged because you can command them to do silly things if they do not reach the points!


If you have ample space in the living room, you can do this maze for the kids! This game is also excellent outdoors. Have a tape and make a maze out of it. Let your kids find their way and create dead ends to make them thrilled!

You can also spice this maze more by giving them the ball; they should dribble it without touching or crossing the lines. Give it a try to get a timer and see how much time they have to take the ball at the end of the maze! You can also leave numbers along the maze for them to follow, making them familiar with numbers.

Ride-on Maze

Another twist for a fantastic maze is when you let your kids drive inside it! Get a tape and create a road map. Fill the maze with different obstacles by using pillows or other furniture. 

You can use boxes or cans to build a city and make the maze look like a busy street! You can also do this with a car toy if you do not want a ride-on. This will also be great for outdoors because you can have a wider area for kids to practice their imagination and gross motor skills!

Courtesy of Qimono

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing will beat this game because there is so much fun in finding different objects in the house! List down all the items you hide and hide them in places that are hard to find. For a better challenge, you can give them tiny clues besides the items that are hard to find.

Another good idea with this game is to let them follow your directions by giving them clues in each place. If you hide the item in the vase in the living room, you can first give them a piece of paper with “go to your bedroom” written on it. Then they will have to search for the next paper in their bedroom until they finish all the clues and find the object in the vase.

Glow-In-The-Dark Hunt

Another rule requiring this hunting game is that the kids find glow-in-the-dark objects! This is another excellent strategy for this game, and kids will ask to repeat this game with you numerous times. They will not be bored because they enjoy finding objects in the dark. 

This is a unique game and can be played with their friends. They can have a friendly competition on who will find the most objects. This game will practice their observation and recognition skills.

Chef for the Day

Show off your cooking and baking skills with your kids by having this fun activity! You can cook your favorite dish or bake their favorite cake. This will also be better if your kids come with you as you buy all the ingredients needed.

Courtesy of Laterjay

They will be familiarized with the ingredients as well as the process of cooking. They can observe and help you with the procedure. Make sure to have the next meal or delicacy in mind so the kids will look forward to it!

The Hot Lava

Let the kids imagine the floor or the ground in lava! They will enjoy crossing the room by finding objects they can hop on. You can also make obstacles to make this game more challenging!

To make it more creative, you can place some red and orange colored papers on the floor to make it look like natural lava. You can also add sounds of lava flowing! This game will make them think of strategies and be resourceful with the things they can have to hop on.

Science Experiment

Experiments require a lot of observation and patience. But your kids will love discovering science interestingly with this game! You can first have a topic that you want to have, and from it, you can search or think of experiments to be done.

Experiments that will make your kids thrilled are when it consists of a volcano, cloud, or water balloons on it! These three are good to explore with their minds. They will also love the result after!

Courtesy of Victoria_Watercolor

Lego Building

Kids will never get tired of building Lego. Lego can help them practice their building and strategic skills. They will also enhance their hand and eye movements.

You can challenge them by giving them ten to 15 minutes to build anything. You can also make it fun by giving them topics and building them with the given time. Examples are zoos, parks, or a vehicle.


This will make your kids love moving and crawling with this fort! Build a fort with your kids, and make sure they help you build it. Let them have their favorite blankets and move chairs and couches.

You can also make a lot of fun games in this fort! Storytelling and role-playing can be suitable for this fort. An excellent slumber party will also be perfect for this activity!

Benefits of Playing Games When Kids Are Bored

There are many benefits to gain when playing games. Kids will not just be released from their boredom, but they will also make their time worth it with these interesting games. Here are the benefits of playing games when your kids are bored:

  1. They build a positive connection with adults

Yes, kids can play alone but playing with them gains much more experience. These games will also build a great bond with your kids. This will also strengthen their social skills as they meet different people growing up.

Courtesy of Feeeling_blue

  1. They will develop their observation skills

Many games require strong observation skills. This will help kids be aware of and understand the game’s mechanics. They will also be challenged to think of different strategies to win the game.

  1. They will practice their creativeness

Games and activities are already creative because of their different rules and instructions. When kids play with them, they also use their imagination and creativity to help them build strategies. They will be allowed to explore more of the wonders this world offers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Games to Play When Bored

What games to play when bored with kids?

You can let them play the classic games of bowling and building legos! These two are great games to play because they can have new and different required mechanics. These new mechanics and rules you will set will thrill them more. In this way, they will also request these games more often!

What are the top 10 games for kids?

Games that make it through the top ten always have new and exciting mechanics for kids to play. Games such as bowling, maze, ride-on maze, scavenger hunt, glow-in-the-dark hunt, cooking or baking, hot lava challenge, science experiment, lego, and fort will thrilled kids!

What can a 10-year-old do when bored?

They can play with incredible mazes and hunt! Kids will enjoy finding their way through the different mazes. They can also add balls and numbers to be more educational and enjoyable. For the scavenger hunt, they can happily explore the house for the items you want them to find. You can also make a twist by making the items glow in the dark!

What games should a 10-year-old play?

They can build a fort! They will love to crawl and share stories inside the cool fort. You can also have fun building it together. You can also let your kids play lego and set a challenge! Give them a list of legos you want them to do. Set a timer for about ten-fifteen minutes so they can thrill in building their legos!

How do I entertain my 11-year-old?

You can entertain them by having a cool science experiment! Think of a topic you want to have, such as clouds or volcanoes. Search about the topic you chose and look for some fun experiments. Gather all the equipment needed and let them start the experiment. Encourage them more by asking and finding the answers while experimenting. 

What can a bored 12 kid do?

They can cook and bake together with their parents! They will love to be inspired by your cooking and baking skills. It will also be fun to have them while you are buying all the ingredients needed to familiarize them more with the items. Start the procedure and let them help you with the process.

How do 7-year-olds have fun?

They could have all the fun in the world by treating the floor as lava! Prepare this game inside a living room. Tell the kids that they should cross the whole room, but they are not allowed to touch the floor. They will have to use different pillows or furniture in order them to move around.

What can kids play in real life?

They can play with lego and build different buildings. They can also find their way through the fantastic mazes prepared for them. They will also love playing inside the fort, storytelling, and crawling! These games will practice their strategic way of thinking and their communication skills.

How do I keep my 5-year-old busy?

You can introduce them to the game of scavenger hunt! Hunting different objects inside the house will keep them pretty busy. You can also add an extra challenge by letting them roam the whole house before landing on the object you hid. You can write a clue and leave the papers around the house!

What are ten indoor activities?

Activities such as bowling, maze, ride-on maze, scavenger hunt, glow-in-the-dark, baking and cooking, hot lava challenge, science experiment, lego, and fort are fun inside the house. These activities will make them busy for hours, and they will not even mind the time! They will also request to have these activities every day because they are not dull and have a lot of fun.

What kind of games do 7-year-olds like?

They love games that are challenging yet fun things to have! They will not get tired of games that make them thrilled every time they hear their names. Kids love to be thrilled and surprised with the games that you effortfully prepared for them, so make sure always to invite them to play.

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